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Lost World Project Glitterwolf Paints Coldblooded Creatures and Conquistadores

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Finally some more work..


Paints abused during this session:


Scale 75 -  Misketonic Grey, Greenskin Flesh

Reaper - Stone Grey, Highlight Orange, Yellowed Bone, Creamy Ivory, Marine Teal.


Added the bottom mulch for the primordial river.


Also some work on Xolotl.
















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4 minutes ago, Chaoswolf said:

Yay for some hobbying! Your diorama is really starting to take shape now.:winkthumbs:


Thx Brother Wolf!


And now the first pour of Vallejo Still Water.

Needs to dry for 24 hours.

Then round two, or later....








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1 hour ago, malefactus said:

The Carnivorous Flora are OUTSTANDING pieces. Biting back at the Vegans seems like poetic justice.


Thx Al!

I'm sure these plants are less picky when it comes to their meals.

As long as it moves it is prey!


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On 6/30/2018 at 3:29 AM, Glitterwolf said:



I'm pretty sure the teenage dinos will cause as much, maybe even more mayhem than their older relatives.


Since I just make everything up, I'm a tad curious why people like certain characters and why not?

What is it that makes Cpt. Aguilera a favorite?


I figured him to be a merchant Captain, hired by the Military for this expedition.

Not particularly brave, and I think he struggles with being Undead.


On the one hand he is happy to be "alive" and probably a bit smitten by Tegwen.

On the other hand he is afraid of what it means to be a vampire now

Will he succumb to evil?

Or he will somehow keep his humanity?



Those are all the reasons I like him and am interested in him.  He's quite a sympathetic character and one quite easy to empathize with.  I like to think that most folks would struggle with the good vs evil conundrum, at least for a little while.  There's a good B rated made for television movie called Nick Knight about a vampire who struggles with that (from what I recall).


Loving all the awesome updates on the base, remind me not to ever visit that place! :D

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@vegascat visiting the Lost World is adventurous!

You get to meet new people, some human some not and see wonderful animals.

A lot of these animals are extinct in the rest of our world, so you have an unique opportunity to see these creatures with your own eyes.


Indulge yourself in different cultures, take part in ancient religious ceremonies ( survival optional!) try local food ( before it tries you!) enjoy the landscape.

Visit ancient battle sites and historical landing sites where Conquistadores set foot ( before being devoured) return home ( if you're extremely lucky) with priceless artifacts and jewelry.



The priceless artifacts and jewelry are available in the Golden City, acquiring these is an adventure in itself.

Improve your chances of getting these by offering the Mayor of this city ( also known as the Frogking) the Orb of Tanith.


The Frogking welcomes all food tourists and explorers!

Visit the Lost world now!


You can book your tickets with Rodrigo Gonzales Lost World Travels. ( includes random marooning)

Don't forget to upgrade your vacation with a tour through the Deadlands!





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So ehhh I went heavily in for this.




Which means 2019 will be an awesome year for the Lost World.


Conquistadores from the Zenith KS ( and Undead Samurai for my Nippon Project)


Lizardfolk, Dinosaurs etc from Bones IV


Aztec Style Lizardfolk from Lost Kingdoms.


Now hoping I can paint it all.

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15 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

So ehhh I went heavily in for this.




Which means 2019 will be an awesome year for the Lost World.


Conquistadores from the Zenith KS ( and Undead Samurai for my Nippon Project)


Lizardfolk, Dinosaurs etc from Bones IV


Aztec Style Lizardfolk from Lost Kingdoms.


Now hoping I can paint it all.

Ohhhhhhhhhh chameleon men!

And it appears that there's a bigelf lizardman that's eating the heart of a conquistadore.

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@Pezler the Polychromatic that one is unlocked and a giant lizardman as well.

There is a thread in the Kickstarter section about it.

I went in for the largest army pack with all freebies.

Pledged extra so I can get almost all if it unlocks.


The only thing I won't be getting will be the very spikey beast ( dislike) and the Quetzacoatl.

I want it , but it is simply too big, I can't store it. It should have been half that size.


Anyway together with Bones IV and the Conquistadores I will be getting from Zenith KS the Lost World is getting a lot more troops and monsters.

If that Frog Sorcerer unlocks I will have found my Frogking!

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On 7/3/2018 at 10:09 AM, Glitterwolf said:

So ehhh I went heavily in for this.




Which means 2019 will be an awesome year for the Lost World.


Conquistadores from the Zenith KS ( and Undead Samurai for my Nippon Project)


Lizardfolk, Dinosaurs etc from Bones IV


Aztec Style Lizardfolk from Lost Kingdoms.


Now hoping I can paint it all.


Those are straight up awesome!  Unfortunately, I can't afford them all, but I will at least get tonatiuh, Coatl whisperer and Ehecatl, The Devourer.  Though if the supreme sorcerer unlocks (and I can afford it) I may get him as well or instead of other two.

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Story time, let's see what everybody is up to.





Gonzales and Toni had a conversation while the small army of pirates, sailors and brigands made their way back to the beach.

You do realise that this journey will take a while right? Toni asked.

Gonzales nodded, yes, but since we're a smaller party and not bringing cannons and carts with us we will get there in less time now.

We will first reach Uxmal.

There we will see what treasure is left. I know we all left some treasure behind there, knowing that we would return after sacking the Citadel.

Might as well take it with us, besides it will be good motivation for the men.


Toni agreed.

I was thinking, he said. The Colonel will deem us deserters and traitors.

Why not try to convince him we're not?

Gonzales looked at Toni, and how do you propose we did that?


A pigeon, Toni said.

We could send him a message claiming that the lizard monster attacked us, we defeated it and then we we're attacked by more reptilians.

Heroically we fought off the ambush they had laid for us, but that left us weakened and now we are going back to the ships to wait for our Colonel.

We hope he will be victorious and we will be waiting there, caring for our wounded.

Our thoughts are with you...etc etc..


Brilliant idea,! Gonzales exclaimed.

That way he won't attack the ships the moment he gets back.

He will be off guard, and then we can defeat them and take the gold!


Indeed! Toni said, if he is ready for the attack we might not able to withstand the army.

But if they come into the range of our cannons, we can take them out at last.

A bold move, Gonzales grinned.

Let's do this! Send a message!






Tomas and Fillippa had been discussing the course of action for almost the entire night.

Next morning they were in agreement.

Xolotl, Mitla, Draghor, Leon and Apo-Mayta had all agreed.

Tomas would send a message to the Colonel, they would not engage the enemy directly.

Being outnumbered, their best chance was to besiege the city and hope to weaken the enemy before taking the city.


Any creature leaving the city would be taken out.

Tomas would stay on this side of the Citadel with the rebel forces and communicate with the Colonel's army through pigeons.

While the Colonel had cannons at his disposal and more muskets, the rebels had some muskets and of course a dragon!


We should watch out for the flyers! Acclacuna told them.

She had been introduced to the leaders and although they had hoped for an army, they were happy that she decided to come.

The enemy will send for reinforcements if the flyers get out, she said.

Focus on those and on small raptors! These are also often used as messengers.


We will! Apo-Mayta said.

Keep an eye out on those gates as well, anything coming through that must be stopped, Xolotl said.

Dig trenches Fillippa said.

Fill those with dry wood, if the enemy breaks out, we can set that on fire to create a wall of fire between us.

Furnach can easily ignite it when nessecary!

Good thinking! Leon agreed.




Call to Arms


Inside the Citadel the Frogking was contemplating the situation.

General Cantor was at the main gate in command of defending the city.

His Royal Assassin Sssllthr was at the Southern Gate to keep an eye on the rebel army.

The Transmuthor had hurried to his lab and frantically worked on more specimens, he had gathered all of his creations to assist.

Soon they would launch a counter attack, the enemy would not be prepared for what was coming, the King thought.


He had ordered to sent some of the flyers to call for reinforcements from other cities in the Empire, but each time the enemy shot them down.

His mind could not reach that far and he needed to get word out in a different way.

Waving at one of the guards he ordered him, send out the diggers!!!

The Lizardmen quickly ran out of the throneroom to meet with the trainer of the diggers.

Another guard replacing him.


His Majesty's orders! He said to the large turtleman who was in charge of the diggers.

Send them out to call for reinforcements to the other cities!

The trainer obeyed silently, entering a building to get his pets, he returned a few moments later.

A basket full of small snakes each with four limbs.


Lizards? The Guardsman asked.

No! The trainer said holding a snake with arms and legs up to the Guard, these are called Huggers!  ***

These are the best burrowers you can find.

Primitive creatures, but effective!

So, let's attach the messages to them and send them on their way!


Tell the King he can expect reinforcements soon!



Conversations with a Goddess


Alsnia, who had remained in the safety of the caverns made preparations to summon Tanith.

She was afraid, her visions had showed her terrible things lately.

Hopefully the Serpent Goddess would show up and help her.


She held the Orb of Tanith and chanted.

Soon the air before her shimmered and an image of the Serpent Goddess appeared.

What can I do for you my child? She asked.


Alsnia explained what she had been dreaming and expressed her fears.

Tanith seemed to think about it.

You must stay here, she said. Here you are safe!

Keep the Orb hidden here!

Someone is looking for it!


The Frogking? Alsnia asked.


Of course! Tanith said, but there is another!

Death will come looking! She said.

Death? Alsnia stuttered. But how am I supposed to fight Death?


All in time! Tanith answered and the image faded away.

Have no fear! was the last thing Alsnia heard her say.




The Queen returns


The Admiral stood before Neith, he seemed very nervous.

Yes? Neith asked him a bit amused by his fear.

My Queen! We have reached our destination!

In a few moments we will reach the shore and you will be able to take back your lands!


Neith looked passed the Admiral, he was speaking the truth!

She could see the beach already and the trees of the jungle in the distance grew larger as they came closer.

Finally! She exclaimed!

I will have my revenge! I will show those Paleskins and that pompous Frog who is Ruler here!


Yes, my Queen! The Admiral stuttered.

But what about me?

Neith turned her cold gaze at him.


I have promised you freedom! And I will keep my word.

After we have landed, you can take this ship back and become a ruler in your own lands now Nefrusobek is gone!

But remember! If you ever try to invade these lands you will suffer like none have suffered before!

The Admiral bowed his head, I understand my Queen!

I will go home and we will never come here again!


Good! Neith said, now get us ashore!



*** ( For those of you interested the trainer means Tetrapodophis Amplectus!)

Google it..









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More story, we have more players in the field, right?




Set Sail!


Lt. Cordoba and his men had successfully salvaged the Flying Kraken.

They had repaired the hull and then pumped out the seawater, after many hours and attempts, they got their reward.

The Flying Kraken could sail again!


Cpt. James Alday and Old Nedd had made sure that they were on board of the pirate ship.

Most Imperial Soldiers had no idea who they were.

A few seemed to recognize them though, and Old Nedd sought them out to talk to them.

He was able to persuade them to keep silent, the men were disgruntled by the way they had been treated.

They felt that the army was given the opportunity to get rich while they had to do hard labour repairing these ships.

The seed was planted.


Old Nedd made sure these men would be part of the crew of the Flying Kraken.

He had seen this before, a little nudge and a few promises and they would be ready to sail under the Black!


Now that the Flying Kraken was seaworthy again it was time to reunite with the rest of the fleet.

The Jan Jose and the Flying Kraken would follow the Barracuda to reunite with the Swordfish and the Mule.

There were just enough men to keep the ships sailing, but it was close.

Lt. Cordoba hoped for calm weather, he decided to stay as close to the shore as possible to avoid being caught in a storm or rough seas.

Getting three ships with skeleton crews to their designation was a risky task, but he knew it could be done.


He would take command of the Barracuda himself,  First Mate Cerdo would follow with the Jan Jose, he was still in doubt who would command the pirate ship when he noticed James Alday.

There was something familiar about that man, he thought, looking at his posture and attitude he was certain this was an Officer, maybe from the Jan Jose?

He didn't know every hand from that ship.

He waved at James who reluctantly approached the Lieutenant, had he recognised him?

James grabbed the hilt of his dagger and stepped forward, Sir?


Lt. Cordoba looked at the man before him, do you have any experience in commanding a ship?

James smiled faintly, I have seen how it is done, he said.

Fine! That'll do, Cordoba said.

I need someone to command the Flying Kraken.

Just follow us and you'll be fine, we will sail safely along the shore.

I think I can manage, James replied.




Time for Thoughts.


Cpt. Aguilera slowly followed a trail, a small path through the jungle kept open by the larger animals who frequently walked there.

Guayoto was sleeping in his shirt, he could feel the warm body against his chest.

The dense canopy of trees and vegetation blocked out the sun, so he had taken off his hat for a while.

Strange, he thought, he remembered how he had hated the moist heat of the jungle but now his senses had changed and he couldn't be bothered by heat nor cold.

His hearing and sense of smell had improved though, he could hear tiny creatures running through the vegetation and he could smell the flowers and plants even from his position on horseback.

Aguilera's undead horse kept following the path, he looked around, when the heat doesn't bother you, the jungle is a pretty place, he thought.


He looked down his shirt at the snorring familiar, the little ferret was curled up and looked like a plush toy.

Guayoto, what kind of creature was that? Aguilera thought, the creature could talk and it was no ordinary ferret, it was a summoned spirit of some kind who would guide him.

He asked himself what Inquisitor Escolano would do if he met him.

An undead monstrosity with a talking animal?

Burning at the stake at least! Or maybe being quartered!

And yet, he wondered, was he really evil now?


He had not killed anyone, and even if he did, he had killed men during his lifetime.

Someone had tried to rob him once and a merchant had to defend his goods, right?

So he had fought and killed the poor soul.

It was considered justice at the time, so when becomes one evil for killing a man?

He shook his head and decided he would stay true to himself.

Killing was only allowed in self defence or war, not for gain.


Guayoto stirred and woke up, yawning he stuck his head out of Aguilera's shirt and sniffed the air.

Keep following that trail, he said, we will reach a clearing at some point, wake me up then.

And he curled up to sleep, before Aguilera could answer him, he heard him snorring again.






Rosetta had disguised herself as a young native warrior with the cloths of the guard she killed.

she walked through the streets staying close to the houses, trying not to draw attention.

How could she reach the gate?

Soldiers, both reptilian and native warriors hastily made their way through the city.

Maybe if she followed them?

She thought about it, the native warriors might see that she was not one of them, the reptilians would just think she was another slave warrior.

Best to follow them, she thought.


A group of turtlemen passed her by.

They were having a discussion and didn't notice her.

She followed them, at least these guys didn't move that fast.

It seemed there were heading to one of the gates, Rosetta walked behind them and made sure not to make eye contact with anyone else they passed.


After a while they had reached the outer walls and there she could see the gate.

The walls were filled with troops carrying bows and javelins.

A few large ballistas were placed on the towers.

She looked around, a group of Ancient Ones was being herded towards the gates.

Would they be sent out to attack? Or were they there to form a defence line?


She looked up and a shiver went through her spine.

At the wall she could see a snake warrior and she recognized Sssllthr.

If he saw her she would be dead in seconds, she thought.


Slowly she backed away and in doing so bumped against something soft, she turned around to apologize and looked in the eyes of a young Ancient One.

The creature sniffed and licked her hand.

Surprised she petted the young animal on it's head.

It was a strange animal, a small head a large body and it walked on all fours.

It's back was covered in small boney plates and there were spikes at the end of it's tail.

She petted it again and the creature made sounds like a small bird being petted.

He likes me, she thought.


She looked at the animal and then over her shoulder at the group of larger Ancient Ones being herded to the gate.

In a bold move she climbed on the creatures back and laid flat on his back hidden between the scales.

Hoping nobody would look down from the walls she tapped the creature on it's neck, after a while and a few tries it started to move.

She could see a few larger ones of it's kind in the group at the gates, maye it's mother was among those?

Slowly the youngster walked over there and joined the group.


The gates were opened!

Rosetta heard the trainers shout and the cracking of whips, and then suddenly the herd stampeded out of the city!

She held on tight while her mount followed the herd.


Would she survive this? At least she would be out of the City and free, she thought.

While the monsters ran through the gate she looked up and made eyecontact with Sssllthr who suddenly realised that there was a young native warrior on the back of that young Ancient One.

Before he could react they were through the gate.


Next thing she knew she saw arrows flying over her, a large monster next to her suddenly fell and twitched, it died on the spot, riddled with arrows.

Poison! She thought, nothing else could kill such a big animal that quick!

Wait! They were attacking someone! They were getting shot at!

She held her head down and clamped to the back of her ride.


A shadow fell over her, looking up she saw something from a fairytale.

That could not be!

Dragons don't exist!


A few moments later several of the Ancient Ones laid dead, burning from Dragonfire.

Furnach had made an attack run and had successfully killed most of the herd.

More of the large monsters fell when a new volley of poisoned arrows was launched.

She knew she would die if she stayed where she was.


Her mount was panicking, it was nothing but a young animal and it saw it's fellow creatures die.

It let out a high piercing scream, a larger specimen of the same kind turned around and came running, maybe to protect the young?

When they met each other, the young one stood still, quickly Rosetta jumped off it's back and ran towards the trees.


The sky went dark again, she could hear sickening screams from the burning animals behind her.

In tears she kept running to the trees when suddenly someone jumped out of the bushes and tackled her.

She was turned on her back and tried to reach for her knife, but the warrior was too strong for her, he wrestled the knife away from her.

Then he raised his macahuitl to deliver the final blow, STOP! She yelled, I'm one of YOU!


The warrior stayed his hand in the middle of the blow.

He looked at her, still holding her down.

Rosetta wiped the dirt of her face, I'm Rosetta Salazar! I was captured by the reptilians and escaped.

Please! I'm not your enemy!


Apo-Mayta stood up, and reached out his hand to help her get up.

If that is true than I'm sure Captain Tomas de Torquemade will verify your story!

Tomas? Rosetta asked, is he here?

She cried, the last time that man had persecuted her and her pirate lover.

Could she expect mercy from him?






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First pour has dried and shrunk into a 2mm plastic layer, some bubbles but with all the critters in the ooze I kinda like that.

( first two pics)

Now second pour, it might take a bottle and 6 or 7 times before I have achieved what I want. Still wet.

(Last Three Pics)

Such is the way of the hobby...








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