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Lost World Project Glitterwolf Paints Coldblooded Creatures and Conquistadores

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Scale 75


Rlyeh Green

Innsmouth Blue


For the skin.


Vallejo Orange Fire for the eyes





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He's coming along nicely!


I particularly like the markings around his eyes.

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Resuming painting soon.. a little in between story for now..





Sssllthr looked at the men from his hiding place.


Eight tired and scared Softskins.

The leader and his Sergeant stood in front of a large tree, the six men had formed half a circle around them, with their backs to the tree side.

Searching for movement in the jungle, weapons ready.


Sssllthr tasted their fear in the air. Ssswweett....

They were too alert now, he would stage an another attack later.


Instead he listened to the conversation the Softskins had.


They were talking about meeting the brother of their leader and his army.

About the Golden City and how they all would become rich and famous as long as they could survive this.


Sssllthr figured they meant the Citadel of the Living Lizard God when they talked about the Golden City.

There had been some of these pale Softskins before, they seemed to be very interested in the soft yellow metal that was used to decorate roofs and walls.

Strange he thought.


It was purely for decoration, you couldn't make anything useful from it.

And the stuff was almost pouring out of the mountains.

Oh well, who could understand the motives of lesser creatures?


The men had lit a fire, two men stood watch while the others slept.

Sssllthr decided to sleep as well.

He wanted to enjoy the hunt as long as possible, a wise one once told him, the chase is better than the catch.


The next morning he opened his eyes awoken by the sound of a voice.

It seemed the bearded one was giving a motivational speech to the handful of soldiers.

And they were ready to move.


Sssllthr waited, he would follow them from a safe distance.

Already he enjoyed thinking of several scenarios in which he would take out another soldier.


He noticed the direction the men took.

That's not the way to the Citadel!

They didn't follow the path of the army anymore!

Apparantly they mistook some damage to a tree made by a large animal for damage made by the army.

Stupid Softskins! They can't even read tracks right!


After following the group for an hour or so, he tasted the air again.

This could be interesting.

They were heading for a Softskin village!

Sssllthr wondered if the Pale Softskins would be welcome there.

This could be fun!


He made sure to increase the distance between him and the group.

The villagers lived in the jungle, they knew how to read tracks and might be able to notice him.

And they had dogs that could sniff him out.




Fillippa looked at Martinez.

It has been a while since we found some tracks.

Maybe we took a wrong turn?


Martinez nodded, I was thinking the same thing.

The Jungle is narrow here, no way a cannon could have passed here without  damaging the trees.



Martinez looked at Giovanni, the soldier at the front of the group.

He was waving his arms in excitement.


Martinez walked up to him, Fillippa followed.

What is it?

Look Sir!




Indeed, they saw a plume of smoke rising in the distance.

Could it be they did reach the Golden City already?


Suddenly, without a sound, they were surrounded by natives.

Spears and blowguns pointed at them.


NOBODY MOVE! Fillippa shouted.


They stood almost back to back now, the natives closing in.

The natives had a reddish brown skin, almost nude, they wore warpaint , black and red stripes on their faces.

Some wore a necklace of teeth and claws.

A terrifying sight.


Sssllthr, moved back even more, making sure not to be noticed.


One of the natives stepped forward, seemed to be a leader of some sorts.

He pointed at the men and at their weapons, and then gestured to the ground.


Fillippa said, they want us to drop our weapons!

Martinez nodded, if we don't we will be dead in seconds.

Do it!


They dropped their weapons and a few of the natives picked them up.

Their leader gestured to follow him.

We have no choice! let's go! Fillippa said.


Sssllthr waited, he knew where they were heading.

No sense in following them now.

He would investigate later.

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...and the story takes a new twist. Will they soon have allies or be lunch? GREAT NARRATION!


Thx Al,  Nice to see somebody is enjoying this with me!

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I'm sure you have a regular following with the stories. I've found that I often could come up with anything to say to things I enjoy or admire...fortunately there's the "like" thingy.

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A little progress.


Just a little.


Some Scale 75 Dwarven Gold, Heavy Metal, and Walnut.

Some Vallejo Sepia Ink.

Some Reaper Polished Bone and Cloudy Grey


Excuse the bad pics..



Edited by Xherman1964
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Is he already fixed to the base? It seems a little small for him...


Not a big deal either way, though. The painting is still very good.



...and the story takes a new twist. Will they soon have allies or be lunch? GREAT NARRATION!

I agree; that's a very cool development that I didn't see coming!

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Is he already fixed to the base? It seems a little small for him...


Not a big deal either way, though. The painting is still very good.



...and the story takes a new twist. Will they soon have allies or be lunch? GREAT NARRATION!

I agree; that's a very cool development that I didn't see coming!


He is fixed to the base.

I had my doubts about using a 40mm or a 25mm, but I want him to be a sergeant not a monster.

When aligned with his ( soon to come) unit it will all blend in.


Thx, glad you guys like the story parts of this project too.

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More Paint will be applied later, I'm taking my time with this and I'm a slow painter..

Let's keep things interesting ( I hope) by resuming the story.

( did any of you pick up the small Motörhead reference in the last part? And some history buffs might want to keep an eye out on the part below)




The men were escorted to the village, Martinez noticed the wooden wall, there were pointy sticks with shrunken heads on them.

Unnerving to say the least.

One of the heads was not human though, it looked like a large iguana head.


The gate opened, a large warrior stood in the middle of the plaza, an imposing man with a large headdress with plumes and feathers. he wore a cape made of reptilian skin.

He held a large spear with a mean curved blade in his hand.

Next to him stood a woman carrying a staff adorned with the skull of a large snake.

She whispered something in the ear of the warrior who now looked at Fillippa with big eyes.


He started gesturing towards Fillippa, the natives grabbed the Sergeant and brought him before the Chief.


The woman approached and looked at Fillippa, she touched his big red beard and pulled a hair out.

Fillippa moaned , that hurt!

She looked at him and turned to the Chief, she seemed excited and the Chief nodded.


He clapped his hands and the warriors who escorted the men, now stood aside.


The Chief gestured to the men to come closer.

Martinez was the first to walk to the Chief, he held his arms wide and hands open to show he was unarmed.

The Chief looked at him and gestured the men to sit down.


A young warrior handed a scroll to the woman.

She sat down next to the Chief and looked at the men, layed down the scroll before them and pointed at the scroll and at Fillippa.


They looked at it. It was written in an unknown language.

More drawn with pictures and some strange symbols in between.

Fillippa looked helplessly at Martinez.


What do they want from us?

Martinez looked at the scroll.

I can't read that either, but look at those pics!

You can see some men looking like these natives fight with a giant snake.

Then they run. they lose!

But see! Then there comes a big warrior with a beard and he slays the snake.


I think this is some kind of prophecy and they think you're the one with the beard.

Noticed these men have little or none facial hair?

And red hair is unnatural to them. they all have dark hair.

You are an unnatural being to them!


Fillippa grumbled, you mean they think I'm some sort of demon?

Martinez noticed the way the Chief looked at Fillippa.

I guess more like a divine saviour.


They have fought with reptilians from the look of it.

See that cape? and the snakeskull?

Remember the lizardman we fought?

My guess is , these people are fighting such creatures.

And now they hope you will help them.


Fillippa shook his head.

But we don't even understand these people.

How can we be sure?


Martinez had an idea.

He gestured to the Chief , making writing gestures.

The Woman understood.

She gave Martinez a piece of charcoal, and a crude piece of parchment made of animal skin.


Martinez tried to draw some men looking like them.

Pointed at the drawing and at themselves.

The Chief and the woman nodded.


Then he drew a scene where they fought the lizardman and drew Fillippa firing his gun.

He pointed at that and at the weapons the natives confiscated.

The Chief first shook his head.

Then the womand whispered in his ear again.


The Chief shouted to a few warriors.

They ran away and returned later with a small struggling creature between them.


Martinez and his men looked in shock.

It looked like a small man, but it was a huge frog standing upright.

The thing uttered sounds, appearing to speak!


The Chief gestured at Fillippa and at the weapons, than he pointed to  the frogman.

He wants you to kill it! Martinez said.

Fillippa nodded.

He walked to the weapons, the natives pointed their blowguns and spears at him.

The Chief shouted an order, and the natives took a step back, but still holding their weapons at the ready.


Careful said Martinez, be sure to hit the Frogthing!

If you make a wrong move they will kill us all!


Fillippa understood.

He slowly approached the weapons now laying on the ground and picked up his pistol.

He held his left hand up to show that he meant no harm.

The Chief nodded and pointed at the Frogman.


Fillippa loaded the pistol and aimed at the Frogthing.

He gestured with his other hand that the warriors must step aside.


They did. the Frogman now released, looked around, warriors everywhere.

He let out a croaking sound and then jumped at Fillippa.

Fillippa fired the gun, the Frog died midair and fell at his feet.


The Natives looked in awe.

Some fell to their knees.

The Chief cheered!


He embraced Fillippa, who looked at Martinez with an uneasy smile.

I think he likes me now..he said.


The natives cheered, Martinez was relieved. At least they wouldn't get killed today.




That night Martinez and Fillippa communicated with the Chief and the woman by drawing more pictures, using gestures and trying to understand some words.

They were able to show them that they were a small part of a larger force that was searching for a city.

They left out the part about seeking treasure, being marooned and other inconveniences.

The woman seemed to be some sort of priestess or witch.

In any case the Chief listened to almost everything she said.


The Chief pointed at himself and exclaimed Tlacaelel !!! This seemed to be his name.

So Martinez and Fillippa followed his example.

As did the soldiers.

The woman was named Mitla.


Outside a feast was being prepared, and a large crude table was set up.

The Chief clapped his hands and gestured his guests to come out and feast.

They were seated at the table, fires were lit, and big wooden bowls were served with a liquid in it.

Octli !!! Tlacaelel exclaimed, emptying his bowl in one large gulp, he smacked it down and ordered a warrior to fill it up again.


Fillippa tasted it, it slightly resembles beer , he said.

The men laughed, and joined in.

Be careful about the women, Martinez said.

There were both young warriors and women serving them.

The last thing they needed now was a dispute ...beer, men and young women, this could go wrong he thought.

But it seemed to be allright for now.


They were served a small portion of fish.

Those fish had huge teeth an Martinez took a mental note not to swim in any rivers here.


Then the warriors all cheered.

They clapped and a primitive drum was playing.

The main course arrived.


Carried by four men a large wooden plate was brought and set on the table.

Fillippa looked at the dish and almost spilled his Octli.

Martinez looked shocked.

I guess we must be very careful not to insult our hosts he said.

The soldiers looked at their leader, one almost puked.


On the table, surrounded by beets and potatoes, grilled on charcoal, the Frogman was served.


With a huge smile Mitla cut off a big piece and served it to Fillippa.



Edited by Xherman1964
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Could eating the Frog Guy mean that the natives are of Bretonnian origins?


I doubt it, but they seem to have the same taste for obnoxious foods.



Another interesting chapter in your project!


Thx, I'm glad you guys like it.


The only downside is, I'm planning to paint all things Scaly/Fishy/Dino-y.... and now I get the urge to include some Conquistadore and Aztec?Amazone natives ...

That wasn't planned at all...


Who knows where this will lead me.


for now I have a lot to paint..and I'm not very quick about it as you might have noticed.



Wolf Bear with me please.

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I was wondering if you were planning on doing any natives and/or foreign invaders, but I hadn't wanted to ask; I didn't want to give you a bunch of (probably expensive) ideas. :lol:

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Who knows where this will lead me.

...they told me, when I had reached the end of my historical stuff & started painting Fantasy, you only need to paint a few miniature for the game (D&D, AD&D). Thousands of miniatures & nearly forty years later I still have more minis to paint...& some on the way. Just enjoy the painting & don;t worry where it will lead you...it's more exciting that way.

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