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Lost World Project Glitterwolf Paints Coldblooded Creatures and Conquistadores

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At work, so a little story instead of painting..



It's a kind of magic.


Guayoto had snatched the Orb of Tanith when nobody paid attention.

He was able to hide himself in the bushes and waited till the humans were gone.

A shame about the Vampire, but he was only interested in carrying out Tegwen's orders.


He waited till the coast was clear.

Holding the Orb tight he concentrated, he could feel the magic surge through his tiny body.

A blue flash and he was gone!


Tegwen was just enjoying a glass of blood when Guayoto appeared on her table in a blue flash.

Exhausted from the transition he laid on the table still holding the Orb.

YOU FOUND IT! Tegwen exclaimed.


She grabbed the Orb, smiling she held it against her breast, oh you have no idea how happy this makes me!

Guayoto got up, recovering from his travel, does that mean I can return to my own realm now? Am I excused?

Tegwen nodded, oh wait! What happened to my champion?

Guayoto bowed his head, he was captured by humans, I don't know what happened to him, I got the Orb and left immediately.


Tegwen sighed, poor thing, I liked him!

Maybe he will find a way to return, Guayoto reassured her.

I hope so, she said, well, thank you for your services little one!

Till next time!

And with that Guayoto dissapeared into his own realm.


Tegwen looked at the Orb.

And now to prepair for the ritual!

The Twelve will be resurrected again!

And then...






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Small story again.

I need a little distraction, Brutus is at the Vet's having Gingival Overgrowth removed and also being treated for a small cyst on his tail.




A fortunate voyage.


Hidalgo leaned over the railing, looking at the Dolphins who swam alongside the ship.

He felt great, they had been sailing for a few weeks now and the Sea had been calm.

Filled with anticipation about what awaited them at the end of this journey he smiled.

Andres joined him, without a word he nodded at his friend, enjoying the moment.


The Fleet made good time, if they could keep this up they would reach Turtle Island in two months.

Andres was a little worried.

Her Majesty had not been pleased to learn that the Vizconde had sent an expedition to the New World without informing her.

The Admiral had made clear that they would visit the Vizconde and confront him with this.

He sighed, the Vizconde might be very angry with him for leaving and now he would bring back an Imperial Fleet, maybe the Vizconde would even be accused of treason because of him!

Of course he would be safe, but still, the Vizconde might be a greedy and stubborn man, but Andres didn't want him to get into trouble.

It was out of his hands now, Her Majesty had given an order and the Admiral would carry it out.


Hidalgo noticed that his friend was worried about something.

Cheer up my friend! He said.

You have your expedition, all is going well, we will both be famous and rich when we return!

Her Majesty will have new lands and the Empire will florish!

What more could you need?


Andres smiled, Hidalgo was right of course, he should count his blessings!

Esmeralda was waiting for him and upon their return he intended to marry her.

Hidalgo would then become his brother in law.

Fortune smiled at him!


He looked at the Dolphins and wondered, what kind of creatures would they encounter at the end of the journey?

Thinking about that dinosaur skull Gonzales had brought back he felt a bit uneasy.

It was taken from a live specimen!

Impossible! These creatures had gone extinct millions of years ago as far as he knew.

And yet Gonzales had killed one of these monsters!


What other animals would still roam those lands?

He was certain the army they brought with them could protect them from such monsters.

But the scientist in him wanted to see them, classify them, he would be famous if he could prove their existence.

Maybe they could bring some smaller animals home?

The Admiral was more interested in lands and treasure, he knew that, but he was sure they could both get what they wanted.

After all, a few dangerous animals and savages wouldn't be able to withstand the might of Hispania's Fleet, right?


He smiled when the Dolphins jumped out of the water.

Hidalgo laughed out loud, isn't that great?

It's a sign my friend!

We will have a fortunate voyage!







At the beach Colonel Alvarez cursed silently between his teeth.

His men had formed a square, two small cannons at the front, pikes, swords and muskets held the enemy at bay, but he knew they wouldn't last long.

Those turtle like creatures had retreated, they had a moment of peace now and he spurred on his men to reload, take a drink and be vigilant, for he knew the next attack would be coming soon.

He looked over his shoulder at the lagoon, the ships were fighting each other now.

Gonzales used the Barracuda to tow the Mule and he was now chasing the Flying Kraken, However Old Nedd had steered the Swordfish between them and the Jan Jose approached from the other side.

It was unclear who would claim victory and Gonzales knew that it didn't matter to him anymore.

They would never be able to hold out that long.


He squinted his eyes, what was that in the water?

Was that? Yes, Bonita! The giantess halfsnake was swimming towards the ships, that doesn't bode well he thought.

SIR! A soldier screamed, Alvarez turned his attention to the edge of the  jungle.

He swallowed his fear when he saw the next wave of attackers coming.

STAND FAST MEN!  He shouted.


What abominations were these? Creatures that looked like a mad man crafted different species together were now running towards their formation.

WAIT FOR IT!!!!! He waited till they were close enough, FIRE!!!! The cannons both spewed a deadly hail of shrapnel, the front row of the attackers were shredded to pieces.

The next wave closed in and fell upon the pikewall, muskets were fired, swords hacked and pikes pushed the enemy back.

Here and there one of the creatures managed to break through killing a few soldiers before he was butchered himself.


The Transmuthor looked at the onslaught from his position, his tentacles flailed about, No! My Pretties! My Work!

Sssllthr laid a hand on his shoulder, easy my friend! Losses are to be expected, but they're getting through!

See? He pointed at three Mariliths who had broken the rank, they were now fighting inside the square their multiple arms using their swords and daggers in a whirlwind attack.

Like grass before the scythe Sssllthr whispered.

The Paleskins will die!!!


Mayor Uzcapalli cheered! Yes!

We will defeat them!

We will return victorious and then I will show the Frogking who is the true Emperor!

I have succeeded where he failed!

Sssllthr turned his head towards the Turtleman, excuse me? What did you just say?


Uzcapalli grinned, The Frogking is incompetent, for months these Paleskins have wandered through our lands!

They have even taken one of our cities and attacked our Capitol!
Under my command the enemy was defeated in one battle!

I will confront the Frogking with this in front of the Citadel's population, I will become the new Emperor!

I'm sure you will be on my side!


He looked at Sssllthr, you agree right?

You will aid me, no?


No...Sssllthr whispered while he stabbed a poisoned dagger in Uzcapalli's throat.

Clutching his throat the Mayor fell to the ground.

Seeing how their leader was just killed by the snakeman the Turtles turned around weapons ready they approached Sssllthr and the Transmuthor.

Call back your creatures! We need them here! Sssllthr shouted while killing the first Turpine soldier who closed in to him.

The Transmuthor yelled and his creatures broke off the attack on the Paleskins, they ran back, confused they saw how the Assassin and the Transmuthor were fighting with the Turtlemen now.


Alvarez couldn't believe his eyes.

Quickly he decided, Leave the cannons!

We will run to the jungle, he pointed at the left, there are no enemies there, they are fighting among themselves!

Run! We will have to find a better place to defend ourselves!



The men ran towards the jungle, leaving the cannons behind, the sound of cannons from the Sea made Alvarez look for a brief moment.

Gonzales had opened fire at the Swordfish, the Jan Jose fired upon the Barracuda, he didn't wait for the smoke to clear to see what had happened.

MOVE MOVE!!! He shouted at his men, this would be their only chance to escape!

A last look at the infighting reptilians and he ran after his men into the jungle.

Let's get as far away as we can he shouted, THAT WAY! He pointed at the opposite direction of where he knew the reptilians were.

The men kept running till they were exhausted.


Good Alvarez, said.

No fires! No sounds! Be quiet, rest a while and then we will march on!

Whereto Sir?

We will find a spot where we can be safe for a while Alvarez said.

Then we will have to find out which ship won the battle.

As long as we live there is hope!


Sssllthr smiled when he saw the Transmuthor's creatures charging the Turtles, the slower creatures were no match for these monsters.

Some surrendered. Sssllthrr accepted and after a brief fight it was all over.

So! He said, your Mayor was a traitor and he got what he deserved!

It is sad that some of you were misled and perished for him!

Now, will you be loyal to our rightful Lord the Frogking? He asked the survivors.


They pledged their allegiance to the Frogking once again, Sssllthr was satisfied.

The Transmuthor looked at the beach, the Paleskins are gone!

They must have fled into the jungle while were fighting.

Now what?


Sssllthr grinned, the jungle will take care of them!

There are only a few of them left.

They will no longer pose a danger to us, they had to leave their mighty weapons behind.

He looked at the Sea, and they are fighting each other, let's wait and see what happens there.

Besides, isn't that Bonita climbing aboard the one with the red sails?

The Transmuthor nodded, yes, my dear girl is boarding the ship!

Ooohhh poor sailors!







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2 hours ago, vegascat said:

Sssssooo Pretty, yesssssss.

Also, its apparently bad to try to doublecross the frog king :D


I found this pic on the internet, such a beautiful colour.

I needed to save it so I can paint a snake this way.


And yes as long as Sssllthr, Cantor and the Transmuthor are loyal , nobody will challenge the reign of the Frogking!

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