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Lost World Project Glitterwolf Paints Coldblooded Creatures and Conquistadores

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The story continues.




The Frogking was satisfied, the battle had been a total victory for the Empire!
After the Serpent Lord’s troops had eliminated the remaining paleskins it was clear that they no longer posed a threat.
Sssllthr then launched an attack on the Rebel Army at the South Gate and send them running.
Unfortunately the human reinforcements were destroyed by the rebels before that, but those were expandable anyway.

Most of the rebels escaped, but the Frogking was content for now, it would take a long time before they would dare to raise their hands at the Empire again!

He looked at his officers before him, General Cantor Testudo, Sssllthr the Royal Assassin and the Serpent Lord’s officer, the Transmuthor stood at the King’s side.
We will hold a celebration and each of you will be given a reward the King spoke.
I will also send gifts to the Serpent Lord and we will compensate the loyal human village for it’s loss.


At that moment Mayor Uzcapalli walked in with his officers, am I too late?
Where is the enemy?
The Frogking turned a tad reddish, a little annoyed he addressed the newcomer.
Yes you are too late, the enemy has fled, however I appreciate the effort, the King said in a sarcastic tone.

Uzcapalli bowed to the King.
Always at your service My Liege!
Maybe we can be of help in another way.


The King ignored him and turned his attention to the others.
As I said, a celebration will be held.
Tomorrow and the next three days a feast will be held.
At the last day at Noon we will sacrifice the prisoners we took!


Sssllthr nodded, of course Your Majesty!
But shouldn’t we pursue the enemy?
They fled, but maybe we can track them down and finish them for once and for all!

The King shook his head, no my eager friend, they’re not a real threat at this time.
I do want to get rid of the real problem though!
There is still the matter of an army of Paleskins roaming our lands.
They have withdrawn but the fact that they left a small force to pretend to besiege us, means they intend to return.

I want them to be found and destroyed.

He turned his attention to Mayor Uzcapalli, this might be a nice mission for your troops since you are so eager to assist us, he said.
Uzcapalli had no choice than to agree.
Of course My Liege!
We will be happy to assist!

I’m sure you are, the King replied.
But no worries, you won’t be facing them alone!
He looked at his left where the Transmuthor stood, he and his creatures will accompany you!
As will Sssllthr!


Uzcapalli bowed, burning with anger.
This was not how he had imagined this.
But he knew he was playing a dangerous game.

The Frogking sensing his anger, smiled faintly, but for now we will celebrate.
Most of the rebels fled, we killed a few, but the prisoners will be sacrificed to the Living Lizard God!


In a dark cell Chasca looked at Yupanqui.
How are we going to get out of this?
Yupanqui lowered his head, I’m sorry my love, but we’re all alone here.
I doubt our friends know that we’re still alive, I fear it’s the altar for us!



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Can’t paint at work, but during lunch I could continue the story.



The Colonel and the Buccaneer.


Colonel Hernando Alvarez looked through his spyglass at the fleet.
He had kept his army out of range of the ship’s cannons to be sure.
The good news was that all the ships had reunited, the bad news of course, that Gonzales
had shown his true colours and allied himself with the pirate Captain James Alday and turning the expedition fleet into a pirate fleet.


He bit his lip in anger when he noticed how all ships now carried a black flag.
If only he had trusted his instincts, he had despised Gonzales from the start!
Now they were stuck with a dilemma, to get back to Turtle Island they would need the ships.
The pirates would want the gold for themselves of course, providing they would ever get said gold, he thought.


He lowered his spyglass and turned to Rosetta Salazar, daughter of the Vizconde of Turtle Island and lover of the pirate Captain James Alday.
So, do you really think you can persuade them to negotiate?
Rosetta nodded, I’m pretty sure I can get James to be reasonable, and then we would have to take things from there.


Alvarez gave her a letter, here, this is my proposal, if you can get those fools to see reason we will still all be rich in the end.
If not, we will end up killing each other over gold we don’t even have yet!
Rosetta accepted the letter, now give me a white flag she said.


Tomas gave her a white flag and said, I’ll be coming with you!
I’m pretty sure some of the Barracuda’s crew will still be loyal to me.
If I get a chance to speak with some of them I might be able to get them on our side again.
Alvarez agreed.


He looked on in anticipation when Rosetta and Tomas walked to the beach holding the white flag.

Gonzales and his fellow commanders had just joined each other to discuss their next move when they were disturbed by the cries from the crow’s nest.
They noticed the white flag, now what?
We might as well hear them out, Old Nedd suggested, we need to find a way to get the gold, right?
Cerdo, James and Gonzales agreed, Toni hesitated, what if it’s a trap?
I doubt two men can do much, James replied.


Tomas looked around and his gaze fell upon Cerdo, the First Mate of his Barracuda, now a pirate Captain?
He couldn’t believe it!

Let’s go into my cabin, Gonzales said, You mean MY CABIN! Tomas replied.
Easy now! James said, things change dear Captain, better accept it or swim back!
Tomas turned red from anger but he understood he was helpless now.


They entered the cabin and sat around the Captain’s table.
A sailor brought some rum and Rosetta showed them the letter Alvarez had given her.
One by one the pirate leaders read it.
Toni was the last to read it and when done he put it on the table and drank his rum.
They looked at each other.


Well? Rosetta asked.
What do you think?




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12 hours ago, KruleBear said:

I needed a smile and you and Malefactus provided it for mr today. Just got caught up and "like bombed" away. Great progress on the minis and the advancement of the story keeps me wanting more. 


Thanks for the comment.

Glad to contribute to a smile!


More story and painting will follow.

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A few small chapters to see what everybody is up to!




The Calling.


Neith stood in the centre of the fishing village she had conquered, although wiped out would be a better description.

Her insect and arachnid horde had left none alive, unless you counted the few unlucky villagers who were stored in spider's webbing, preserving them for later.

She had learned from her former defeat, she would not be careless and attack the Citadel or a large army before her's was at full strength.


Neith observed the creatures she had under her control now.

A few giant scorpions, a huge giant praying mantis, lots and lots of small beetles, wasps, bees, flies and a few giant dragonflies.

Spiders of several sizes ranging from tiny to monstrous, there were also worms, lobsters, crabs and other crawling sea creatures that had followed her.

It was a nice army already, but it was not enough.

She needed more!


Standing in the centre of the village she closed her eyes and meditated, then she reached out with her mind.

Her silent call spread through the jungle.

Slowly more and more of the lower creatures arrived.



Seek and Destroy


Mayor Uzcapalli marched out of the gate with his troops, the Transmuthor and his creatures followed.

Sssllthr watched them, before he could join them Cantor grabbed his arm and pulled him closer.

What is it old friend? Sssllthr asked, a bit surprised by this action of the normally rather calm General.


Before you go with them, Cantor whispered, beware of Uzcapalli!

I grew up in his city, the turtles are as loyal as every member of the Empire, but Uzcapalli is different.

He is very ambitious and would love to become ruler of the Empire one day!

Just be careful around him!

Sssllthr smiled, thank you my friend, but if Uzcapalli proves to be disloyal it is he who should be careful.

Cantor nodded knowing perfectly well what Sssllthr meant.


Sssllthr looked at the small army and shouted HALT!

Uzcapalli turned around and annoyed asked, what?

Sssllthr walked up to the Turtle leader, we need to find and destroy the enemy!

Your troops are too slow on foot!

We must get there faster!


Uzcapalli shrugged, so? what do you suggest?

Sssllthr turned to Cantor, can you spare us some transports my friend?

Of course! Cantor replied, he gave the order and a few moments later a column of Ancient Ones arrived.

They will bring us to the enemy fast! Sssllthr said.



Science and Greed.


Andres Segova stood on deck watching the seagulls flying.

The Captain joined him, in a few hours we will enter the harbour, one of my customers is a Nobleman I will introduce you to him.

He will be able to get you an audience with Her Majesty so you can plead for your expedition.


Andres thanked the Captain, I will not forget this!

I shall mention your name, maybe you can join the expedition if Her Majesty grants it!

The Captain smiled, very kind of you my friend but I have business in these regions and I think I will keep it that way.


Later that day Andres met with the Nobleman the Captain spoke of.

Hidalgo Alcudia, after talking to each other Hidalgo invited Andres to stay with him for a while.

I will get you settled here and then we shall find the right time to speak with Her Majesty.

I think you might have something here, he said.

New lands, that means riches and fortune!


Andres protested, it's about science!

There are many undiscovered species of animals there, we could learn so much!

Of course, of course Hidalgo said, but it is better to convince Her Majesty that these lands can be exploited for the benefit of Hispania and her own treasure.

You can explore and investigate whatever you want when you get there.





Tomas drank his rum while the pirate leaders were discussing the terms Alvarez had written.

He tried to make eye contact with Cerdo his former First Mate, Cerdo noticed and at one time nodded and smiled faintly.

The letter was passed on and every time one of the men would add something to the letter, altering one of the terms.

In the end Gonzales handed it over to Tomas.


Here! He said, this is our counter offer, you can give this back to the Colonel.

Tomas read the letter and the changes that were made.

I'm representing the Colonel here, he said.

I can see some reasonable points being made, but I see some difficulties also.

We need to discuss this further in order to come to an agreement!


Fine! Gonzales said, but not today!

It's getting late, we will have dinner and then we will all sleep on it.

Tomorrow we will meet again with a fresh mind!

You can stay here for the night!

Tomas swallowed his anger when Gonzales invited him to stay over on his own ship, thank you, he managed to say.


Rosetta whispered in James Aldays's ear, and me? Can I stay for the night? She giggled.

James laughed, stood up and took her hand to take her out of the cabin.

Dinner is in an hour! Toni said, and he and Gonzales left the cabin to get some air and no doubt discuss things in private.

Old Nedd walked out as well.


This left Tomas alone with Cerdo.

Could I speak with you? Tomas asked.

Cerdo nodded, of course Captain!

You still call me Captain? Tomas asked a bit angered.

Cerdo made gesture that Tomas had to be quiet.


Sir, I never betrayed you! He said in a soft voice, but they would have me killed if I showed my true colours!

They gave me command of the Jan Jose, my crew will follow me in either direction he said.

We need to wait for the right moment!

Tomas smiled and shook Cerdo''s hand, I'm so happy to hear that you're not one of them!

He leaned forward, now listen, here's what were gonna do!



Rescue Mission


Accacluna ran out of the cave, yelling at Fillippa, WAIT FOR ME!

Fillippa halted Mon-Ark and turned around.

You can't go without me!

I'm a follower of Tanith! If her Priestess is missing I will find her!


Of course, I should have asked you to come with us, Fillippa said.





Alsnia started sobbing, can you not untie me?

I promise I won't run away, please let me sit up straight!

What have I done to you? I'm not your enemy!


Cpt. Aguilera felt sorry for the girl, what was she? Fourteen, maybe sixteen years old?

He cut her ropes and set her up straight before him, sit still or you will fall off the horse he said.

She turned her head to look at her captor.

Why did you kidnap me?


I had to, Aguilera said. You have something my Lady needs.

Alsnia trembled, what might that be? She asked fearing the answer.

You are in possession of an Orb, an Orb which my Lady Tegwen needs.

Alsnia looked at the Captain, there was something strange about him, there was a faint unpleasant smell , it reminded her of decay.

The Captain wore his hat in a way that it covered his face, she had a bad feeling.


Why does your Lady needs that Orb?

Captain Aguilera was just about to answer her when Guayoto popped his head out of Aguilera's shirt.

Tegwen will explain that to you herself! he said!

You can talk! Alsnia said, looking at the ferret like creature.

Here we go again!  Guayoto said.



A cruel goodbye


Yupanqui looked out of the window of their cell, they're preparing for a celebration, he said to Chasca.

Chasca joined him, we will die, she said.

They have not captured us for nothing, they will sacrifice us to their gods.

Yupanqui held her in his arms, I know my love, I wished I could protect you.

There is a way, she spoke softly and reached into her tunic, she took out a small but sharp knife, which she had been able to hide, and gave it to Yupanqui,


Yupanqui turned pale, a cold feeling crept up his spine.

What do you want me to do with this? He asked.

Chasca kissed him, I want you to make love to me one more time, and then I want you to give me a quick death!

I do not want to die on that altar and get my heart ripped out to satisfy their gods.

Please, my love, she said in tears, do me this favour!


Yupanqui felt tears coming, but our friends? There might still be hope!

No my love! Chasca said, they fled the battle, I doubt they have seen what happened to us.

To them we're already dead!


Yupangui held her in his arms, one last act of love, one more time they joined, then when she fell asleep he took the knife and cut her throat in a swift move.

He cried when he held her lifeless body in his arms, at least she was spared the gruesome death on the altar.

All night he held her body, the sun rose and he stood up, carefully laying her body on the prison floor.

Turning to the window he took the knife and pointed it at his throat.


Suddenly the door was opened and a guard stepped in, quickly the guard grabbed his hand and took the knife from Yupanqui.

NO you don't ! The guard shouted.

Another guard stepped in, looking at the dead girl he hit Yupanqui over the head.

One less sacrifice! He grumbled.


He swung Yupanqui over his shoulder and brought him to the pyramid where the crowd had gathered to see the sacrifice.

The Frogking and his guests were seated in front of the altar.

Priests were performing the ritual before the sacrifice could take place.


The guard brought Yupanqui and the priests took him and washed him.

They covered his body in blue symbols and laid him on the altar.

Yupanqui woke up just in time to see an obsidian blade coming down a sharp pain in his chest almost made him lose consciousness again.

The last thing he saw was his still throbbing heart held high by the lizard priest, then all went black.




















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I will bore you guys with some more storytelling now.

Painting and building was limited to my Yeti for the challenge, no pics till it's done.




A new hope.


Xolotl and Apo-Mayta discussed their defeat, Nahuatl overheard them and joined in.

If Fillippa's people hadn't betrayed us we might have stood a chance, she said.

Apo-Mayta agreed, Fillippa didn't really trust them from the start, we should have known that he was right.

We were too eager, we were not ready for this!


We have lost good people, Apo-Mayta said, Chasca and Yupanqui never returned!

Nahuatl wiped a tear from her face, poor kids!

She looked at Xolotl for a reaction but the armadilloman's mind seemed to have wandered off.

What are you thinking about? She asked.


Xolotl apologized, I'm sorry, but I was thinking about something.

It might be a long shot, maybe foolish even to think about it.

Well? Apo-Mayta asked, what is it?


Xolotl sighed, we need to build a stronger army, we don't have enough fighters, we have only a few warbeasts and not enough power.

Even with the help of the dragons we lack brute force.

Apo-Mayta nodded, yes this is true, but what are we going to do about it?

Nahuatl will breed more Ancient Ones and we will search for more allies.

What else can we do?


Well....there might be a way, Xolotl said, but it might be a foolish undertaking.

It could be a legend and then we would only waste time and the journey itself is dangerous.

Nahuatl and Apo-Mayta both waited for Xolotl to explain what he was talking about.


And...Xolotl said, given the nature of this quest I want to wait until the others have returned from their rescue mission.

Mitla is the one we need for this!

She can control creatures with her mind and that might be the key to success.


Apo-Mayta looked at his friend, I'm sorry, he said, but you completely lost me there.

What creatures should Mitla control?


Wait, Xolotl said, he left the table and went into another room.

After a while he returned with a few scrolls.

He unfolded them and laid them on the table, there were writings in a language neither understood but there were drawings of some sort of animals.

Nahuatl looked at them and then she noticed it.


Are these drawings in scale? She whispered.

Apo-Mayta looked at them and then he understood the question, hey! These creatures are bigger than those Ancient Ones!

Yes, Xolotl nodded, and he pointed at one drawing.


Here we see one of the largest meat eating Ancient Ones he said, pointing at a monster on two legs with a huge mouth and small forelimbs.

They had seen these before, the Reptilians used them in battle and these were among the largest and most dangerous monsters they fielded.

Then Xolotl pointed at the creature next to it.

It was much bigger than the Ancient One and it looked even more primitive, huge teeth protruded from it's mouth, it sported a large sail on it's back.

Then he showed more drawings, another creature, it reminded them somewhat of a jaguar, but this one was immense and it had huge swordlike teeth.


What are those? Nahuatl asked.

Elder Beasts! Xolotl said.

According to legend these beasts were here before the Ancient Ones, before men and before the Reptilians!

They went extinct eons ago.


Apo-Mata sighed, extinct, so what good will that do us then?

Xolotl smiled.

These scrolls tell of a legend, he said, about a place where these monsters still roam.

A place were even the Reptilians don't go.

If, and I mean IF there is truth to this tale, than there might still be a few of these monsters out there!


Nahuatl got excited, and if we find them and Mitla could control a few of these...

We will have our brute force! Apo-Mayta finished her sentence.

Xolotl nodded, IF they are really out there, but I believe it is worth a try.


Now all we need to do is wait till the others return.

In the meanwhile we will study these scrolls and figure out where they are supposed to be.

We need someone who can read this, Nahuatl said.

Xolotl looked a bit surprised, you can't read this then? Ah! He smiled, I forgot, this is my people's language.

I can read it just fine, I didn't realize you couldn't, silly old me...


Teach us, we will study the scroll together then, Nahuatl said.

Why not? Xolotl said, we will have to wait for Mitla to return anyway.

I doubt that one of these beasts would come willingly, we need her.

Let me get the rest of the scrolls he said and then we will start.


Filled with new hope they agreed.





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9 hours ago, Rigel said:


I love these primitive sabertoothed bastards! And from the story it sounds like we might be exploiting scale differences for fun and profit! Do Schleich and their competitors make therapsid toys?!


I will use some artistic freedom to use scale differences. The Permian Animals will be bigger than the Dinosaurs in my world.

As for where I will get them.


Dimetrodon, I got a huge one from Schleich which I will repaint.

A Smaller one from Ral Partha from a BOGW, but there were different species anyway so that will be ok.


Gorgonopsids, Andulivean Miniatures has a Kickstarter with Undead Conquistadores, strangely these didn't appeal to me, BUT!

They have an add on with two large Gorgonopsids and they will send me an email by the time they will fullfill the KS and I can get them then.


And Yes Papo and Schleich have some Gorgonopsids and a Scutosaurus and stuff like that.




Not sure if I can find those though.

Anyway, it will take time, but things will go even more primitive.


Did I mention i also have a large Lizardmen army in Aztec style coming up also from a KS?

Plus Lost Valley and Fan Favorite pack from Reaper Bones IV.

The Lost World will get more critters!


I hope I don't bore you all with the stories, I like to keep the story going as a background, it helps me to envision what to paint and build.


As a side project, I will also paint prehistoric mammals and humans in my Horde of the North Project.

They will meet barbarians, wolves and yetis as well.


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A little question.


There are only a few models/minis/toys of reasonable size/price out there for Permian, Cambrian and Devonian Creatures.

If you spot something, tell me.

Keep the forum rules in mind, no commercial links, but point the way or PM me.


I'm especially interested in:











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