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Would Reaper consider changing type of plastic for Bones miniatures?

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I actually came here to ask this exact same question :)


I was tempted to ask for a refund on my kick starter pledge after getting my hands on some of the stuff. 


I'm unsure how you can paint these models to a high standard without the fear of all the paint just falling away with it being so bendy? Thats a real question not just a rant :D

I would recommend you read this thread before wanting a refund. While you cant treat bones like metal. There is a method that works.

Bones: The first coat is the difference


This helped me so much.  

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I recently ordered myself an extra Sir Forscale for the contest, and it was in the new grey Bonesium.




- When everyone talked about the "darker grey", I expected it to be darker as in "resin grey" dark. But it's actually a very light grey. When it was still in it's blister box, I wasn't even sure if it was grey or just the lighting. I had to put my original Forscale next to it to be sure. (Hmm, Forscale the White and Forscale the Grey?)

- Compared to my original white Forscale, who's at least two years old, the detail level is the same, but the detail is easier to perceive on the grey Forscale. Once I cover them in liner, I doubt I'll be able to differentiate them.

- Softness/stiffness. I can't feel any perceivable difference on the new material from the old one. Though my overall figures are straight, the thin swords are both very bendy to the touch.

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Observation: My Sir Forscale (Garrick the Bold) figure's sword was bent and no amount of boiling and freezing fixed it. I'd get it perfect, then in less than an hour the sword was bent back to how it was. I got tired of boiling so I nipped it off. His ankles are also very bendy.


Other than that (and ugly mold lines) the figure has good detail.

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I should also mention that over the last 4 years we have slowly tweaked our formula, and this past summer was the first major tweak. Several newer models are coming out, tinted with just a slight amount of grey, which are of a significantly higher, but still flexible, durometer rating (firmness). We do have, of course, tens of thousands of copies of a great many of our figures, but as we re-order, since the latest reformulation, all re-orders (and all Bones 3 new product is supposed to be included) should be made of this new slightly off-white-grey bones material.


We have heard the concerns about the softness of the material, and while we still want a softer figure than the "standard" styrene kit, for breaking-when-used purposes, we are working to marry your expectations with our ability.

I'm at least as happy to hear the bit about the color change. My crappy eyes can't see any detail on the original white Bones.

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