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Lost World Project Glitterwolf Paints Coldblooded Creatures and Conquistadores

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Let me bore you with some more storytelling.



Getting to know each other.


Cpt. Aguilera drank more of his "wine" he felt more alive with each sip.

He couldn't help wondering where Tegwen got the blood from.

A bit worried he asked her about it.


Tegwen smiled revealing her sharp fangs.

You're still afraid that I'm evil aren't you?

I will tell you where I get the blood from and then I will tell you my story.


As you have seen the trees here are alive and there is a small green area around them.

This part of the lands is alive.

A bit further south there is a larger part I left untouched.

There my people live.


Your people? Aguilera asked.

Yes, there is a village and farms and the people there live in peace and safety.

They are surrounded by the deadlands and should they try to leave they will never reach the borders without dying.

As any creature that enters my lands will do when it roams around too long in the deadlands.


You might think that's cruel and evil, but see...these people have no enemies.

There is no war, no disease, no famine.

They live there and can be happy.

No one will bother them.


These people consider me to be their Goddess.

And all I ask in return for their protection is a little blood.

Every now and then I will collect some blood from them.

Oh don't worry, I don't kill any in the process!!


Also these people provide me with fresh servants.

When one of them dies from natural causes or accident, I will raise the corpse and it will become one of my servants.

See? Nothing evil here..

They are actually quite happy!


Aguilera thought about it.

I guess you're a better ruler than most.

Tegwen smiled again.

Good! Now that we've covered that I will tell you my history.





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Some more tales, tell me if you get bored with it all..





Fillippa and Mitla had taken Mon-Ark out for a ride.

They had left the caves and had been riding for a few hours now.

Mon-Ark seemed to enjoy herself.


Fillippa and Mitla decided to dismount and sat down near a small stream.

They ate some fruits while Mon-Ark drank from the stream.

For a few moments there was nothing but happiness as if the war didn't exist.


Suddenly a loud roar was heard, louder than anything else they had heard before.

Mon-Ark cowered, the Jungle fell silent.

No birds or other creatures made any sounds.

Even the insects were quiet.


Fillippa drew his pistol and sword, Mitla took her bow and held an arrow ready.

Mon-Ark had positioned herself behind them as if she was certain her masters would protect her.

Then the trees started falling.


Another loud roar, more trees fell and to their dismay some trees seemed to be on fire!

Suddenly in a misty cloud the image of Tanith appeared.

HE HAS RISEN!!!! She said before dissapearing again.


Fillippa held his breath when he saw it.

The enormous creature towered above the trees.

With his arms he ripped the trees apart and with his breath he set them on fire!

Mitla screamed, The Living Lizard God!!!


The creature walked on two legs it's tail swung around knocking more trees over.

It's body was covered in plates and spikes.

Horns adorned it's vicious head.


Then it had reached the other side of the stream, it looked down on them and smoke rose from it's nostrils.

Mon-Ark roared and attacked, she leapt over the small stream in an effort to attack the Living Lizard God.

She was caught in mid-air and the creature ripped her apart as if she was a rag doll.

NNNOOOOO!!!! Fillippa screamed and he fired his pistol.

The bullet bounced off the armored plates and the monster turned it's attention to them.


Mitla fired her arrow to no avail, she dropped the bow and tried to connect with the beast's mind.

Then the Living Lizard God opened it's mouth and incinerated her in flames.

Fillippa went mad with grief and rage, the creature stepped over the stream as if it was a mere puddle.

Sword in hand he attacked.


The creature's tail swept him aside.

He landed against a tree and lost consciousness.

All went black.


He felt something against his shoulders.

Bathing in sweat he woke up.

Mitla sat beside his bed.

Having a bad dream? She asked...








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Finished the bases...

I decided to keep the kit orinigal and put the Aztec Warrior on a base of his own.


Vallejo: Earth, Heavy Green, Yellow, heavy Golden Brown

Reaper : Blackened Brown, Olive Green

Scale 75: Black metal, Cobalt Alchemy, Decay Black

GW: Tallarn Flesh, Astronomical Grey

Secret weapon: Armour Wash














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29 minutes ago, Jasper_the_2nd said:

Woot! Finally caught up.  

A lot to see and read from June on. Sure helped get me through the day...I'm a bit laid up, back not happy.


Stories continue to entertain and the painting has been excellent!




Hope this thread helps you lift your mood!


Pic because I need it.image.thumb.png.d461516c2c451e175dffbfe6679eca13.png







Andrea White nr. 3

Scale 75 Kalahari Orange



Used Milliput for Hartha to be placed on the base.








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And I was productive today and finished Hartha the Death Machine, RAFM Orc War Triceratops.


paints abused

Scale 75: Necro Grey, Despair Green, Fuchsia, Mars Orange, Kalahari Orange, Pure Copper, Heavy Metal, Moonray Flesh

Reaper: Creamy Ivory

Vallejo, Heavy Violet


SHOW OFF here:








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Some story in between painting.






Fillippa and Mitla discussed his nightmare, was this just a dream or was this a warning of things to come?

I don't  understand, Fillippa said, in my dream the Living Lizard God was a huge horned reptile, walking on two legs and with a huge tail.

The first time you showed me the prophecy, there was a huge serpent drawn and the Chosen One fought it.

Tanith is a huge serpent, but she is our ally, what is going on?


Mitla took the scroll and looked at it again.

The serpent drawn here is feathered and with wings, so it isn't Tanith.

No, Fillippa said, but it isn't the Living Lizard God either.

What am I supposed to face?


Let's bring Alsnia into this.

But she is just a child, Fillippa muttered.

She is also the high priestess of Tanith, she might know more about such things than you think.


Alsnia joined them, in any case, prophecies are vague and open to interpretation, she said.

Your scroll is not complete either, Alsnia told Mitla.

Xolotl also has told us about the prophecy, from the look of it, the Chosen One will have to face several monsters before he will face the Living Lizard God himself.

This feathered serpent is a quetzalcoatl, I think the Frogking has more creatures at his disposal.


We must prevent him from summoning the Living Lizard God, he needs the Orb of Tanith for that, and I have it!!! Alsnia said.

Fillippa remembered his dream, we should guard it with our lives!

I doubt if we could defeat the Living Lizard God.


Mitla and Alsnia agreed

Can the Frogking summon his God without that Orb? Fillippa asked.

I don't think so, Alsnia said, he could try, but if the ritual is not complete or performed wrong, there is no way to tell what will happen then!






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