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About us

Meiko Miniatures is a small company producing miniatures for Fantasy Football. We offer alternative designs to the ones existing and we provide the players with a wide variety of miniatures to help them complete their teams. To achieve this we always work with the most talented sculptors.

We have made 6 previous Indiegogo campaigns: Lizardmen, Kaos Dwarves, Ratmen, Undead / Necromantic, Kaos Pact and Kaos. All the packages of these six campaigns were shipped just 3 months after the end of each campaign, accomplishing the estimated shipping dates stated on the campaign descriptions.



Why crowdfunding?

The Meiko Miniatures new project is the Ultimate Norse Team. This team will include the following 16 Players: 1 Snow Troll, 2 Ulfwerners, 2 Blitzers/Berserkers, 2 Throwers, 2 Catchers / Runners, and 7 Norse Linemen. The campaign will also include 5 Star Players that can play with the Norse Team (including a Snow Troll Star Player) and several more items: two pitches  (Rollable Gaming Mat and Puzzle-like Hard Pitch), a Norse Football, a Norse Range Ruler, one Norse Injury Dice, a Set of 3 Norse Block Dice, a Set of 2d6 Norse Dice, Two Turn and RR Counters and Two Prone / Stunned Snow Troll Tokens.

We are pretty excited with this project, since this is the first Meiko Team totally designed with 3D sculpting. We want to make clear that in the future, Meiko Miniatures will keep launching teams traditionally handmade sculpted. But from now on, we will also launch 3D sculpted teams, alternating them with handmade sculpted teams. This Meiko Norse Team is the one than starts this new stage for Meiko Miniatures regarding sculpting. 

The sculptor of this team is Sergi Torras, the acclaimed 3D sculptor of several popular Fantasy Football Teams, like the Iron Golems Dark Elf and Human Teams or the Star Player Miniatures Wood Elf Team, among others. Before being hired by Games Workshop for the Warhammer line Sergi Torras sculpted the Meiko Norse Team. Sergi is considered by many Fantasy Football fans as one of the best and most talented Fantasy Football 3D sculptors worldwide. We all hope that in the future he will work again for the Fantasy Football community. Franarcilla will sculpt using 3D the upcoming Star Players if their Stretch Levels are near to be unlocked . 

All the miniatures will be casted in metal. The sculpting of most of these miniatures has already been made. We need your help to speed up the casting process. That way, we will be able to release the Meiko Norse Team much sooner than what was initially planned. Using Indiegogo as a platform to rise funds helps us a lot since we can finance new miniatures and other interesting items, obtain feedback from our customers and it gives us confidence to keep working on. In exchange you will get some cool rewards.

How do these Norse look like?



How can you support this team?


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