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Lost World Project Glitterwolf Paints Coldblooded Creatures and Conquistadores

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The tale continues.






Alavarez and his men ran as fast as they could, hoping the Reptilians would keep fighting among themselves until they got away.

The Inquisitor almost tripped over his robes, the Colonel grabbed him just in time.

Be careful Father! We're not safe yet!

He supported Escolano and they ran and ran.


After a while they reached a clearing. The Sun showed herself again and for a moment they hesistated.

Suspicious the men looked at the sky, by now they knew there could be monstrous creatures roaming the sky waiting for prey to show up at such a clearing.

We'll have to take our chances Alvarez said.

The coast seems clear, on my mark we will all run to the trees on the other side!



The men ran across the clearing, they reached the other side and stopped when they reached the trees.

We were lucky! Alvarez said, no monsters!

God is with us, Escolano murmured, he was almost out of breath, The Colonel nodded, he'd better be Father!

We will need him more than ever now!


Alright Men! We're not far enough yet but we have put some distance between us and those Reptilians.

Let's spare ourselves a bit, we now walk instead of running, everybody drink some water or rum and then we will move on!

I want you all to be as quiet as possible, no loud talking, no noise!

We're not safe yet!


He looked at the Inquisitor, Bishop Escolano looked exhausted, would he make it? He wasn't a Soldier, but he was still a tough man.

Are you alright Father? He asked.

Luis Mercader Escolona nodded, I'm tired, but with the Lord's help I will go on!

We will need to get to a safer place!


Colonel Alvarez gave him a faint smile, yes, a safer place he said while thinking, is there a safer place in this Jungle?

He looked at his men, how many were still left, thirty? Fifty at the most he quickly estimated.

No cannons, most men had dropped their heavy weapons, only a few were still carrying a crossbow or a musket.

Also no pikes anymore, just swords and daggers, a single spear. He sighed, this expedition is over!

All they can do now is seek a safe place.


A thought occurred to him, maybe if they could find shelter in one of those native villages?

They might even be able to form an alliance with the natives who were surely fed up with those monsters ruling over them!

This might be the only way out!

The ships! He needed to know what happened there, maybe there would still be a loyal ship waiting for them.

He needed to know who won the battle.

Sending a scout would be inevitable, but who and when?

The Colonel knew he couldn't send any of his men at this moment, finding a safe place comes first!

After that he would need information about the ships.


The men marched through the jungle, every now and then a smaller creature hurried away, they could hear shrieks and roars in the distance.

Holding their weapons firm they looked around them when they walked, ever alert.

They knew the dangers of the jungle by now, Alvarez hoped his men would hold themselves together, if any of them panicked now they would all be lost.

Slowly they moved on, Night fell, they decided to keep marching on, using makeshift torches they moved on.

Escolano prayed that the enemy would not see the lights giving away their position, but without those they could not move on.


All night they marched, the fire of their torches kept animals at bay, Dawn came and the early sunlight pierced through the canopy of the trees.

The men put out the torches. It seems we have to thank the Lord again Alvarez said, nobody has followed us and we weren't attacked by a predator.

He turned to the Bishop, will you lead us into prayer to give thanks? I think this is a good time for us to be thankful for our escape.

Escolano was happy to oblige, two of his priests had survived as well and together they quickly gathered the men around them.

For a moment the men listened to the Inquisitor, Bishop Escolano spoke softly, they took a moment to remember their fallen comrades, asking the Lord to take care of their souls.

Then they thanked the Lord for their escape and asked for guidance.

Bishop Escolano ended the service with a firm Amen which was repeated by the men.


The Bishop turned to the Colonel who thanked him. The men needed that Father, thank you!

And now we will need to move on again, let's eat and drink something and then march on!

No time to rest yet!


Any idea where we're going? Escolano whispered, Alvarez shook his head, I don't want to upset the men, but no.

I hope we will find a native village, find shelter there and maybe even new allies.

After we have found a safe place we will need a scout to find out what happened with the ships.

It is crucial to know if we still have a ship waiting for us or if Gonzales was victorious which means we're stranded here.

We need to keep faith! Escolano said, The Lord will not abandon us!

I hope so Father! Alvarez said, he turned to the men, MARCH ON!


Walking besides the Bishop and his priests Alvarez looked at the men before him, they were tired, they needed to find shelter soon or they might break.

Two soldiers and a Sergeant walked behind them to close the ranks.

Tired almost exhausted the men marched on, slower than first.

The Colonel didn't despair, it was a dire situation but all was not lost yet!

His fighting spirit kept him going, spurring his men on.


More sunlight pierced through the canopy, there were less leaves on the dying trees they passed, nobody noticed the faint smell of rotten vegetation.

Neither one of them saw how the green vegetation slowly turned brown and grey, nor did they notice the absence of animals.

They were too tired.

One of the men in front kicked aside a few bones.

Heads low from exhaustion they moved on, again Night fell.











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No spoons for painting at the moment.

A little more storytelling then to distract myself and bore you all..





Sssllthr looked at the chaos before him, turtlemen were fighting against the Transmuthor’s creatures, some were confused and had retreated, just wondering what was actually happening.
Sssllthr shouted, STOP THIS MADNESS AT ONCE!

For a few seconds the warriors stopped fighting each other and Sssllthr took advantage of that moment.
STOP THIS! We’re all brothers!

One of the turtlemen turned to him and pointed his sword at him , but you killed our Mayor!
Yesss I did! But he confessed to being a traitor!
He wanted to take the throne for himself, surely you’re all loyal warriors of the Empire?
Uzacapalli deserved to die for his crime, there is no need for you to keep fighting for a traitor!

The turtlemen looked at each other, a traitor? 
While we have been fighting, the true enemy has escaped! Sssllthr continued, we must stop fighting each other, those of you who are loyal to the Frogking and the Empire will now step down!
Those of you who keep fighting will be considered traitors as Uzcapalli was and follow his fate!


The turtle warrior who had confronted Sssllthr lowered his weapon.
We’re all loyal to the Empire!
It’s hard to believe our leader was a traitor, what happened?
Sssllthr told the turtlemen of Uzcapalli’s claims to the throne and waited for their reaction.
The Transmuthor’s creatures stood firm and ready to attack again.
Discussing the situation among themselves, the turtles agreed.
It saddens us that Uzcapalli wanted to betray the true Emperor!
We’re all loyal and will follow you.

Sssllthr nodded , that’s settled then.

He looked at the beach, the paleskins had left their heavy weapons.
Turning to the Transmuthor he asked, can you figure out how those big guns work?
Flailing his tentacle beard, the Transmuthor clapped his hands in excitement, oh I know!
I have been attending the training of our warriors who work with the captured weapons of the paleskins!

Good! Sssllthr grinned, he looked at the sea were the ships were still battling.
Collect the weapons!
The turtles and the mutant creatures got to work.


Sssllthr’s attention turned to the naval battle again, what do you think? He asked the Transmuthor, any idea who is winning and why they’re fighting in the first place?
His friend shook his head, causing his tentacles to flail about, I have no idea why they’re fighting, but it looks like the biggest ship is in trouble now!

He pointed at the Barracuda, see? there are three ships fighting that one, surely she can’t win!
I’m not so sure of that, Sssllthr responded, that ship is better armed and on top of that your girl is now aboard of the one with the red sails.
So that one might be taken out soon he grinned.
Oh yes! The Transmuthor replied, Bonita will have some fun!
I do hope she gets back though, I’ve grown quite fond of her, it would be a shame to lose her.


He looked at the jungle, the paleskins are gone, they fled into the jungle, shall we pursue them?
Sssllthr shook his head, no it is tempting, but there are only a few left, the jungle will take care of them, they left their heavy weapons behind.

I don’t think they’re a threat anymore.

He pointed at the sea, they could still be dangerous.
We need to wait and see who will win and then take out the victors!

Let’s position those guns and distribute the other weapons among our troops.
You can show them how they work.
If the victors set foot ashore we will kill them with their own weapons!

Happily the Transmuthor gave the order.
He looked at the ship with the red sails, how was Bonita doing? He thought.




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Oldest vixen hogged the table, she wants to hobby ( colouring/lettering etc) so I will have to make do with a story for now.



Quest for the Orb.


After a heated discussion it was concluded, the Orb of Tanith must be retrieved!

And even if some of the leaders didn't like it, Captain Aguilera was too important to eliminate!

Only he had been to Tegwen's realm and all things considered he appeared to be more friendly than could be expected from a vampire.

Xolotl had made clear that they couldn't all go, the Reptilians still posed a huge threat and they had no idea how the expeditional army was doing.

We need to prepare ourselves for another battle, he said, and this time we need more allies!


Fillippa had agreed, but who should go with the undead Captain?

Who would be powerful enough to get that Orb back from a mighty vampire and her undead servants?

Just being in her realm could turn men into undead Aguilera had warned them.

Well somebody has to get in and out of there as quick as possible then, Alsnia had said.

We could fly in, I doubt that evil magic extends to the sky, Draghor had spoken.


And so it was decided, Draghor would fly to Tegwen's realm on Furnach's back.

The Captain would go with them as well and Alsnia insisted to join them, it was HER Orb, she had said.

Acclacuna who was devoted to Tanith and therefore to Alsnia also volunteered.

Draghor nodded, Frunach's brothers will carry you, with three dragons the vampire Queen won't stand a chance!

Talpa, who had become Draghor's friend also stepped forward, I will go as well!


Apo-Mayta wanted to join, but Fillippa refused, no! You're needed here!

Xolotl wasn't happy to see all three dragons go on this quest, but he understood it would be their best gamble.

With three dragons they would be able to fly in, burn everything down that stood in their way and escape with the Orb.

What could go wrong?


Apo-Mayta waved at a few Jaguar Warriors, these brave men must go with you he said.

You might need some extra fighters.

Draghor accepted, just a few, he said, we only have three dragons, every dragon will carry some of us.

All agreed.


And so the next day the dragons waited outside the caves.

Draghor, Captain Aguilera, Talpa and one Jaguar Warrior would ride on Furnach's back.

Alsnia, Accluna and two more warriors on his brother Ignis and the last four warriors on Furnach's second brother Brand.


They said their goodbyes to their friends and mounted the dragons.

Captain Aguilera had wrapped every exposed part of his body in clothing and a bandana under his hat he wasn't comfortable with the idea of flying under a sun and being turned to dust.

This would protect him.

Talpa felt a bit uneasy about the vampire being so close, but he took comfort in the presence of Draghor and the Jaguar Warrior.

Acclacuna helped Alsnia to get on Ignis his back, I will protect you with my life Priestess, she promised.


The four warriors who would fly on Brand's back hesistated, was it fear? Respect?

Whatever it was, they refused to mount Brand at first.

Apo-Mayta had to speak with them and convince them the dragon consented and wouldn't burn them or throw them off.

Reluctant they got on Brand's back who playfully snorted some smoke at them when they had, terrifying the warriors once more.

Furnach let out a rumbling sound which probably meant that he wanted his brother to stop scaring the humans.

Brand lowered his head with a twinkle in his eyes.


While the others waved and cheered them on, they flew off.

An imposing sight, three dragons in flight.

Xolotl sighed, let's hope nothing happens here that makes us regret their leaving.

Mitla send a mental goodbye to Furnach who responded in the same manner.


Well that's it then, Fillippa said, looking at the dragons fading into tiny black spots in the sky while they flew higher and higher.

We now need to discuss how to get more allies, train more beasts and get more weapons.

Our fight is far from over!

With that they went back into the caves.




At the Citadel the Frogking suddenly opened his eyes.

A strange feeling came over him, something was wrong!










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12 hours ago, Corsair said:

I like  Brand! A dragon with a sense of humor.


He might be a bit of a joker!

Brand is Dutch for fire.

Ignis comes from Ignition and Furnach comes from the Latin Fornax which means oven.


I like to play with words.

If you like History  and Meso American Mythology you might recognize a lot of names I use

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Hopefully I'm not boring you all to death, but I wrote some more...



Preparing the Ritual.



An undead servant walked into the subterranean room, carefully he placed the goblet on the table which was littered with scrolls and books.
Tegwen didn’t pay attention to the servant nor the blood filled goblet, she was captivated by the texts.
She knew she had to perform the ritual without any errors, if something went wrong she might not get another chance.


The candle illuminating the texts burned slowly.
Overlooking her notes she repeated the process in her mind, did she have all she needed?
The Orb of Tanith was of course the most important part of the ritual, but there was so much more.


It went dark, the servant who had been standing motionless behind her, lit another candle.
Tegwen went over her notes again and again, comparing them to the original texts again.
She had the Orb, most herbs were no problem, incense could be retrieved from her follower’s village as well. Reading the last part she sighed.
That part could be a bit problematic.


Until now she had always treated her followers with some sort of respect. She wasn’t an evil ruler she told herself. Many Kings and Queens were worse than her.
She took blood from willing living followers and she was always careful not to kill them in the process.
She provided them with a safe haven where no invaders or monsters would hurt them.
Maybe one could argue that they were imprisoned, not able to leave, but it was a small price to pay for living in peace and safety.
Only when one of her followers died, she would resurrect them to serve her.
The villagers were fine with that, they believed it was a form of immortality and were willing to let her take the corpses after they had paid their respects and said their goodbyes.
But this?


She sighed again, it was necessary for the ritual to work. It might not sit well with her followers though.
How would she be able to convince them to allow her to do this without causing strife or worse, a rebellion?
Tegwen was very aware that despite their devotion they were still human and if things really got out of hand, she might not be able to withstand them.
Not without The Twelve anyway.
If the ritual failed she could be in trouble.


She reread the last part.
There was no way around it, she needed to speak with the Elders of the village and try to persuade them in granting her this willingly.
Without The Twelve she would be stuck here forever, it had been good while it lasted, but in the end she wanted to expand her realm. 
She longed to see more of the land, but she knew that wouldn’t be possible as long as the Reptilians posed such a threat..

With the Twelve resurrected she stood a chance.


She walked out of the subterranean castle, climbed the stairs and a few moments later she stood outside.
Looking at the stars and the moon she dreamed about her future.
With The Twelve she would be powerful again. She would defeat all who stood in her way and raise a castle at the coast.
She would raise more undead servants, and when she was powerful enough she would return to her motherland, then she would take revenge on the descendants of those who had killed her lover and had forced her to flee.


She would burn their cities and laid waste to their lands. All in good time, she thought.
One of the benefits of being undead was having all the time in the world.
Someday she would return and create a Kingdom of the Death on the ashes of her enemy’s lands.


But first, first she needed to perform the ritual, first she needed to resurrect The Twelve.
And to do so she would need to convince her followers to grant her this one request.



Journey to Safety.


Colonel Alvarez whispered to Bishop Escolano, are you alright Father?
He looked at the Inquisitor with concern, since a few days Escolano had barely spoken a word. He looked pale and tired.
His hollow eyes turned to the Colonel, I will make it, he whispered.
Maybe we should rest for a while Father, Alvarez said.
Escolano nodded.




A fire was made from the dry dead wood that they could find in abundance here.
The men sat down and shared the little rum and food they had left.
Alvarez decided they needed more food and water and asked for volunteers to get it.
Two man stepped forward.


Good men! Alvarez said, patting them on the shoulder.
As far as we know we’re safe from the enemy!
Before we move any further we need food and water though.
Paco and Luis saluted the Colonel, Yes Sir! You can count on us!

They took one of the last muskets and a crossbow and walked off.
Determined to find food and water they left the camp.


The Colonel addressed his men.
We have come a long way! He said.
When we got here we expected riches and fortune!

I am aware that we’re in a dire situation, but still I’m confident that our Lord will watch over us!
We will search for a native settlement after we have rested.
I’m certain we will be able to make some friends among the humans, they live under the yoke of the reptilians, we will form an alliance with the tribes and we WILL return to Hispania laden with riches!


He looked at his men, waiting for a reaction.
Most were so tired they just nodded. One man stood up.
Sir? Can I ask you something?


Alvarez smiled and nodded, go ahead Pedro!
Sir? What of the ships? How will we get back if they have sailed away? 
Last thing we saw was they fought each other, what if there are no ships waiting for us?


Fear not men! The Colonel replied, Even when there are no ships left we will return.
With our newfound allies we will be able to build a ship to get back to Hispania.
Look around, the jungle is full of trees, there is enough wood here to raise an Armada he said, waving his arms at the jungle as to prove his point.


We will not be able to conquer the Golden City with such a small force Sir! Pedro said.
Then we will sack one of the smaller towns like we did before, Alvarez said, there is fortune to be found, I’m certain of it!
But first we need to rest and then find a settlement.
Come on men! We have been through a lot, I know many of you personally, we have fought in many battles, do not despair!
He turned to Escolano, we have our Faith, we have each other!
We have escaped the enemy and we WILL return!!!!


Pedro smiled, he raised his flask of rum, TO THE COLONEL he yelled and drank.
The others joined in and Alvarez felt relieved, for a moment there he thought he would have a mutiny on his hands.
He took a place among the men and joined them to drink and eat.
Soon Paco and Luis would return with food and water, he thought.
Then everybody would feel better.


In the meantime Paco and Luis walked through the jungle.
A lot of these trees are dead, Luis said, not much wildlife here it seems.
Maybe we should go further, Paco said, there must be a river or a pool somewhere, animals will gather there to drink, and then we will find both food and water!
Solid plan, Luis replied.


I wonder why this place is so barren? Maybe there has been a fire, Paco suggested.
Of course, Luis said, let’s move on then.
He stepped over a fallen log crushing a small animal’s skull.
I’m sure we will find something he said.







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I have been busy with my Nippon Project and a Bust, so it's time to get back to the Lost World.


These are from the Kensei, Wako vs Namban Kickstarter.

Herruelos ( 5 mounted Conquistadores).


I must say they were a real pain to assemble, tiny arms and horse tails that refused to stay in place.

The riders are not attached to the horses yet, I did assemble the rifle arms ( very difficult) I know it will be harder to paint them that way, but else the paintjob would get damaged anyway.


Bases are 2 from Microart Studios, 1 form Tabletop Art Studio and two that I made with Procreate and the Greenstuffworld Aztec Roller Pin.

I wanted to be able to prime them, but assembly took so long I didn't even got to all the gap filling.

That will have to wait.




Conquistadore Cavalry, Reptilians Beware!





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