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Thunderbolt Mountain Wood Elf Huntsman 8046


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He is from the Thunderbolt Mountain set #8046, Wood Elf Huntsman w/ Dogs.  Like all Thunderbolt Mountain figures they are sculpted by Tom Meier, the legendary talent behind Ral Partha.  The set includes two dogs; I painted four of them up here.


The wood elf huntsman comes with empty hands and a bow, a sword, and a beautiful curling hunting horn.  This is the first time I have glued things into hands and it took a lot of fiddling.


The site claims these are 30mm but I don't think they are even 28mm.  They are very delicate compared to Reaper elves and their faces (and eyes!) are impossibly tiny, albeit beautiful.


I painted him quite dark because I've done enough pale elves for the moment.


For now he is primed with white and washed with Burnt Umber.  I nearly finished his base because I painted it at the same time as the hounds.  His face includes complex blends of Burnt Umber, Burnt Sienna, Raw Sienna, Red Oxide, and Titanium White.  His eyes and brows are pure Carbon Black.

post-8022-0-66603200-1465828038.jpg post-8022-0-76076600-1465828046.jpg


post-8022-0-76436400-1465828054.jpg post-8022-0-08391100-1465828062.jpg

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Oh Thank You Pingo !!!!

By now everyone knows I adore Tom's work, and I would honestly say that I learned to paint doing his small,exquisite

miniatures.  Just seeing your burnt umber wash shows me the beautiful folds, and deep sculpted details.

I can't wait to see what you do with him!

I bet he will be spectacular when you are done !

Go You !!!!

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