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J-Bone Industries Fantasy Football Frogman Team

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The Project

I have been a tabletop gamer all of my life and the game that originally got me hooked was the Games Workshop tabletop American football styled game ‘Blood Bowl’. I played this for many years as a child and have recently got back into the hobby as an adult, regularly attending tournaments in the UK and Europe playing this particular system.

I have seen other manufacturers creating frog teams in the past but have never seen one that gripped me. With the many different systems available nowadays to play games of this style I thought it would be great to introduce this to the world myself.

The main objectives that I wanted to achieve with the project were for the miniatures to:

·  Have lots of character and a classic look

·  Actually look like they are wearing a fantasy version of American football gear

·  Be beautifully sculpted

·  Stick to the 28mm scale

·  Be cast in high quality white metal

My favourite fantasy football miniatures of the last few years have all been sculpted by one man, Pedro Ramos. In my opinion his style was absolutely perfect for this project and he was the first sculptor that I approached. Luckily, he was keen to do this project and we quickly began to bounce ideas off one another on how the frogs should look.

The next consideration was who should cast the miniatures themselves. After doing some research I discovered that Griffin Moulds JJP Ltd. (casters of the incredibly well manufactured Guild Ball miniatures) were only an hour’s drive from my home. After visiting them and running through the project with them I was convinced of not only their professional nature but also the incredibly high quality of their work.

What is needed to push the project forward and what are the risks?

This project is fairly unique in that the miniatures sculpts for the main campaign are already complete. I have invested thousands of pounds of my own money in order to create the team up front, greatly reducing the risk to the backers of the campaign. The masters are completed, the casters are on board and everything is geared up to start producing the teams once the campaign achieves its funding goal.

However, I am not running this as my main business (I have a career that I enjoy) and will need to redeem my initial investment before production can begin. This is where you come in. I have set the campaign goal at a figure that will ensure that I cover the costs of my initial investment and the production of the miniatures that I plan to be sending out to you all in the near future. Also, as this is not to be my main source of income I may not produce the team indefinitely after the campaign has ended so the teams you purchase may be quite a limited edition.

What will you get for backing my campaign?

There are various different perk levels that allow backers to contribute whatever they can afford and these will give whatever collection of items that is detailed in the description. However, backers of any of the ‘TEAM’ deals will receive not only what is detailed in the description but also all of the unlocked stretch goals (excluding the newly added 'ADD-ON' stretch goals). These unlockable stretch goals will include a mix of star players, variant positional poses, side-line miniatures, exclusive miniatures and more depending on how much is raised! If the total raised is far above and beyond what is expected then ‘add-on’ perks may be added to give backers more options as well. Regardless of your contribution, all backers will receive FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING on their perks.


The Team Itself

The team itself is designed specifically to provide a great representation of all of the positionals commonly used in fantasy football games. Linefrog 7 is designed to look more like a quarterback / leader in order to allow it to be utilised as a thrower, allowing the team to be used in game as a broader mix of teams. At present there are just two unique blitzer poses which will be doubled up in the 'team' deals (although they will be provided with a head sprue in order to allow customisation of these figures). Once the second stretch goal is reached another two blitzer poses will be produced in order for every single miniature in the team to be a unique sculpt. This stretch goal will also unlock the head sprue to be purchased as a separate perk (*See update below)

Due to the buzz around this team it looks certain for many of the stretch goals to be unlocked, making all of the 'team' perks even better value and allowing us to produce even more fantastic miniatures! Once these miniatures are unlocked they will be available as separate perks for everybody to purchase, not just 'team' backers.

UPDATE: Now that the 2nd stretch goal has been reached, all teams will come with 4 unique blitzer sculpts (currently work in progress) and all positional player perks will have these extra blitzer sculpts to choose from

The Miniatures



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