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Emma Peel, from Crooked Dice ("Pandora King")


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For my birthday my husband gave me a collection of classic British TV homage characters from Crooked Dice.  On the site this figure is called "Pandora King" and is painted up as a blonde in a grey and vivid red outfit, but when you look at her lines she is pretty clearly supposed to be Diana Rigg in this outfit as Emma Peel from the old show "The Avengers".


I was so enthused about painting her that I got her well started before I took pictures.


I primed her white and washed her with Burnt Umber, then did her skin in complex mixes of Titanium White, Burnt Umber, Burnt Sienna, Raw Sienna, and Red Oxide.  I haven't painted her eyes yet.


I also rinsed her hair and outfit over with pure Carbon Black.  It's not quite as monochrome as it looks in the photos.

post-8022-0-07188000-1465828663.jpg post-8022-0-84073700-1465828673.jpg

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Her outfit looks shimmery, like satin.  Is that just the lighting?  I kind of dig it if it's how she actually came out!

It is the lighting.  The black I have, Golden's Matte Fluid Acrylic Carbon Black, is not all that matte (It's the nature of the pigment).

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More work in essentially monochrome-ish greys and blacks to develop her form.


Well, not really monochrome at all.  All of these greys and blacks were mixed from various different, often rather bright colors to give more depth and nuance to the figure.


Anyhow,  I had a soft grey mixed from Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Sienna, and Titanium White, and I laid it down thinly and mottled over the brown on the base (The use of thin, uneven layers makes for a more realistic looking ground, I find).



Then I took that grey and a rather dark grey mixed from the Phthalo Blue and Burnt Umber and Titanium White and softly brushed some highlights on her.


I made a little attempt towards blue light highlights on her hair, but I'm not sure I like them.

post-8022-0-77519000-1467676938.jpg post-8022-0-24218600-1467676949.jpg


I mixed a very deep transparent blue from Phthalo Blue and Carbon Black and added deeper shadows and lines under some areas (like the zip down her front and the shadow of her belt and a few wrinkles in her outfit).

post-8022-0-53056600-1467677124.jpg post-8022-0-08697100-1467677136.jpg


She's also had the edge of her base painted flat black, but I didn't take a picture of that.

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