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So definitely a work-in-progress, but getting very near the point of "I cannot look at this anymore without screaming," I present:  



Details follow the pictures for any interested parties. 
















This is a 4x2 section of game board.  Full-size, my board is 6x4.  I have enough road and buildings to cover the whole thing in a decently dense city section, especially if I throw in a tree-filled park, hill, or river. 


Buildings are blue electrical boxes spraypainted with "windows' painted on. 


Road is Styrene sheet painted with stone textured spray paint.  


Cars and buses:  Ordered off Amazon - basically off-brand micro machines.  Fun detail:  only the buses are articulated enough to notice this, but these are UK-style "Drive on the left" vehicles!  


No idea how long this actually took to build as I work on it in my spare time, but I'll say that I started buying blue boxes in, I think, January.  


STILL TO DO:  Road lines, a few more building details, and tidy up the edgework on the game board (you can still see wood in a few pics).  


STILL WANT:  A bridge or two...that's about it.  

Otherwise, IMHO, it fits the bill for a futuristic / alien pre-fab city.  An FTL ship jumps into system, dispatches a handful of dropships loaded up with snap-together plasteel and ferrocrete shelters, industrial rollers lay down pavement, and eager colonists are ready to begin their exciting new lives right up until they're declared collateral damage as a bunch of big, stompy robots smash them to pieces! 


Happy gaming! 

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