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Infamy One Shot #1 (Hob)Goblin Chieftain

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OK folks, I need some help...


As most of you know, I am going to enter this guy in the Infamy painting contest, and I would like to make the best showing I can, so here are a bunch of pics, please choose the ones you think show him off the best!

(I can send 8 pics total....)


  1. post-14271-0-84840500-1466043065_thumb.jpg
  2. post-14271-0-83132900-1466043066.jpg
  3. post-14271-0-88926900-1466043067_thumb.jpg
  4. post-14271-0-75316100-1466043068.jpg
  5. post-14271-0-51151500-1466043069_thumb.jpg
  6. post-14271-0-37009800-1466043070.jpg
  7. post-14271-0-23380500-1466043071_thumb.jpg
  8. post-14271-0-48664100-1466043101_thumb.jpg
  9. post-14271-0-85049400-1466043102_thumb.jpg
  10. post-14271-0-87516100-1466043103_thumb.jpg
  11. post-14271-0-06568000-1466043105_thumb.jpg
  12. post-14271-0-23230700-1466043106_thumb.jpg
  13. post-14271-0-18192800-1466043107_thumb.jpg
  14. post-14271-0-04290500-1466043108_thumb.jpg
  15. post-14271-0-61935100-1466043108.jpg
  16. post-14271-0-31471800-1466043109_thumb.jpg
  17. post-14271-0-92270400-1466043109.jpg
  18. post-14271-0-39207000-1466043113_thumb.jpg
  19. post-14271-0-24761300-1466043114_thumb.jpg
  20. post-14271-0-33369600-1466043115_thumb.jpg

So please choose your favorite 8 pics and help me decide!





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Thanks again folks!

These pics are probably the best of them yet, though I'd probably choose a background that's a bit different so that the chicken stands out more. Perhaps blue?

Going to grab some different color backdrops on the way home....


They will be in the voting thread here...

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Got the results from the painting contest on this guy...


Have a look at the awesome stuff folks entered!



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