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HSD anthro scifi miniatures

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About this project

Welcome to the third Weapons Grade Funk Kickstarter! With the successfully funded launch of HC SVNT DRACONES and the work on additional expansions and editions well underway, I figured it was time to give players a way to represent their characters on an actual game mat. So this is it, folks: paintable, modular miniature kits for custom anthro characters!


Our goal is to sculpt a variety of different components, from heads to torsos to legs, wings, tails, you name it, and allow the buyer to select what they want, so their figure can be assembled looking more like what they see in their head, rather than what they see in a rulebook. Using Imagine3Dminiatures' Visor system, you'll be able to select from the wide collection of bodyparts produced by this kickstarter to assemble a custom figure, made to order.




WGF has a partner in this endeavor: the great folks at Imagine 3D miniatures, who already have an established miniature design line. We've been working together for months now to figure out prices, distribution, and order systems to best facilitate this operation.


   Test models have already been sculpted, printed, delivered, painted, and played with, just to make sure l the detail and material is up to snuff. Our test models are the same scale as the models that will be made available to you, but you'll have the ability to hand-pick heads, arms, legs, torsos and other components to make your hero completely your own. The results are beautiful and affordable in the small order numbers we expect from individual consumers.




3D printing technology has advanced by leaps and bounds recently, and now allows for the creation of extremely high detail, smooth figures at the 28mm (and sometimes even smaller) scale. This allows for high quality, rapid construction at comparatively low startup cost next to traditional mold injection. 3D printed mini's are more expensive per-unit on the consumer side (the material costs more than resin or mold injected plastic and takes longer to create), but the set-up costs are phenomenally cheaper. Brand new, from-scratch models can be created in a matter of days for a few hundred dollars, whereas injection plastic molds cost tens of thousands to produce and are then locked in shape, without allowing for customization unless every component is included in the same mold (resulting in more plastic use and a higher cost, which limits the major benefit of that method to begin with).





By working with 3D printers, we can afford to maximize the number of new sculpts in this miniature line, which in turn grants the greatest variety of options for you, the customer. Since the primary goal of this line is to create custom "heroes" and not necessarily full platoons of troops, the slightly more expensive per-unit price is mitigated by the fact that most people will only be buying one or two of them, rather than a dozen or more at a time. When we looked at the balance between saving you 5 dollars per figure, but only being able to afford to sculpt 5 different figure options, vs. the figures costing 5-10 dollars more, but having dozens and dozens of available options to chose from with the same funding goal, 3D stood out as the clear choice for custom, heroic figures for character representation. With this, you can make YOUR hero, instead of just selecting A hero.

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They look great, but I am confused.


They talk a lot in the description about being able to order your own mini, but the pledge levels seem to be the existing cat figure (for $60 oww!!) and the the cat figure and the tauric cat figure for $120 (again oww!!!).  There is no pledge level to order a custom figure, the KS seems to be to fund the ability for them to start a company to allow others to order their custom figure.  Either I am being really dumb, or there is something really weird happening....

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If I understand correctly you get the prints themselves, which are normally only used as masters by most companies dealing with renders.

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I like the idea! I would most def. like to see more anthro's in sci-fi but I would rather just buy the miniature and be done with it. Setting a reminder for fun.

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