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Lost World Project Glitterwolf Paints Coldblooded Creatures and Conquistadores

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Right after all this painting and the photoshoots it is now time for some more storytelling.




For The Lord, Her Majesty and Science.


Hidalgo Alcudia had offered Andres Segovia to stay with him as long as he needed.

During his stay Andres and Hidalgo had become close friends, Hidalgo had introduced Andres to the nobility and slowly worked towards getting him an audience with Her Majesty.

Andres was very happy in the Capitol and what was more, he had fallen in love with Hidalgo's sister Esmeralda.

Esmeralda was a beautiful and smart woman, Hidalgo was excited when he found out that his friend and his sister loved each other.


After a few months Hidalgo came home with a huge smile on his face, Andres! He shouted, it has happened!

Andres rose to his feet, you mean?

Yes! The Queen will grant us an audience!

They grabbed each other's arms and danced around the room , Esmeralda walked in to see what the commotion was all about.

The men grabbed her and before she knew it she was part of their silly dance.

She burst out in laughter, please stop! Tell me what is going on!


Hidalgo explained, they were about to meet the Queen.

You will come as well he told Esmeralda.

When? Andres asked.

In three days my friend, so let's prepare our speech!

We need to convince her, we only have one opportunity!


Three days later they were brought before the Queen.

First Andres told the Queen about the new lands on the other side of the ocean,he pointed out what great discoveries awaited them there.

When he saw that the Queen started to lose interest, Hidalgo interrupted him and pointed out the riches to be found, and the prospect of new territory.

With renewed interest the Queen started to ask questions, Hidalgo, Esmeralda and Andres answered these in turns.

Her Majesty waved to an imposing man, clearly one of her advisors.


The Queen and her advisor whispered and then she turned to Hidalgo.

In these difficult times, the Empire can't afford a huge expedition.

Andres felt his heart turn cold upon hearing those words, but then the Queen continued.

However, this could bring immense riches and new lands which we sorely need.

So! We will send out a modest fleet of five ships and you will lead the expedition Hidalgo Alcudia!


She waved him away, Admiral Amaro Pargo will discuss further details with you!

They bowed and left the Throneroom, Admiral Pargo joined them and led them into another room.

There they all sat down at a large table.

Andres leaned over to Hidalgo who was sitting next to him, The Queen made you leader, I hardly got the chance to talk about the possible discoveries!

Hidalgo reassured him, fear not my friend!

You will go with us of course! You will be in charge of the scientific part of the expedition, just understand that Her Majesty is more interested in the lands and riches.


The Admiral got their attention by clearing his throath. Gentlemen! My congratulations!

Let's make sure this will be a success for Hispania!

Now we will have to wait a little for our next guest who will be part of this as well.


Andres was just about to ask who the Admiral was talking about when the door swung open.

The Admiral rose to his feet and walked to the door to greet the newcomer, he bowed his head and kissed the ring on the hand of the Inquisitor.

Gentlemen, may I introduce you to His Eminence Diego de Diaz.

He will make sure that the word of the Lord is spread into the heathen lands we're about to conquer!

A servant brought a pitcher of wine and the men discussed their plans.


Esmeralda had left the room as she would not be going with them.

Walking through the Palace Gardens she thought about it all.

She was happy for her brother and lover, but she was also scared.

Such a journey was not without danger!

Startled she jumped back as something brushed her feet, looking down a small lizard ran away.

Somehow this chilled her to the bone.


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The story continues


Negotiations, Opportunities and Unexpected Visitors.


Gonzales sat at his desk in the Captain’s cabin, Toni sat on the other side of the desk.
It was early in the morning, but neither had been able to sleep.
I wonder, Rodrigo Gonzales said, I might have made a mistake.

Toni tilted his head, Captain?

Gonzales continued, we did unite the fleet, we now have control of all the ships.
However we’re spread thin, with all the pirates and loyal crew we can barely man all the ships. If we should have a fight it would not even be possible to man all the guns.
Toni nodded in agreement.
I assume you already have an idea to solve the problem?

Gonzales smiled, you know me well my friend!
Toni shrugged, I have been at your side for almost two decades now, I know you alright!
So, what’s the idea?


I hope you won’t be offended my friend, Gonzales said, you have always been my First Mate and my advisor,and might I add, my friend. Maybe the only man I truly trust.
Toni nodded, I consider you my friend as well Captain. Now why would I be offended?
Rodrigo stared into his friend’s eyes, because I made you Captain of the Mule and I’m about to ask you to give it up.


Toni blinked, why?
You see, Gonzales said, it’s like I said, we’re spread thin.
The Barracuda is a Man’ o War. She’s the main battleship, but I lack the crew to properly run her.
So, I was thinking, the Mule is a cargo ship, only meant to transport the troops and the treasure. My intention is to transfer her crew to the Barracuda, you will be my First Mate again and we will tow the cargo ship when we leave here with the treasure.
After we get home we will both be rich and you can choose what to do then.
So? What do you say?


Toni thought about it.
You do have a point, he said.
I think there is something brewing, I don’t trust Rosetta, she and James are in love, but she is a negotiator for Alvarez now.
What is she telling James while she whispers sweet things in his ears?
And how many of these sailors are really loyal to us?
Have you seen the looks Tomas got when he arrived?
I’m sure some of them are still loyal to him and that Inquisitor!


Gonzales stroke his beard, the more reason to execute our plan quickly!
Toni stood up, I will make the arrangements immediately!
You will stall the negotiations long enough and I will transfer the men and we will hook up the Mule to the Barracuda!

Gonzales shook Toni’s hand. Thank you my friend, I’m glad you see it my way!
I always did Captain, Toni said and left the cabin.


James woke up and looked at Rosetta sleeping next to him.
He couldn’t believe she made it back after being captured.
She had told him how she had escaped, he felt proud of her but something was nagging him.
Of course he understood that she had to team up with Alvarez and De Torquemada, but still.
Rosetta had made him an offer on their behalf last night.
Could he trust the Colonel? The same man that hunted down his crew?
Should he tell Gonzales or should he take the offer?

He stared at the ceiling listening to Rosetta’s breathing.
She was the Vizconde’s daughter, taking the offer could rehabilitate him, paving the way for a future with Rosetta.
On the other hand, she could choose the pirate life and just stay with him.
He felt her warm body against his, what kind of life would they have?
Weighing the options he looked at her face once more.
He sighed, he knew what had to be done.


Captain Cerdo of the Jan Jose, the former First Mate of the Barracuda, stood on deck.
He looked at the Barracadu in front of him, Tomas de Torquemada’s words raced through his mind.
Things were already set in motion, Cerdo had carefully selected his men, slowly, unnoticed by the other ships the Jan Jose turned and instead of facing the Barracuda he brought her alongside.
With a lump in his throat he looked at the Flying Kraken, what would she do?


Colonel Alvarez had woken up early this morning, he was looking through his spyglass at the fleet. Noticing the subtle change of position of the Jan Jose, a faint smile appeared on his face.
Rubbing the sleep from his eyes Inquisitor Luis Mercador Escolana joined him.
Any news yet from our negotiators, Colonel?
Without putting the spyglass down, Hernando Alvarez said, not yet, but things are in motion.
Better wake up the men, it might not take long before we need them.


At the edge of the jungle the Ancient Ones stopped.
Sssllthr signaled to Mayor Uzcapalli that the troops should dismount.
The Ancient Ones will wait for us here, he said, these are mere transports of little use in a fight.
He turned to the Transmuthor, is there a fast creature among your creations?
The Transmuthor nodded, his tentacles flailing about, yes, sure, why?
I want to send His Majesty a message, Sssllthr said, the city of Uxmall is abandoned, he should send a garrison to reclaim it!
The Transmuthor looked at his troops, he pointed at a small creature, this one can run fast, he said.
Sssllthr gave it the message and send the creature on it’s way.


He turned to Mayor Uzcapalli, and now for these paleskins, he said.
They looked at the army from the safety of the jungle, those humans hadn’t even heard them coming.
Bonita suddenly got excited, look!
The ships!!!
They followed her gaze and indeed, at the beach they saw the huge wooden ships that had brought the paleskins to their lands.

We need to do something about those Sssllthr grumbled. They have heavy weapons that can reach far! We need to take them out before we attack the army.
Mayor Uzcapalli nodded, I have just the troops for that he said.
He gave an order to one of his officers and a group of terrapin warriors stepped forward.
These were clearly amphibian creatures, and what was more there was a group of newtmen as well.

Here is what you will do, Uzcapalli told his troops.






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More story till I have time to paint again..





Dead man talking.


Alsnia sat in the saddle in front of Cpt. Aguilera, they had been riding for a few days now and she almost fainted from thirst and hunger.

She looked over her shoulder at the Captain, please, can we stop for a while?

I need water! I can't go on like this!

Aguilera looked at the young girl before him, she was in tears and he felt sorry for her.


Alright! he said, We will take a rest, my apologies, I have little need for food or rest myself these days, I suppose I should have known.

He halted his horse and Guayoto, who was sleeping inside his tunic, woke up.

What are we doing? The Ferret Familiar asked.

We will rest for a while, Aguilera said, our guest is hungry, maybe you could go hunt some small game for her to eat?

Guayoto looked at Alsnia with his beady eyes, Hrmph! Alright then, let's make this quick!

He jumped out of Aguilera's tunic and ran off into the jungle.


Aguilera started a small fire to cook whatever Guayoto would bring back for Alsnia.

Just sit here, he said, don't run away!

Alsnia sat on a fallen tree, she looked at the Captain, there was something not right about him.

His face was obscured by his large hat, there was that faint smell of decay.

They waited for Guayoto.


Can you tell me again what you want from me? She asked.

Aguilera sat down, Keeping his face hidden under his large hat, I need that orb you have.

My Lady needs it, he added.

Your Lady? Alsnia asked.

Yes, I have been sent on a quest to retrieve that orb, she needs it to perform a ritual.


And when she has performed that ritual? What will happen to me? Alsnia asked.

Aguilera shrugged, I haven't really given it that much thought he admitted.

I suppose you will be free to go then.

He wondered, maybe we can even give you that orb back after you have helped my Lady.

We are not evil you know, we just need to use it.


Alsnia almost laughed, NOT EVIL? You break into my room, you kidnap me and you want to steal what is mine!

Aguilera apologized again, we're in a hurry, he said. And I didn't know if you were willing to help us, you would be afraid of us and judge us!

You would not have come willingly! I'm sorry for it all, but I saw no other way!


And why would I have been afraid? Alsnia asked, why would I judge you?

If you would have come to ask for my help, I might just have!

So why would I not have helped you?


Captain Aguilera shoved his hat to the back of his head, because of this! He said, revealing his face.

Alsnia stared into the pale face, his eyes had an eerie glow and his skin was wrinkled almost as if...

Suddenly she understood, you're not alive! She said shocked.

I Am! Aguilera said, well, at least sort of..

See? You would never have helped the likes of me, my own people will burn me on sight for who I am now!


 A rustling sound from the jungle made them look, Guayoto must have returned Aguilera said.

Let's see what he brought for dinner, he stood up and walked to a bush when suddenly a spear was pointed at his chest.

I don't think so! Acclacuna said.


Alsnia jumped up, you found me!

Achik and Leon stepped forward and a large shadow behind them roared, Aguilera looked in awe at the largest reptilian creature he had seen.

Easy Mon-Ark! Fillippa said. It is alright!

He and Mitla dismounted, so! What do we have here?


Aguilera raised his hands to surrender. Please! I mean no harm!

A shadow fell over them and looking up he saw the dragons, three of them and on the largest one's back there was a dragonlike man!

We got this! Fillippa shouted at Draghor.

Draghor waved and a few moments later Furnach and his brothers turned around and left.

They would return to the caves now that they were no longer needed here.


Sit down! Fillippa commanded, Aguilera sat down, the others surrounded him.

Now! I demand an explanation, Fillippa said.

Be careful! Alsnia said, there is a small creature out there, it is a magical being, looks like a ferret, it belongs to him!


You mean this? Achik asked while holding Guayoto, her hand wrapped around his neck, she held him aloft.

Don't hurt him! Aguilera shouted.

Acclacuna pointed her spear at him again, quiet you!

You'll regret this! Guayoto managed to say.


Fillippa took a closer look at the Captain, you look like a Spanish Noble, he said.

Aguilera stood up, took of his hat and bowed, Captain Aguilera of Her Majesty's Mule, he said.

Fillippa and his friends looked at the dead face in astonishment.

You're...you're dead? Leon drew a pistol and pointed it at the undead man before him.

Wait! Mitla shouted.

We need to know why he took Alsnia first.


Aguilera sat down again, he seemed upset. I didn't mean to do any harm he said.

I was a man like you he said to Fillippa. This is all a bad dream!

One day I woke up like this, she saved me!

She only needs that orb the girl has, she needs to use it and then nobody would be hurt, he said.


Mitla looked at Aguilera, It seems I can read him, she said.

You can? Fillippa asked, I thought you could only read animals?

Maybe being dead makes it easier, she said, but I can tell you he really doesn't want to hurt any of us, if anything he is sad!

Achik loosened her grip on Guayoto, so they're not evil??


They all sat around in a circle around the fire.

Now tell me your story, Fillippa said to Aguilera.

Aguilera told them everything, from the moment he joined the expedition till the present.


They listened to the Captain's story and in doing so they didn't pay much attention to the little ferret.

When the Captain told them about his resurrection and his meeting with Tegwen the friends were shocked.

So, you're vampires? Fillippa asked, but how can a vampire not be evil?

Leon agreed, we should kill him now, he's a monster!


He stood up pointing his pistol at Aguilera again, Acclacuna raised her spear.

WAIT! Mitla shouted.

Suddenly Alsnia screamed IT'S GONE!!!!

They turned around to look at her, what is?


THE ORB! She cried, I had it here, besides me, and now it's gone!

And so is that ferret, Achik said.

It' s gone! I can't read it's mind , Mitla said.

I told you it was a magical thing, Alsnia said, who knows what it can do?

Maybe it just disappeared from here!

Fillippa stayed Leon's hand, not yet! We need him now!


Aguilera shrugged, what would you want with me?

You need to help us get the orb back, Fillippa said, after all, you know where your Lady lives, right?

We will go back to our headquarters and there we will decide how to handle this, he said.

Until then, nobody will harm you!

However, should you attempt to flee or harm any of us, we will destroy you!


Aguilera nodded, I understand he said, I will comply!

Good, Fillippa said.


Can we have something to eat now please? Alsnia asked, I can't go on much longer.

Alright, we should get our strength up before heading back anyway, Fillippa said.

Mitla took some provisions from Mon-Ark's saddlebags and they all sat down again.

For a moment they were silent, eating and drinking.


Do you mind if I drink something as well? Aguilera asked.

They all stopped eating and looked at the Captain, so eeehhh...what do you drink? Leon asked.

Aguilera procured a small flask from his tunic, nothing special he said.

He took a few sips from the flask filled with blood, licking a small drop from his lips, he put the flask away again.


The friends looked in awe when his face started to look fresh and young again, his hair suddenly looked alive and his skin was no longer wrinkled.

Instead of the eerie glowing eyes, two brown eyes looked back at them.

I'm ready to go, Aguilera said.











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9 hours ago, vegascat said:

Sorry that I haven't been able to check in often, things have...been afoot.  I'm still loving your stories and the models!  I'm curious to see what becomes of my favorite undead captain.


Thanks for visiting!

Feel free to drop by anytime.


I'm as curious as you are about the Captain's fate!

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