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Lost World Project Glitterwolf Paints Coldblooded Creatures and Conquistadores

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Between the hammer and the anvil.


Fillippa looked at the immense walls before them.

The Citadel was an impressive sight, his thoughts were disturbed by a tap on his shoulder.

Turning around he faced Leon.

What is it my friend? He asked.


Doesn't it bother you that our newfound ally had to return to his army so soon?

He took that girl Rosetta and those priests with him after they received a message from their Colonel.

A message he didn't share with us mind you!

They were in such a hurry.


Fillippa stroked his beard, so? This is not that strange is it?

Leon shook his head, I don't know, I have a bad feeling about this.

The only way to conquer this city is if our forces work together, and now here we are without knowing if they will do their part as promised.

I suggest we send someone over to the army to coordinate our strategy.

After all that has happened, I might be a bit paranoid, but who is to say we can trust this Colonel?

We couldn't trust Gonzales!


Fillippa thought about it. Leon was right they were taking a huge risk by showing their force so soon.

Achik who had overheard them talking approached them.

I will go there! I think it is for the best if I hid and overlooked the situation, if they prove to do as promised, I will talk to them, if not, I will return here and report.

That might be a good idea, Fillippa agreed.

And so it was decided.


Achik made her way through the jungle, carefully making sure nobody noticed her.

It took a few days before she reached the position of the army.

At first she noticed the army had dug in just at the edge of the jungle.

She could see some stakes in the ground protecting a large cannon.

Some soldiers sat next to it drinking and gambling.


Achik climbed a tree to get a better view, looking down she spotted some more soldiers spread out in a thin line.

Where was the rest of the army? She thought.

There could be no more than fifty men here!


She listened to the conversation between the gambling and drinking gun crew and soon she realized this was it!

The army had withdrawn to deal with another matter and these soldiers were left behind to trick the enemy into believing they were still under siege.

A bold move, but this frightened her, that meant her own people were in grave danger!

If the reptilians found out they would surely wipe them all out!

She had to let Fillippa know!


Suddenly the soldiers panicked.

She looked down to see what was going on and she saw two soldiers laying dead with arrows in their back.

The others turned around to face the enemy, a group of heavily armed snakemen emerged from the jungle.

A short but brutal fight followed, the fifty men were slaughtered by the superior force.

Their leader slithered forward and raised his cruel blade above his head.

VICTORY! He yelled.


The Snakemen cheered. The Serpent Lord's troops had been victorious!

A signal was given and the main gates of the Citadel opened.

Cantor stepped out flanked by some bodyguards.

Mighty Serpents I welcome you to the Citadel!

How fortunate that the Serpent Lord was able to heed our call for help!

The Serpent leader greeted the Tortoise General, It is an honour to help our King! He replied.

Cantor nodded, the Frogking will see you know, he said.


Achik trembled, she had to get back and fast!

She waited till the serpents had entered the city and the gates closed again.

As fast as she could she made her way back to her forces.


In the meanwhile at the Rebel Camp it was one of Apo-Mayta's scouts who reported a group of native warriors approaching them.

He informed the others, they don't look friendly he said, they are carrying the banners of the reptilians.

These must be reinforcements loyal to the Citadel.

How far away are they? Fillippa asked.

They can be here in two hours Apo-Mayta said.

It was wise to watch our rear he said.


Fillippa turned to Dragoth, can you handle this?

How many? Dragoth asked.

A few hundred, Apo-Mayta said.

Dragoth nodded, I will take Furnach and see what we can do.

But this doesn't bode well, it means the Frogking has somehow sent for reinforcements.

We could be in bigger trouble!


The Frogking was filled with joy when he greeted the serpent's leader.

I will not forget the Serpent's Lord loyalty!

Tell me how you defeated the Paleskin Army!


The Serpent Officer looked a bit confused, Army? That was no army!

There were a few of their soldiers and one of their warmachines, they didn't stand a chance!

We killed all of them before they were fully aware of us!

Frankly my Lord, I wonder why you sent for us? You could have easily destroyed them yourself!


The Frogking turned pale green. A ruse! He yelled.

For too long I have been distracted with other matters!

I should have known!

Suddenly the King fell silent, closing his eyes for a moment.

After a few minutes he opened his eyes again.

Ah, yes! The human allies have come as well!

It is time!

We will now deal with the vermin at the other side of the city!

He turned to Cantor, send the Transmuthor and his creatures to Sssllthr!

Tell him what happened!


A few miles from there Mayor Uzcapalli personally led his forces.

Wait for it, he told his General, no need to hurry!

We might have an opportunity here!

Let's get a little closer and see how the battle goes, then we'll decide how to act!



Furnach took off with Draghor, from above they could see the approaching army.

A colourful sight of warriors carrying feathered banners and dressed in bright tunics.

Some were dressed as eagles, those were the elite, Draghor had learned that from Apo-Mayta.

He whispered in Furnach's ear and the dragon swooped down.


The Warriors marched on when suddenly a shadow fell over them.

Looking up they saw a huge flying creature, at first they thought it to be a flying Ancient One sent to greet them.

When a row of soldiers were engulfed in flames and died screaming, they realized their mistake.

A few dared to throw a spear at the monster, but those bounced off Furnach's thick scales.

Panicking they ran in all directions.


A few reached the trees where they were met with Apo-Mayta's troops.

Others ran back to where they came from.

Furnach made another attack dive and the foul stench of burning flesh filled the air.

Draghor made Furnach hunt down the remaining warriors, most were killed by dragonfire.

One group of Eagle Warriors had made it to the trees and a brutal fight with Apo- Mayta's men followed.

When it seemed the Eagle Warriors got the upper hand, Nahuatl suddenly attacked them from the side with her Raptor Cavalry.

Quickly they dispatched of the remaining enemies.


Ssllthrr stood at the ramparts and saw the large flying creature swooping down, smoke emerged from the distance.

He could smell the burning of men.

So much for softskin troops, he thought.

The Transmuthor joined him, the King sent me he said.

It is up to us now! The other army is defeated!


Ssllthrr's eyes lit up, ssssoo we can attack now?

Yes my friend the main gates are safe.

Let's crush those softskins!


Fillippa's joy upon seeing the defeat of the enemy warriors, didn't last long.

He heard the gates open, he turned to look at what was happening.

Seeing the horde emerging from the gates turned him pale.

We're doomed he thought.















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What is an army without a banner to flock to or a drum to march to?

The grunts need a leader, an Officer or a seasoned NCO.


Here we are Reaper Lizardman Command sculpted by Ben Siens.

There were two duplicates ( leader and banner) I will save those for another unit.

These three will become a command group for the first colourful unit of lizardman.

They will fit in with the spearmen and the Tyrant I already painted before.


Wut? Yes I'm painting other stuff as well.

It is perfectly normal to start more projects while you haven't finished others yet!

Ask anyone!






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More storytelling.




All Hail the Queen!


Neith marched her army through the jungle, they were rather close to the shore, making sure the reptilians wouldn't notice them.

She didn't want to draw attention yet.

Her army grew with every step she took, the lower creatures of the jungle were drawn to her and fell under her control.

Looking over her shoulder she smiled upon seeing her horde.


Countless small insects flew and ran all over the place. These were quite harmless, but they could still serve as eyes and ears and some species could still harass an enemy.

The larger creatures were more of use in a real battle, she thought.

Spiders, ants and beetles the size of dogs made up the majority of the force, flanked by enormous scorpions and beetles they were already an impressive sight.

Creatures from the sea had also followed her, huge crabs and lobsters and some stranger creatures she didn't even know what to call, followed her.

Giant worms emerged from the ground every now and then as if to let her know they were still there.

A dragonfly the size of an eagle swooped over her head.


Neith laughed, she would march on, create a huge force and then! Ooohh then!

They would all fall, she thought, both reptilians and softskins would be defeated and she would rule over the jungle.

She would have her peace!

No creature would ever dare to disturb her after this!

But first she would have to find a base, a place were she could rest and draw more and more creatures to her army.

And the army needed food.

She was pleased when she noticed smoke rising to the sky.

A few of the faster flies flew forward and sent her a mental image of what they saw.


There was a fishing village at the shore.

Neith turned her army and marched on in the direction of the village.

After a few hours she had reached the edge of the jungle again and from between the trees she watched the peaceful village for a while.


A wooden wall surrounded a cluster of huts and wooden buildings, men and women were just busy unloading a fishing boat that had returned.

It was a medium sized wooden boat and it seemed they had done well, nets full of fish were distributed among the villagers.

Some children played in the streets and a few women had foraged for fruits and were now busy preparing for dinner.

The sun was already setting, Neith stared at the human settlement.

This would do for now, she thought.


One of the giant scorpions clicked it's claws in anticipation.

Neith closed her eyes for a second, then she reached out with her mind, as one, the creatures moved forward.

A child was the first to notice the horde of insect like creatures emerging from the jungle.

She cried in fear and ran to the village to warn the adults.

Her mother heard her cries for help, recognizing the voice of her daughter, she called out to the others.

A few me n ran forward to see what was frightening the girl, they opened the gate, the mother grabbed her child to take her inside.

The men quickly closed the gate after her, but they had seen what was coming and they knew the walls would not be enough.


They yelled to the others to run for the boats, other men had seen the horde from the walls and they to started yelling: TO THE BOATS! FLEE!

The Captain of the fishingboat didn't understand what was going on, suddenly people ran for his and the other boats.

Some were mere canoes and small rafts, but there were two more fishing boats like his.

The entire village seemed to want to get aboard.


At first the Captain protested, but one of the younger men grabbed him by his shoulder and pointed at the walls, LOOK YOU FOOL!

We need to sail away as soon as possible! We can't fight THAT!

The Captain looked in the indicated direction, his face turned white and he started to shout orders to the crew.

But he knew in his heart this would be futile.

The Captain  prayed to his gods when a giant praying mantis leaped on deck.

A few moments later the deck was filled with blood and limbs.


A huge swarm of wasps, bees, flies and other small insects attacked, people tried to run to the water and reach the boats, some were engulfed in a cloud of insects and they screamed in agony when the bugs stung and bit them.

Then the horde had reached the walls, the beetles, ants and spiders easily crawled over the walls devouring all in their path.

Some people were lucky they had reached the rafts and smaller boats, peddling as fast as the could, they got away to the sea.

Suddenly a huge wormlike creature emerged from the ground and started lashing out to the running villagers, a few were devoured, others ran in terror to the boats.


Huge scorpions and spiders reached the boats and a massacre followed.

Neith decided to let her creatures feed on the villagers.

Some spiders took prisoners to preserve them in webbing for later.

She saw some canoes and rafts on the sea, the bigger boats didn't make it, the insects had reached them before they could set sail.

For a moment she contemplated to let those few humans flee, but then she decided they could warn others of her presence.


A silent command was given, the survivors on the rafts and in the smaller boats suddenly saw the water around them bubbling.

Huge Crabs and Lobsterlike creatures emerged from the water and dragged the poor humans into the sea.

A huge dragonfly swooped over a rafs and picked another man up, when taking off, it bit off his head and dropped the headless body into the water.

The remaining villagers screamed and tried to flee, one jumped overboard and tried to swim away, but he too was dragged down by something from beneath the waves.

A few more moments, and then all fell quiet, none of the villagers had survived the brutal attack.


Neith looked around, her army feasted on both the nets filled with fish and the human remains that were littered around the village and boats now.

Smaller insects enjoyed the fruits that the villagers had collected earlier.

Yes, she thought, this will do for now!

Here she would rebuild her army and when it was powerful enough she would attack the Citadel itself!











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12 hours ago, Rigel said:

Feather conversions are looking good! Hooray palaeontological verisimilitude!


Thank you!

Most of my dinos are oldschool style, but for these I really wanted to have feathered ones.

Also looking forward to next year, andulivean miniatures has a KS and I will get two gorgonopsids from them.

Finally some decent pre-dinosaur age monsters!

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13 hours ago, zoroaster100 said:

I really like the color choices and especially the patterns you are creating on the scales of these models.


Thank you!

I usually look at pics of real reptiles and birds and steal ideas from Nature.

Nature is the best painter after all.

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Storytime again.




Lost and Found.


Achik had been moving as fast as she could while remaining out of sight of the enemy.

She needed to warn Firebeard and the others, the Expedition had left and they were on their own against the Citadel's migth!

If only she could be in time, but the journey took a few days, she feared she would be too late.

She hoped her friends were safe.


At one point she had to hide for a reptilian patrol, it took valuable time before she could move on again.

Cursing the lizards she ran as fast as she could.

Finally, she reached the position were the Rebel Army was.

Or....were it should have been!


She hid behind a tree and viewed the scene.

The army had dug trenches which had been filled with wood, these were all burned.

That meant the enemy had attacked and Firebeard had deemed it necessary to ignite the trenches in order to harass the enemy and keep them at bay.

But then what?


She looked at the Citadel, the gates were closed, there was little movement on the ramparts, a few guards seemed to be stationed there, but that was it.

Carefully she made her way closer to the area where the army had been when she left them.

There was a blackened cadaver of a ancient flyer, this must have been Furnach's work, she thought, another dead flyer was riddled with arrows.

A few weapons and some equipment told Achik that there had been casualties on their side as well.

The reptilians must have taken the bodies as is their custom, but were they alive or dead when the reptilians took them with them?


A shiver went through her spine when she saw the dismembered body of the goatman blacksmith, he had been ripped in two by a monster from the look of it.

His body so mangled that the reptilians had not even bothered to take it with them for food.

Suppressing her tears, she walked further, reading the tracks she could see, she figured the army had retreated to the jungle.

The enemy had won!

But who survived? Where did they go?


She stumbled upon the remains of a human native force, almost all were burned to death, again Furnach must have killed these. she thought.

This human army had been at the back of the rebel army, they had been caught between two armies?

Anyway, from the look of it, these were all defeated.

She looked at the Citadel again, nobody had seen her...yet... she thought.


She tried to read the tracks she could find and she noticed several groups had fled in different directions.

It must have been chaos, but where would they meet up again?

The Dungeon Caves!

Of course! Everybody would return to the caves, right?

How could she be so stupid!


Achik looked at the sky, soon it would be dark, under cover of the night she would make her way back to the caves and meet up with the remainder of the army!

Then she would know who had survived and what happened.

She was at least thankful she hadn't seen any equipment belonging to Leon, she prayed that he was safe.


Night fell, and Achik went on her way.

She moved silently avoiding predators and after a while she reached the caves.

That's strange! The door was open and there was nobody to guard it?

Achik drew her knife and stepped inside.


She slowly made her way through the hallway and entered the main cave, nobody was there!

Achik looked around, confused, Alsnia! They had left Alsnia here with a few guards and the other two dragons!

Where were they?


She ran to Alsnia's chambers and opened the door, nobody!

Suddenly she heard a noise and she turned around her knife ready.

Is that how you great me these days? Leon smiled.



Achik hugged him and cried tears of joy, she looked over his shoulder and saw the others walking into the caves.

Apo-Mayta! Xolotl!

They had just entered the caves after her, somehow she had returned before them.

Mitla ran to her, Achik! You're alive! How good to see you!

What happened? Achik asked.

We will tell you all about it, Leon said, we were attacked by the reptilians and had to flee, some didn't make it, he said.


A little later the leaders got together in the main room.

So! Fillippa said with a stern face, that will teach us to ever trust my people again!

Who didn't make it?

Leon took of his helmet, Capa Hircus, the Blacksmith was killed by two flyers, they tore him in half he said, lowering his head.

Silirius the fishman tried to save him but was killed as well, Apo-Mayta recalled and I lost at least ten good men!

Yupanqui and Chasca didn't make it either, Nahuatl said in tears.


Draghor walked in, Furnach is outside, he said, but something is wrong! We can't find his two brothers!

The other dragons had been left here to guard the caves and keep Alsnia safe and they are gone!


Fillippa looked at Draghor with a puzzled look, and Alsnia?

Has anybody seen her?

They all looked at each other, Mitla turned pale, Oh no! What if they found her?

The Orb! What about the Orb of Tanith?

Xolotl looked at his friends, well? What are we waiting for? Everybody start looking for her! NOW!


They looked in all chambers and known caves, but Alsnia and the Orb were gone.

The dragons must have gone with her or after her, Draghor said.

Something has happened here during our absence!


Achik had returned to Alsnia's chambers to look for clues.

Mitla joined her, anything? She asked.

I don't know, Achik said, but there is a faint smell here, something strange...

Mitla sniffed, I can't smell anything strange she said.

Achik shook her head, yes I can, it smells like death!


You mean Alsnia is dead? Mitla asked shocked.

No, I mean it smells like death in here, a strange smell as if something rotten has been here, Achik said.

I can't explain!


They returned to the others, Fillippa was worried.

Right! He said, we have lost a battle! We have lost some of our friends!

Let's make sure we don't lose Alsnia, we need to find her!

Achik! Maybe it is difficult to find tracks but please do all you can and try to find her!

Draghor! Maybe Furnach can fly out and find his brothers? I got a feeling they are either with Alsnia or trying to find her as well.

Achik nodded, I will try! And I will talk to Furnach, Draghor said.


We must find her! Xolotl said, the Orb of Tanith is too powerful to fall into the hands of the enemy!

Mitla joined Achik, we need to form a search party, I will join Achik!

Talpa raised his hand, I will go as well.

Me too! Leon shouted.

Fillippa nodded, I will go with you as well, we will take Mon-Ark and Draghor will take Furnach.

Together we will find her!


He turned to Xolotl, you will stay here my friend with the rest of the army, make sure everybody rests well and keep the spirit up.

We will return with Alsnia, and we will find a way to defeat the reptilians!


The next morning two groups left the caves.

Fillippa and Mitla rode out on Mon-Ark while Achik and Leon walked besides them, Draghor and Talpa took off on Furnach's back.

Xolotl waved at them till they were out of sight.





Alsnia opened her eyes, the earth beneath her was moving it seemed.

Wait! It was moving!

She realized her hands were bound behind her back, she struggled to get up.


Easy girl! A voice told her.

Just lay still or you will fall off the horse!

You just behave and come with me, I promise you nobody will hurt you!


Alsnia turned her head a little and looked at the stranger's face, it was hidden under a hat and she couldn't see much.

Who are you?

Captain Aguilera! Pleased to meet you!









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