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Yet another pinning question... this time with tiny hands!

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Brilliant stuff in this thread. I'll promptly forget it all the next time I need to pin something small, of course. I never remember guide holes. I never remember the baking soda trick. I never remember to save old guitar strings. I do love Micro Mark though.


 One thing you can do is make a dedicated storage case for all your pinning tools and supplies - I have one of those small flat plastic jewelry/beading supply cases that I keep my various pin vises, bits and materials (wire, pins, tiny nails, etc) in. I also keep several small pairs of hobby pliers, clippers, and my hobby knife blades and jeweler's saw blades in it as well. The multiple compartments keep everything neatly organized and if I go to Paint Day I can just toss it in the cardboard box I use to transport my stuff.

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 As an aside, if you assemble a "pinning kit", remember to acquire an awl or scribing tool with a nice sharp point to use for making pilot holes so that your drill bit doesn't slip when first starting...


This is a really useful tip! I've been using the tip of my compass (till one of my kids stole it >< grrr)

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So, I just got my tiny drills from harbor freight, and also, the uber tiny set o.O which is amazing - I mean the one so small I can't see it is it really there? drill bit.


I just wish they'd marked the sizes on them =/ So I wouldn't have to guess.


I'm trying to set up to pin some incredibly tiny parts - wyrd miniatures. All I can say looking at the parts in question, is the part itself where it would join is <1mm (I have a micrometer but it's a cheapy and won't remain accurate sadly)


anyway appreciate the info in this thread, yet again! fixin to get a set of misc. brass rods and just play it by ear so to speak, as to what will work/fit.

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I picked up from hobby store in the city a set of jewelers drills.  For tiny stuff I tend to use the smallest drills and just carefully move the drill between my fingers patiently.   As the thinnest drill is like a hairs width patience is key.


Pinning them I have used different materials depending on the piece I need to pin.  Thinnest materials was fine metal wire from some plastic ties.or in the most extreme case I used some copper wire from a old telephone cable.

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