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Black Tree Zygons from Doctor Who

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These are two Zygons, classic shape-shifting monsters from the British cult TV show "Doctor Who". They are genuine, licensed by the BBC, official, NOT knock-offs from Black Tree Designs: DW424 (Zygon Advancing) and DW405 (with raised hand).


Zygons have appeared both in classic Who ("Terror of the Zygons", 1975) and in new Who ("The Day of the Doctor", 2013, and "The Zygon Invasion" / "The Zygon Inversion", 2015).


Black Tree's sculpts are all old, dating to the '90s, and only cover the earlier period of the show pre-hiatus. These Zygons are based on the rather rubber-suity original series versions.


First I primed them white, washed them with Burnt Umber, and mixed an unattractive flesh color for them, with a redder version over their suckers ... or whatever those are. :unsure:





IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT BLACK TREE DESIGNS: They have a line of 25mm "Doctor Who" minis covering the classic old years of the show, from the first through the eighth Doctors. They are not too bad -- except for the female companions -- and they have a lot of classic monsters.


HOWEVER ... Every time I have ordered from them the order took ages to reach me and every order that arrived was botched. If you don't mind the risk of having to chase things down for several months, it is nice to be able to get genuine Daleks, Cybermen, etc.

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They look like they should, like actors in bad costumes ^_^


The early show has a lot of charm.


I know Grenadier and Harlequin both had Dr. Who minis too.

You might still find those through the bay of evil.

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I pulled out some Mars Violet, which is really more of a deep brick red but does in fact go rather violet when mixed with white (there are just a few test speckles of it on the head of the left Zygon in the first photo above), and added some more complexity to the Zygons.


I also gave them the sort of evil hollow eyes of the New Who Zygons.





I added a bit of golden brown mixed from Raw Sienna and Titanium White.  I'm not sure how much detail I wish to go into on these creatures.





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I painted their bases an unhealthy unattractive light yellow-brown, transparent to show the mottling underneath, and edged them with black.




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A little bit of shadow washing with Burnt Umber and you know what?  I think they're done.








Here they are menacing and / or negotiating with a very nice figure of Kate Stewart, current head of UNIT and daughter of Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, from Crooked Dice Miniatures.



I'd call these "quick painted" if it weren't for the four month gap.


Show Off thread to come, probably ...

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