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Lost World Project Glitterwolf Paints Coldblooded Creatures and Conquistadores

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50 minutes ago, Corsair said:

He turned out nice!



Are you all safe there?

I read something about Texas having trouble with floods?

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18 minutes ago, vegascat said:

He really does look quite wonderful, very much the champion!



I would hate to be his opponent!

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2 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:



Are you all safe there?

I read something about Texas having trouble with floods?

Several hundred ,iles from us thankfully. @malefactus may be down that way.

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Now that we have another finished recruit it's time to see what everybody's up to in the Jungle.






Fillippa and Mitla were patrolling in the mountains, they were just talking how they missed their friends when suddenly Mon-Ark let out a roar.

They followed his gaze and saw the dots in the sky.

The Dragons! Mitla cried out in excitement, they're back!

Fillippa smiled, the shapes were getting clearer, it was them! I hope they found the Orb, he said.


It didn't take long before the dragons landed, happy to see their friends again Mitla hugged Alsnia.

You're all safe!

Alsnia smiled and showed them the Orb, and we have this!

And we have him to thank for it, she said, pointing at Cpt. Aguilera.

Fillippa shook the vampire's cold hand, let's go inside and meet the others, then you can tell us all about it!


Once inside they headed to the main hall where Xolotl and Apo-Mayta welcomed them back.

This is very fortunate, Xolotl said when he saw that they brought back the Orb of Tanith.

Let's sit down and eat and drink! Then we will discuss our next course of action.



Visions and Dreams


In the Citadel the Frogking let out a cry of anger, he had just seen the death of Archelon in his vision.

One of his favorite pets had been killed by those upstarts paleskins! At least he had destroyed many of them and the last surviving ship seemed to be sailing away from his lands now.

He reached out with his mind and put a mental image inside the minds of his trusted Assassin and the Transmuthor.

At the beach Sssllthr turned to the Transmuthor, time to go home my friend, he said, taking a last look at the disappearing ship.

It seems the paleskins have had enough, they are fleeing, he said.

The Transmuthor nodded, let's return to the Citadel, it's a victory after all!


Aboard the Barracuda the men worked hard to repair the damage caused by the monstrous turtle, Cpt. Rodrigo Gonzales stood at the bow and looked at the sea before him.

He clenched his fists around the railing, all that gold for the taking, and those fools had ruined it all!

His dream was shattered!

If only that stupid Colonel hadn't taken command of his expedition! 

He should have been in command, it was his idea all along! Gonzales turned his head and looked at the jungle behind him.

I will return! He vowed to himself.

No matter what it takes, but I will claim that gold!

All I need is more men, more weapons and this time I will be in charge! 





A New Hope


Colonel Alvarez felt great, the barren land had somehow turned into a wonderful green landscape with pools of crystal clear water.

Fruit grew on the trees and his men had indulged themselves, they we're able to hunt again and the smell of roasted meat filled his nostrils.

He was convinced that their fortune had changed, the Lord was with them, he thought.

Inquisitor Escolano led the men into prayer, and Alvarez joined them.

After that he took the opportunity to talk to the men.


MEN! We're saved! Our good Lord has saved us from our enemies and from starvation!

Our situation is no longer hopeless!

Now, to get out of here, we don't know if there is a ship left to take us home.

The men fell silent.

I know that does sound bad, but I've been thinking!


Not so long ago we had an alliance with the Rebels. Things went sour and we ended up on our own.

Their leader is one of us, a Conquistadore like us!

We need to find them again and join them!

That way we will have a chance of defeating the enemy and then we will be able to build a ship and sail home, and...he paused for a moment...with gold!

The men cheered.







Rosetta watched how Bonita and Neith seemed to get along better with each day.

She walked to the Captain's cabin, James sat in his chair, his feet on the Captain's table, drinking rum.



Hello love, James replied with a  blush on his face.

YOU'RE DRUNK! Rosetta yelled.

So? James said, taking another gulp. What else can we do here than drink?

The ship is beached, we're clearly being held prisoner and we have nowhere to go.

Hmmm, he said looking at Rosetta, maybe I can think of something else we can do, he said reaching out to her.

Don't even think about it!  Rosetta said.


If those two get too friendly they will soon wonder why they keep us around.

What do you think they will do to us? Bonita still wants her revenge, we need to think of something.

James? What do you think? JAMES?

Loud snorring was her answer, she almost burst out in tears when she realised he had fallen asleep, stupid rum!






Cerdo had climbed into a tree, just in time, he looked down at the predator passing by, a large bipedal beast with huge claws.

He had been lucky to spot it from a distance and he had made his escape into the tree.

Plucking a piece of fruit from the tree he tried to relax a little, calm down man, he said to himself.

You escaped death before, there's still hope!

The beast disappeared into the jungle, Cerdo decided to wait a little longer till it was certain the monster was far away.


He looked around, from this point he could see the jungle from above.

There was smoke in the distance, a fire? or maybe even a dwelling?

He tried to remember where he came from, could that be the Citadel itself?

In what direction should he go?

Alone, he wouldn't survive for long in this godforsaken place, he needed to find people, but he knew he had to stay clear of the reptilians.

Where to go?


He took another bite of the fruit, it was sweet and juicy, nothing like he had tasted before, this would sell well on a Hispanian market he thought.

Thinking about Hispania made him sad, would he ever see his homeland again?

He threw away the last piece of fruit.

Think! You fool! He said to himself.

You need to find allies!




Bon Voyage


Andres Segova enjoyed the journey, by now he had developed proper sealegs and the movement of the Santa Isabella no longer bothered him.

Looking at the Dolphins swimming alongside the ship, jumping out of the water every now and then filled him with joy.

He and Hidalgo had become good friends with the Admiral as well.

Amaro Pargo was actually quite friendly despite his appearance, Andres figured he had to act a certain way to keep the men in line, but when they were together enjoying a glass of wine, the Admiral turned out to be good company and a great storyteller.


He thought about Esmeralda, Hidalgo's sister who he had left behind, he would propose to her when they returned to Hispania.

Thinking about the unknown lands they would visit excited him, who knows what he would find there.

Hidalgo and the Admiral would claim the land for Her Majesty, but he would seek out new species and make a name for himself!

The skull he had studied still baffled him, such a enormous creature, and that Captain who gave it to the Vizconde had told them he had killed that creature!

What else would live in that unknown jungle?


His thoughts were interrupted when Hidalgo tapped him on the shoulder, Come on my friend, the Admiral wants to have a drink with us!


Nobody noticed the tiny dots on the horizon behind them.

















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Thanks to the Kensei Katai Army Kickstarter I was able to get some more stuff through their PM on a discount.








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The pistoleers are SPLENDID looking Fellows, all set for a caracole or two. Enjoy the painting & basing!

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