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Lost World Project Glitterwolf Paints Coldblooded Creatures and Conquistadores

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It has been a while, so let’s continue the story.

What is everybody up to?

A glorious journey awaits!

Esmeralda waved and waved, she tried to withhold her tears but she couldn’t.
Her brother Hidalgo and her lover Andres waved back, their ship would sail any minute now.
The fleet was ready, Admiral Amaro Pargo stood proudly on the deck and looked around.
Five galleons and a few smaller ships formed an impressive fleet.

One by one the ships left the harbor and finally the Flagship Santa Isabella sailed off.
Hidalgo and Andres waved with both their hands, Andres blew a kiss at Esmeralda.
Esmeralda waved until the ships were nothing more than small specks in the distance.
She was happy for her brother and Andres, but she was also afraid.
The Sea could be cruel and who knows what might happen in those strange lands?
She sighed, once more she looked at the horizon, the ships were almost completely out of sight by now.
Be brave Esmeralda, she told herself. They will return!

Andres was excited, finally he got his expedition!
Admiral Amaro appeared, Gentlemen! I would like to invite you to my cabin for a toast.
We must drink to a fortunate journey!
Of course, we would be delighted Hidalgo replied.




Friend or Foe?

He should die! Leon slammed his fist on the table. It is an abomination! A monster!
I will not have it! Xolotl said, as far as we know he is not evil, he seems to be cursed!
Maybe we can even help him!

Alsnia almost cried, we need him! Without him the Orb of Tanith is lost!
Acclacuna tried to comfort her, even if we kill him, we will get information out of him first.

Apo-Mayta had not said anything yet, he looked at Fillippa, what say you? Firebeard?

Fillippa stroked his beard.
I’m not sure yet.
We should weigh all options.

I don’t like the idea of a dead man walking around us, Achik said.
But we need to find the Orb, Alsnia repeated.
And he was not cruel to me, it seems he suffers from that curse more than we can imagine.
What if this happened to one of us?
Would we kill one of us at sight if this happened to anyone of us?

The others fell silent.
She has a point Apo-Mayta said.

Ah! Here you are! What is going on? Cpt. Aguilera asked.
Fillippa looked at the Captain, refreshed by drinking blood he looked perfectly human.
He seemed friendly enough, for a Vampire.




Slowly the Jan Jose turned into position, Cerdo nervously looked at the Flying Kraken, he sighed with relief when he saw James and Rosetta appear on deck who waved at him.
A few moments later the Kraken also turned into a better position.

On board of the Barracuda Toni had just informed Gonzales about his suspicions when suddenly Tomas de Torquemada appeared from the lower deck, a few dozen men in tow all armed.
Gonzales immediately understood, these men had once again changed sides!

He shouted orders at the pirates in his vincinity, they stormed forwards and before all Torquemada’s men had reached the upper deck a brutal fight ensued.
Gonzales drew his pistols and shouted for help.
More pirates and sailors came running, Toni shot a sailor who almost had reached Gonzales.

Tomas was engaged in a sword fight with two pirates, they were no match for the seasoned warrior, with a swift stroke he killed one while he evaded the blows of the other.
Then he turned around and struck his opponent in the chest, clutching his wound he fell over.
Tomas jumped on deck hacking furiously with his sword to clear the area.
His men took advantage of this to reach the deck.

The deck of the Barracuda was filled with fighting men, Gonzales shot another sailor, Toni grabbed his shoulder, turn a cannon on them!
Gonzales looked over his shoulder and shouted at the gunners, load with shrapnel!
Wipe them out!!!

The gunner hesitated, but Captain, we might hit our own men!
Without a word Gonzales  shot the gunner between his eyes and stepped forward, we will do it ourselves he said to Toni.
They loaded a gun with shrapnel and turned it, Tomas who was fighting for his life saw what they were doing, he yelled at his men, Stop them! Stop them or they will kill us all!!

A few men jumped forward to the cannon, Toni shot one of them, the other got close and got into a swordfight with Gonzales.
A third tackled Toni and tried to wrestle his pistols from him.

Suddenly a sound like thunder was heard and an explosion shattered the hind mast!
For a moment both parties stopped fighting to look who had fired.
Another shot was fired and everybody threw themselves on the deck for cover.

Cerdo nodded, again! He said to his gunners. Their first shot had hit the hind mast of the Barracuda, the Flying Kraken had fired the second shot but that one missed.
He waved at James, relieved that the pirate had chosen their side.

Behind them the Swordfish under command of Old Nedd turned around.
Where was he going? Cerdo thought. It looked like the Old pirate decided to flee and leave the battle?
He ordered his gunners to continue and took his spyglass, dark figures had emerged from the water and had boarded the Swordfish.

Old Nedd was not fleeing! He was being boarded!
Cerdo signaled at James to make clear that his friend was in trouble.
James looked over his shoulder and gestured he had understood.

Old Nedd had barricaded himself in his cabin with a few mates. They were surprised by an attack, a lot of strange turtle and newt like creatures climbed aboard from out of the water, they had surprised the guards and they killed every man they encountered.

Nedd had seen it happening and he hadn’t given it much more thought, with a few of his men and armed to the teeth they waited in the Captain’s Cabin.
He hoped his friends would see what was going on and come to his rescue.

On deck the terrapins and newts slaughtered the crew of the Swordfish.
They were no match for these creatures.

James cursed when he saw what was happening, we need to save them! He said to Rosetta.
Instead of an answer Rosetta screamed, she pointed at the railing where a reptilian head appeared, the creature just put his hand on it to get aboard when a pirate hacked it’s hand off

In a few moments the Flying Kraken’s crew was busy defending their ship.
Fortunately Rosetta’s scream had warned them and one by one the attackers where killed and thrown back into the sea.

Cerdo saw what was happening, it seemed the creatures had directed their attacks to the Swordfish and the Flying Kraken.
He gave the order to set sail, he wanted to create distance between the Jan Jose and the reptilian creatures.

Gonzales noticed that both the ships had stopped firing.
Frantically he turned the shrapnel loaded cannon, Toni was still wrestling with a sailor, Gonzales had now turned the cannon and lit the fuse, he heard screaming and saw a group of sailors running towards him Tomas de Torquemada in front waving his sword.

With seconds to spare before they’d reach him, the cannon discharged, a hail of metal ripped through the attackers, Tomas died instantly, almost cut in half by the metal rain.
Silence, men or better, parts of men, laid on the deck, Gonzales looked at Toni and his opponent, he took a dagger and stabbed the attacker in his neck.
Finally! Toni exclaimed, You’re welcome, Gonzales smiled.

His men now took care of the last of the traitors.
Gonzales looked over the railing, the Jan Jose seemed to be sailing away, something was going on, the Flying Kraken had turned and was now boarding the Swordfish?
He took a spyglass and saw how James and his men were fighting with some kind of turtlemen on the Swordfish’s deck.

Prepare the guns, he said to Toni.
It is time to make sure nobody will ever betray us again!

Colonel Alvarez couldn’t believe his eyes.
The ships had started firing on each other as he had expected, but why did they stop?
Why was the Jan Jose sailing away?
And why did the Flying Kraken suddenly attack the Swordfish?

What was going on?

He didn’t have much time to think about the situation. Suddenly all hell broke loose.
A large contingent of reptilian warriors appeared from the jungle and attacked the army from behind.
Men panicked and ran only to be cut down by the merciless onslaught.

Escolano shouted at the cowards, turn around! Fight for the Lord! Don’t succumb to these hellish creatures!
Alvarez fired both his pistols, killing two turtle like creatures at the same time.
A spear nearly missed his head. He drew his sword. STAND FAST MEN!!!

One crew had turned a cannon and fired it at the enemy, a group of turtle men were turned into a red cloud of blood and gore when the shot hit them.
But then the gun crew was overrun by the next wave.

Rosetta! Bonita hissed, looking at the ships, I will have my revenge! She said to the Transmuthor.
The Transmuthor nodded, his tentacles flailing around, yes my dear! Go ahead!
Kill them all!

I’ll be back, Bonita said and she made it to the water, the Transmuthor looked how his creation swam towards the ships.
He felt proud, they grow up so quickly, he thought.

Sssllthr appeared next to him, was that wise? Sure, the Transmuthor said, she is loyal, she will get back. Better feel sorry for the ones she will attack!
I hope you’re right about her, Sssllthr said.

Now let’s finish those Paleskins!
Mayor Uzcapalli spurred his troops on, ATTACK! ATTACK!

Wave after wave of his troops marched forward to eliminate the softskins.
Many fell to the fire arms of the human army.

Alvarez and a group of loyal brave men had formed a square, pikes and swords kept the enemy at bay while other men fired their muskets and pistols.
Escolano kept shouting encouraging words. Holding a crucifix high, save your souls!
Fight for the Lord! Have faith and we shall prevail!

Sssllthr had watched how these humans fend off the attacks, wave after wave.
He approached Mayor Uzcapalli.
You might want to rethink your strategy, he said.
We will lose too many troops this way!

Uzcapalli reacted annoyed, and how exactly should we proceed then?
Maybe politely ask them to surrender? He smirked.
The Transmuthor interrupted, let my creatures give it a go!

Uzcapalli watched another group of his men getting shot.
Reluctant he nodded, they’re all yours, he said to the Transmuthor.

Excited the Transmuthor walked to his creatures.
He spoke with them pointing at the human square at the beach.
Uzacapalli retreated his men.

A few human soldiers cheered when they saw how the reptilians withdrew.
Alvarez didn’t share their joy, as a seasoned warrior he knew something was up.
Prepare yourself! He shouted, this is no victory! They will attack again!
Escolano prayed out loud, some men joined him.

At Sea Cerdo stopped the Jan Jose, we’re far enough now, he said.
He took up his spyglass once more, to his relief he saw how James and his men had freed Old Nedd and his men, together they disposed of the last turtles.

Seeing this, Cerdo decided to return, maybe it was not too late, he thought.
He turned his attention to the Barracuda, how was Tomas doing?
He froze when he looked through his spyglass and saw how the Barracuda had turned, gunports open.
No! He cursed, Tomas must have failed!

The Man’o War could easily wipe them all out if they could bring their cannons about!
He shouted to the crow’s nest, signal the others! We must warn them!

James wiped his forehead, sweat and blood ran over his face.
We made it old friend! He said to Old Nedd, we made it, we made it, Little Nedd the Macaw repeated while flying over their heads.

Old Nedd smiled, then looked passed James, I’m not too sure of that Captain!
James turned around, oh God! He whispered. The Barracuda is turning, we need to get out of her range!

Return to the Kraken, fool! Old Nedd cursed, you need to get away!
We might not make it, James stumbled.

Like Hell you will! Old Nedd said.
Go! Go!

James ran to the railing and over the boarding planks to his own ship.
As soon as he reached the Flying Kraken, Old Nedd shouted orders and turned the Swordfish.
James ran to Rosetta, we must set sail! NOW!

His men hasted to carry out his orders.
A single shot was fired by the Barracuda, the cannonball landed a few yards before the bow.
James realised this was only a measuring shot. Soon they would know the right angle and then they were in big trouble.

Finally the Flying Kraken started to move, he hoped they would be quick enough.
What is he doing? Rosetta asked, pointing at the Swordfish.
James looked at Old Nedd’s ship, that old fool is sacrificing himself to rescue us, he said shaking his head.

The Swordfish positioned herself between the Flying Kraken and the Barracuda.
In the meanwhile the Jan Jose had returned and came about from the other side, maybe they could distract Gonzales long enough to escape.
It was no longer a matter of winning, they needed to survive.

Gonzales grinned when he saw his former allies maneuvering.
A little bit closer Toni, he said.
We will blast them out of the water!
Toni nodded, the Mule they were towing was slowing them down, but they could make it.

Slowly the Barracuda closed in on her enemies.


Bonita had reached the Flying Kraken, unseen by the crew she climbed on board.







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1 hour ago, malefactus said:

That is one NASTY looking Birdy....VERY NICELY DONE however.


Thx, I have difficulty glueing it to his position.

I now applied milliput to create a better spot, when dry I will try it again.

If that is done, the whole thing needs a spray of varnish and then the errain piece might finally be finished!


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