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knight, evil fighter, Malek, and a summons

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I haven't posted anything in a while so here goes I have been working on some small figures in between gaming. (gaming has been taking up most of my time.) I picked up the chaotic fighter bones mini and decided to paint him as if he were a warforged that had been made of copper and left to sit and tarnish for a long time, also I think he just looked good in all green.  the knight is from the dragons don't share box set. (still trying to finish those things.) the skeletons being summoned are bones I think the name is summoning I love the way the necromantic magic can be seen in the mini again went with green but seemed to work. Maleck necromancer, when I saw this guy in the comic shop I looked at the cloak and thought OMG the thing is made of muscle and tissue. I tried to get that look when I painted it. it wasn't until after I painted it that I realized that it looked like skeletor from He-man with the blue and gold colors and pale skin. well let me know if anyone has any ideas to improve my painting.














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Excellent. That cloak turned out really well. Also like the limited color pallet going to green on a couple of them, it can make them much more interesting.

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