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Force Group Specialization

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When reading through this section, I'm a little confused as to how it works.  here's the text in question:


"Each force group will receive a bonus pool of threat value points equal to 20% of the designated threat value pool that may only bemused for purchasing force group specializations from the following: (Battlefield Upgrades, Battlefield Support Assets, Battlefield Support Strikes





So my question would be, can the bonus 20% pool of TVP go beyond the TVP limit?  Say I had a 2750 point cap and I used my 20% pool to pay for an ODST team and it ended up being 2874.  Would this be valid or would I have to have to build the force with the upgrades in mind so the whole force cost ended up at or below 2750?


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The bonus is in addition to the specified point total. So a 2750 would get an additional 550 points to use for upgrades. But...you need to make sure the battle is using upgrades and such and not just a straight up fight.

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