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Nativity Scene as a Gift. By Glitterwolf

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I want to give my girlfriend's parents a little gift this X-mas ( well a bit before that).


So I decided to make a little vignette of the Nativity Set.


I found this nice dome for 5 euros..


I had to skip the idea of the three Kings.

But my girl explained to me that they visited later, so it wouldn't be a problem to just use the Nativity set itself, a sheperd and a few animals.

Else it would get too crowded on the little wooden plate.


The Donkey and Oxen are supposed to keep Baby Jesus warm with their breath. So that's why they stand so close.


The Cow will be mutilated converted into an Oxen.


Here is the set up.


I might have to move them a little more forward to close the gap.


**** But Herman December is a long time away! Why start now?****


*** Have you noticed how slow I paint?***



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having done this one, here are a few hints:

Mary's robe is deep and evil.  In hindsight I wished I'd filled in some of the deeper crevices on the back. The wood on the structure needed some serious sanding. Patience. Not as much detail on little baby's face, but he'd tiny, so it works out.  I liked using rosy skin for him in terms of the color contrast- makes him look very pink and healthy.


I wish I'd had the other pieces when I did this!  I still have yet to figure out a way to add the new stuff for mom.


Good luck!!!

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My major concern is the base.


I love what Corporea did.


I need to make something that looks like a barnfloor, maybe straw/sand???


Any suggestions what kind of ground we should have for the outside?

It was winter, but this was the Middle East right?


( yeah yeah, I'm a heathen...)

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I used sand for the smaller rocks and rocks for the, er, rocks.  The straw i just stuck a mass of sculpey on the base and used a wax shaper and pin tool to create the straw texture.  It was night, so a moonlight scene would be a great way to practice light contrast- dark outside, warm, glowing inside?

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