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Lost World Project Glitterwolf Paints Coldblooded Creatures and Conquistadores

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7 hours ago, Pezler the Polychromatic said:

It's time to get these motherflumphing snakes off this motherflumphing plain!


Insert sad Indiana Jones here. ::P:

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It has been a while, so here is more storytelling:






James and Old Nedd had rested a while, with the help of a compass and sextant James had calculated where the beach would be.

They ate some fruits from the surrounding trees and got up.

Let's find the ships!

We'll decide what to do when we get there, James said.


After a while they heard voices and they quickly took cover behind a large tree.

Old Nedd saw them first.

Soldiers! He whispered at James.

They must be going to the ships as well.


James nodded, let's follow them!

Maybe they will lead us there.


Lieutenant Cordoba and his men made their way through the jungle.

Following Alvarez's orders they would try to salvage the Flying Kraken and then sail the fleet to the same position as the Mule and the Swordfish.

They kept a steady pace, he wanted to be as quick as possible about this.

His men were mostly sailors with a few soldiers for support.


Unseen, James and Old Nedd followed them.




Evil or Divine?



Cpt. Aguilera followed Tegwen around in her subterranean castle.

He was impressed by her story, she had been turned into  a vampire by her lover to escape death.

Her former husband had tried to kill them, and later a Priest and his men had killed her lover and made her and her retinue flee her home.

Surely she was a victim of circumstances just like himself?


Still some little details gnawed at him.

She had mentioned how they had lived in the castle and how they had killed and fed on the peasants.

He looked at her angelic face, maybe she was tricked into that by her vampire lover?

The one that had turned her?

Looking at her now he couldn't believe she had been a predator.

She smiled at him and his doubts disappeared.


A skeletal servant opened a large door and they entered the next room.

Aguilera was a bit startled, it was a large room with six sarcophagi at each side.

What is this? He asked Tegwen.


This is the resting place of my loyal Blood Knights.

These twelve Knights were with me that night we had to flee.

I couldn't save my lover, he died and his body sank into the water.

These Knights have rescued me.


How did they die? Aguilera asked.

When we arrived here we were attacked, a few died then, we took their remains with us, while we fought our way through the jungle.

Later the Sun took more of us and savage beasts killed the others.

The last one died defending me, giving me time to cast the spell which turned this place into the Barren Lands.

I kept their remains here so one day they could be revived.


Revived? Christian asked.

They can be brought back to life? How?


Tegwen smiled her angelic smile, that's where you come in!

I need an item to perform this ritual.

When I have it I will be able to resurrect my Knights!

I need a Champion to retrieve it for me!


She looked into his eyes, put her arms around his neck and whispered in his ear.

Will you get it for me?

Cpt. Aguilera couldn't refuse her.

Of course I will!

Now what is it and where can I find it?


Tegwen smiled, there is somebody who has it, you might want to look in the direction your former friends are going.

And it is but a small object, it looks like an eye, it is called the Orb of Tanith!





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Scale 75 Greenskin Flesh, Greenskin Flesh mixed with Inktense Black and Garnet Alchemy.





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Some story to kill the time.




The Voyage


Neith stood on deck of the ship, her scarabs and giant scorpions crawled over the deck motivating the human crew to work faster.

She was content, if they could keep this pace up, she would be back in just a few weeks.

Oh, how she longed to get her revenge on those paleskins and reptilians.

Both would suffer for what they had done to her!


The Admiral looked at his crew, just a few men to operate the ship, but the magic still worked.

There had been no problems except for one sailor who had fallen victim to the scarabs.

He shook his head, the poor fool had been eating some honey and somehow he had tripped and fell on the deck, covering himself in the sweet honey

The scarabs had reacted immediately, the Admiral shivered when he thought about it, he could still hear his screams.

His men had been very careful from that moment not to eat anything in the presence of the insects.


A giant scorpion appeared close to him, clicking it's claws.

He quickly stepped back to create more distance between himself and the arachnid.

Once, these had been Nefrusobek's creatures, but now he couldn't trust them anymore, this Spider Queen was unreliable.

He thought about it, would she let him and his men live when they reached the jungle?

From the look of it, it wouldn't take long, just a few weeks maybe less and they would reach their destination.


 He turned around and walked to Neith.

My Queen! He said, may I have a word with you?


Neith nodded, go ahead!

The Admiral trembled in her presence but gathered all his courage.

Your Majesty! We will reach our destination soon.

What will become of me and my men?


Neith felt amused, a faint smile on her lips, are you afraid dear Admiral?

The Admiral looked her in the eyes.

To be honest, yes my Queen! We are serving you and we will bring you to the jungle.

But if you intend to kill us when we get there, I would rather know now!

At least we can try to make peace with our Gods then.


Neith just shrugged, I have no intention of killing you.

You will bring me ashore and then you will do me one last favour.

If you do this, you and your men will not only be allowed to sail back to your lands, but you will become rich as well.


The Admiral was surprised, rich?

And what would you have us do then?


My enemies are in possession of  gold and jewelry, more than you can imagine.

I'm sure if you return to your lands with that, you will be able to lead a happy life.

So, to get these riches you will have to help me defeat my enemies, right?


The Admiral was interested, yes my Queen?


As soon as we have reached the jungle, I will reform my army.

Then you will take this ship and sink the paleskin's ships!

That way they can't sail away with the treasuresof my lands.


After I have defeated both the paleskins and the reptilians, you will be allowed to pick any treasure you like.

The Admiral was delighted, not only would she let him and his crew live, they would be wealthy as well!

My Queen! We will serve you as you ask!


But, you mentioned ships, your enemy has more ships, how am I supposed to sink them all with just this ship?


Neith smiled, as I said, when I return I will reform my army.

You won't be alone!




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Scale 75 Necro Grey

Vallejo Verdigris


And a little Reaper Cinnamon Red mixed with the Scale 75 Necro Grey

Almost there!







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Bloody Sky


Draghor looked over his shoulder to see if his passengers were doing alright.

Talpa, Leon and Achik all sat behind him on Furnach's back.

The dragon flew slow so he wouldn't scare them.


Leon and Achik seemed to enjoy the flight,Talpa the Moleman however was clearly afraid.

Being used to caverns, flying was a new and thrilling sensation, he wasn't feeling comfortable with it.

One time he had looked down and he almost lost his grip in anxiety.

Leon had grabbed him and he had not looked down since.


Draghor asked if they were alright.

They all nodded.

Leon wondered if they would find new allies soon.

There were rumours about a tribe deep in the jungle that might be willing to assist them.

Talpa's people had seen them, but they had not encountered them.

Now was the time to see if they could persuade them to help in the fight against the reptilians.


Furnach picked up the speed a little.

Achik felt the wind in her hair and laughed.

Leon comforted Talpa who tried to keep his fears in check.


Suddenly a loud shrieking sound was heard.


Draghor looked at his left and he could see a large silhouette against the sky quickly coming closer.

He yelled a warning at his passengers.

Achik took a poisoned dart from her pouch, hoping it would be enough.


The creature came closer and Achik yelled, ANCIENT ONE!


Leatherwing flew right at them.

The enormous creature circled around Furnach and then flew right over the heads of his passengers.

Leon tried to draw his pistol, but needed to hold on while Furnach evaded the attack.


A second time Leatherwing flew at them, this time his mighty beak tried to grab Talpa.

Achik threw her dart but missed.

Furnach could roll in time to prevent Talpa being taken, but in doing so, Talpa lost his grip.

With a cry he fell of Furnach's back and plummeted towards the ground.


HOLD ON! Draghor yelled.

Leon and Achik held tight, Furnach made a sharp dive at full speed.

He managed to get under Talpa and caught him on the back of his wings.

Achik reached out and grabbed the moleman by his tunic.

Shaking like a leaf Talpa sat before her.


Furnach was close to the ground now and he made a sharp turn.

Get ready to get off! Draghor shouted.

As Furnach touched the ground he spread his wings and rolled, his passengers let go, and rolled on the ground.

Even Draghor let go and jumped off.


Just in time Furnach climbed up again and turned to face Leatherwing.


Everybody alright? Draghor asked.

Achik nodded, a bit bruised, Leon replied.

Talpa sat on the ground terrified.

They looked up and saw how Furnach and the Ancient One collided mid air.


Leatherwing snapped at the dragon who evaded the sharp beak.

In flying past the creature, Furnach lashed out with his tail, knocking Leatherwing off course.

The creature turned around for another attack run.

Furnach dove under him and again evaded the sharp beak and talons.


Leatherwing looked down and with a vicious gleam in his eyes he dove straight at the party on the ground.

Leon had drawn his pistol and fired, the bullet tore a small hole in one of the creature's wings, but it didn't seemed to be bothered by that.

Achik held her bow ready, waiting for the right moment.

Talpa frantically dug a hole into the ground to escape.

Draghor held his shield up and his sword ready.


There he comes! He yelled.


As Leatherwing flew straight at them, Furnach tried to catch up with the monster.

Achik fired, the arrow bounced off Leatherwing's boney forehead.

The creature shrieked triumphantly when it grabbed Leon in itś beak.

Leon kept his wits and rammed his sword into the creature's throat.

Twitching in pain it dropped Leon who tumbled to the ground.

Lucky for him he only fell a short distance, and aching and bruised he got up on his feet again.


Leatherwing flew up and tried to shake off the sword.

Furnach had now reached him and he opened his mouth.

A roaring sound, a burst of fire and Leatherwing was engulfed in flames.

Shrieking and tumbling he fell down as a ball of fire.


The party scattered to avoid being hit by the falling monster.

With a sickening thud the creature hit the ground.

The smell of burning meat filled the air.


Furnach landed with his wings spread and inspected his work.

Leatherwing's smoldering  remains were all that was left of the mighty creature.


Draghor thanked Furnach and then turned to his friends.

Achik was tending to Leon who was bruised and he had fractured his left arm.

The ground moved and Talpa stuck his head out of the hole, is it safe yet?


The look of the moleman with earth on his nose emerging from the ground made them laugh, despite what they had just experienced.

A bit grumpy Talpa asked, can't we just walk from now on?

This made the party laugh even louder.

Talpa himself couldn't resist anymore and laughed with them.


Come on ! Draghor said.

We better get moving! We need to find that tribe!


In the Palace the Frogking sat on his throne.

His colour was darker than ever, he had felt the death of his pet.


He turned to a priest.

GET ME Sssllthr! he shouted in a booming voice.



















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Excellent story! You'll have to memorialize it next year with Dance of Death!

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16 minutes ago, Gargs said:

Excellent story! You'll have to memorialize it next year with Dance of Death!


Thx, but no...Leatherwing is a Pterodactyl not a dragon.

I have one waiting!





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1 hour ago, Glitterwolf said:


Thx, but no...Leatherwing is a Pterodactyl not a dragon.

I have one waiting!






Ahh, gotcha. Admittedly, I haven't read up on the entire thread so not sure if you had previously introduced him. :)

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1 hour ago, Pezler the Polychromatic said:

This is exactly what happens when one flies on United Airlines.


1 hour ago, Gargs said:

Or Southwest apparently. :p


The Frogking officially claims to have nothing to do with any commercial airlines.

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The tale goes on!  ( still hope it doesn't get boring)






The pirates and sailors under Gonzales's command had made camp for the night.

While Gonzales and Toni discussed matters in a hastily erected tent, the men had made a campfire and were drinking and singing.

Gonzales confided in Toni, his First Mate and friend, I think I might have made a mistake, he said.

Toni poured rum in two mugs, shoved on towards his Captain, what do you mean?

Gonzales drank his rum in one gulp.


Listen! He said, that upstart Colonel has taken complete control of the expedition, and now this zealot is aiding him!

We should be the ones in charge! I had the coordinates! I brought them here!

And now we might be lucky if we survived this quest they have sent us on!

How much gold will be left for us, after we have to share it all with them?


Toni nodded, I see.

But Captain, why should we do this?

Isn't there a better way?


Gonzales looked at his friend, you have an idea?

Toni shrugged, I don't know, maybe if we just took our crew here with us to the ships, we could wait it out.

The Frogking will lose his patience, the army will fight them, in the end both might be too weak to pose a real problem.

Then we could come back with some of the ship's cannons and take what is left, but that is just a thought of course...

I doubt we could pull it off, he said.


Gonzales thought about it, or...he said.

Or? Toni asked.

Or, Gonzales continued, we could warn the owners of that orb we're supposed to steal.

Strike a deal with them?


Toni though about it, it might work, but we don't know what kind of people they are.

We could also just go to the ships, sail away and leave them all to rot.

Then we come back next year with a reliable crew!

No more Imperial Soldiers, but good men!

Pirates and Buccaneers! Our Kind of people!


Gonzales considered the options.

We have to think about this, he said, I don't want to see all that gold going to the Crown!

Maybe we should....He was interrupted by screams and noise from outside.

What is that? He said and jumped up, Toni followed him outside the tent.


There they saw Drakh, Meso stood between his legs, showing his teeth, Drakh held his huge polearm in both hands, blood was dripping from the blades.

At his feet lay a pirate, from the look of it he had been cut in half by Drakh.

The men had him surrounded, but nobody dared to come closer or make the first move.


Gonzales got a little pale, he yelled, WHAT IS GOING ON?


One of the men turned to him.

Captain! We were all having a good time, drinking and singing, telling jokes, then that critter, he pointed at Meso, tried to steal some food from Flint!

Flint had been drinking and he was losing his temper, he kicked that thing like one would kick a dog, he was just trying to protect his food!

Then before we could do anything that monster cleaved him in half!

We should kill them both!


Toni, whispered in Gonzales's ear, if we do that this quest is over and there will be no way back if we kill him!


Gonzales considered the options, he wanted to be careful about this, but suddenly one of the sailors raised a pistol and fired at Drakh.

The bullet bounced off his thick shell and Drakh jumped forward swinging his weapon, in a second the sailor's head was cut off.

This triggered the other men, two fired their pistols, one bullet did hit Drakh in his arm, this seemed to make him even angrier.

Another pirate threw a dagger, this bounced off again.

Meso jumped forward and bit the pirate, tearing a piece from his leg.


Screaming the pirate fell on the ground, Meso lunged and ripped his throat out.

Gonzales saw no other way out anymore. KILL THEM!!!! He shouted.


A brutal fight followed, several pirates and sailors were killed or wounded, but then Toni shot Meso.

Drakh looked at his pet dying and roared, he raised his weapon again and killed the two pirates that stood closest to him, exposing his chest while doing so.

Gonzales and Toni silmutaneously fired and Drakh staggered. He stepped back and dropped his weapon, a sailor buried his axe in Drakh's chest.

The other men joined in, brave, now the monster had dropped his huge weapon, they stabbed, hewed and hacked where they could.

Drakh fell on his back, with his last strength he turned his head to look at Meso's body and then his eyes went lifeless.


Trembling a pirate turned to Gonzales, he is dead Sir!

Gonzales nodded, I can see that.


One of the men came to his senses, how are we going to find that orb now, Captain?

Gonzales looked at his men, we don't, he said.

We will return to the Swordfish and take our ship back.

Then we will discuss things further.




In the Palace the Frogking suddenly got another vision.

Fuming with rage he opened his eyes, Sssllthr stood before him, you had sent for me Sire?


The Frogking looked at his assassin, they have broken the pact! He said.

Drakh is dead!

I want each and everyone of those Paleskins dead! You hear me? DEAD!

I have enough of these interlopers!


Call the Priests and Wizards! And Cantor!!!


Sssllthr turned around to do his King's bidding.


Already he saw the Transmuthor running to him, he had heard the commotion.

Does my King need me? He asked his tentacles flailing around.


The King had calmed down a little, still enraged  he nodded, yes my old friend.

I will need you all!

It is time to unleash your creations!






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Calm before the storm


Chasca returned to the caves, she immediately sought Fillippa and asked him to gather the other leaders.

When they were all present she trembled in anticipation.

What is it my child? Xolotl asked.


Chasca pulled her self together and spoke.

I have been spying on both the reptilians and the conquistadore army.

There is something going on!


I've seen them make a bargain with each other, but then I followed a group of the humans who were accompanied by a large reptilian.

And they got into a fight, the humans killed the reptilian.


Fillippa asked, and then?


Well, that's the strange part.

Instead of returning to the main army this group is now heading for the beach.

So I went back to take a look at the Citadel, the army is still surrounding it, but this morning the reptilians suddenly attacked!


Xolotl stood up, attacked?

Yes, Chasca said, a group of reptilians just walked out of the gates, the humans must have thought they came to talk, and suddenly they attacked.

The humans quickly recovered from their surprise though.

When I left they were still fighting.


Fillippa looked at his friends.

Maybe the time to strike is now!

They are fighting, not expecting another army.

What if we attacked the Citadel from the other side?


Yes! Apo-Mayta agreed, and then we can crush the reptilians between the two armies.

By the time we have defeated them, we might be able to negotiate with the human army or maybe even defeat them as well should they prove to be hostile after all.


Mitla nodded in agreement.

Let's prepare the troops!

A shame Draghor hasn't returned yet, Fillippa said.

But his men will follow us anyway.


Mitla turned to Alsnia, and what do you think my dear?

You look a little pale are you alright?

Everybody turned to look at Alsnia, who indeed looked pale, she also looked a little absent minded.

Do you hear me? Mitla asked.


Alsnia suddenly seemed to wake up as if she had been dreaming with her eyes open.

She looked at her friends.

Death is coming! She said, and collapsed to the floor unconscious.





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