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North America sunflower seed food poisoning recall -- serious!


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A friend of mine with connections in the food industry has told me people in the US and Canada should throw out ALL of their sunflower seed-containing foods and just rule out sunflower seeds for the foreseeable future.


A processor who supplies EVERYBODY with sunflower seeds was found to be contaminated with Listeria earlier this year, and recall after recall has been going on for almost two months.


Brands affected include Planters, Clif Bars, Nature Valley, Atkins, Trader Joe's, SunOpta, Kroger, Papa Johns, organic bulk food groceris, and every snack food vendor everywhere, just about.


The list just keeps growing and growing.

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What about pet/bird food? Many of those contain sunflower seeds.

Good question.


But at the same time, basic bird seeds go through far less processing than those made for human consumption.

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What about pet/bird food? Many of those contain sunflower seeds.

Looks like not necessarily a problem, but wash your hands!


From http://www.ectownusa.net/wbfi/docs/Listeria.pdf (Bolding mine):


The FDA animal food and pet food recall website http://www.fda.gov/AnimalVeterinary/SafetyHealth/RecallsWithdrawals/default.htm lists the animal food and pet food product recalls. Historically, the pet and animal food recalls are much fewer in number than the human food. In May 2016, there are no active animal or pet food recalls, including wild bird food, for listeria monocytogenes. To take this statement one step further, the human food recall in progress on sunflower kernels has not expanded to include wild bird feed or other animal or pet food uses for sunflower kernels.


WBFI Headquarters contacted Dr. David Horn, Millikin University Department of Biology, to request additional information on listeria. Here is Dr. Horn’s response:


Since our correspondence, I have had a chance to do a brief review of resources on the impact of Listeria (Listeriosis) on wild birds. In short, there is little information about listeria at a number of resources that generally contain comprehensive information about bird and other wildlife diseases. I interpret this to mean that listeria has minimal impact on the birds that use feeders, particularly relative to other diseases such as avian pox, Salmonella, etc.

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I'm still alive!


You know. In case you were wondering.

I was, actually.


Didn't you get clobbered healthwise just the other day?


That was heat stress. I was wearing heavy (fire fighting) clothing, standing in the sun, in front of a large fire and felt nauseous and had to take a break for a while. :blues:


I was pointing out that I was alive because I'd mentioned eating some of the recalled Clif bars.


No listeria symptoms (yet), BTW.

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