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Lost World Project Glitterwolf Paints Coldblooded Creatures and Conquistadores

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30 minutes ago, Rigel said:

Yay! good to see some Conquistadors show up. What color scheme were you thinking?


More to come, I backed that Kickstarter for the Conquistadores, I got Infantry, Cavalry, A Cannon, some Officers and a Sergeant and a Priest.

I also have some Freebooter and Gamezone Conquistadore types.


As for the uniforms, I'm not sure yet, probably something colourful.

I'm open for suggestions!


30 minutes ago, vegascat said:

Some fun models there!



The Project has gotten completely out of hand now, I have so many troops and more coming that I will be painting into Immortality...

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Primed the Herruelos and re-attached a tail.

Also three of these guys have a short sword at the side, also a real pain to assemble, I used superglue AND putty for these tiny things.

Now hoping they won't fall apart again when I try to paint them.








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Update on our Heroes, Villains and Scoundrels




Quest for the Orb pt. II


After a few days and nights of flying Draghor understood that they would need a rest before pushing it too far.

There was a large clearing where they landed to eat, drink and stretch their legs.

The dragons took turns in guarding the sky against enemy flyers or predators, while the Jaguar Warriors took turns in guarding the party at the ground.


Brand flew away and after what had been just fifteen minutes or less, he returned with a large wild pig in his mouth.

A succesful hunt!

He landed and dropped the Pig.

FOOD! Alsnia thanked Brand, she hugged the dragon who seemed pleased about it.

Draghor warned everybody to step back when he saw that Brand wanted to roast the pig with his firebreath, STOP! Captain Aguilera shouted. WAIT!


A little confused Brand held his breath, the Captain stepped forward, and felt the neck of the pig, still warm, only dead for minutes, he mumbled, he took his flask and with his dagger he drew blood, it flowed into the flask.

Thank you, he said, stepping back.

I have my dinner!


Acclacuna looked at the Vampire in disgust, go ahead dear Brand, she said.

They all kept their distance, Brand let out a controlled burst of fire, just enough to roast the pig.

The smell of pork filled the air.


A few moments later everybody was eating from the delicious pig.

Captain Aguilera drank the blood as discrete as possible given the circumstances.


I want to ask you a favor, he said.


Go ahead, Alsnia replied.

I urge you not to kill Tegwen, she's not evil and I'm pretty sure we can negotiate with her.

Negotiate? Acclacuna asked, why would she give up the Orb after going to so much trouble of obtaining it?

Aguilera shook his head, she is not evil I tell you, many Kings and Queens are far worse than her!


I know she wanted the Orb, but she needs it for a ritual, he continued.

You see? I'm convinced she meant no harm, she could use it for the ritual and then return it to Alsnia!

No harm done, nobody has to die, no fighting, it's worth trying isn't it?

She could even become an ally! She has fought against the Reptilians when she got here, you and her might have common ground here.


Draghor thought about it.

Negotiating with a vampire? Maybe even become allies? Madness!!!

IS IT? Cpt. Aguilera said, he stood up, Look at me! LOOK AT ME!

I'm a Vampire! Have I hurt you? Have we reached an agreement? Am I not helping you?

Why would you think Tegwen wouldn't either?


The party fell silent.

We will have to think about it, Draghor said, and who would negotiate with her?

It would be best to land in the village of her people, Cpt. Aguilera said, there you won't turn Undead yourself, and there we could invite her to talk to you.

And you would have some leverage because she needs her people, she wouldn't let them get eaten by dragons! Cpt. Aguilera said.

Brand looked at him, and the Captain could have sworn the dragon somehow smiled.

Isn't it better to strike a deal with her than to fight? He said.


We will think about it, Draghor said, that's enough for now.

Let's sleep a while, tomorrow we will continue our journey.

All of us will take turns in standing guard.




Between a Rock and a Hard Place.


Paco and Luis stood at the edge of the Jungle.

This is not good, Luis whispered, Paco agreed, we must return and tell the Colonel!

We can't go on in this direction!

They looked at the barren land before them, dead vegetation, a skeleton of some unlucky beast and black pools of undrinkable water.

Let's get back and tell Alvarez!


The Colonel was not pleased when his hunters returned with no game and even worse, with dire news.

So we can't go on?

I'll have to see that place myself he said, we must find a way, we can't go back or we will be slaughtered by the Reptilians!

We will move on and investigate!


Yes Sir! Paco said.

Luis frowned but he knew better than to object, the Colonel was a fair but dangerous man.

If he objected in front of all the men he might get punished.

Sir? He tried, maybe we could go around that place!

Alvarez nodded, that might be a possibility he replied.

Relieved Luis sighed, We shall lead you to it Sir!


Alright men! Get up, we're moving out!



Asking for a Sacrifice.


Tegwen had arrived in the village she protected.

The Elders had prepared a feast for her, their Queen had come!

They revered her as a Goddess and she took care of them, she kept them safe and in return she drank blood from a few volunteers who she never killed.

Only the deceased were resurrected and served her in the afterlife.


At the height of the feast the head of the Elders asked Tegwen, My Queen, you have honoured us with your visit, what is it you desire?

Tegwen looked at the imposing Chieftain, I have a very difficult thing to ask of you my people, she said.

Never before have I asked such a thing, and although it pains me to do so, it is necessary.


The Elders fell silent, after a moment the Chieftain dared to ask.

What is it my Queen that you wish to ask but are reluctant to?


Tegwen stood up, as you know I can ressurect your deceased, they serve me well and you are content with that.

It's part of our treaty, I'll keep you safe from war and famine, nothing can harm you here.

And yet, this time my powers are not enough to ressurect those I need most, she continued.

I need to perform a ritual and after a long time of waiting I now have all I need at my disposal.


All, but one thing, she whispered.

The Chieftain, felt that Tegwen was struggling with it,  ASK! My Queen!


To perform the ritual, I need the blood of a virgin maiden, she said.

The Chieftain shrugged, you take blood often, why is this so difficult to ask?

Of course we will help you with this.


You don't understand, Tegwen continued, this time she will not survive.

It pains me to ask this of you, but I need a sacrifice, never before have I asked this and never again shall I.

But this time I need one!


The Elders looked at each other in terror, a sacrifice?

Could they deny this to their Queen? What would happen if they did?


Tegwen felt their resistance, I understand, she said. But I will resurrect her as a servant after the sacrifice.

She won't be gone forever.


The Elders discussed it, then the Chieftain adressed Tegwen.

My Queen, what if you helped a few of us to cross the barren lands?

We could find you a virgin from another tribe!


Tegwen thought about it.

That could be a way, she admitted.











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More storytelling since I can't paint right now.




Wooden Ships and Iron Men.


Sssllthr and the Transmuthor had positioned their army away from the beach so the ship's cannons wouldn't reach them.

Now we wait, Sssllthr said while watching the naval battle, any survivors reaching land will be easy prey for us.

Can you see how Bonita is doing? He asked the Transmuthor.


The Transmuthor looked through a spyglass the Paleskins had left behind, she has boarded the ship with the red sails!

It seems they haven't noticed her yet.

He put the spyglass down.

Those ships are firing at each other, any idea why they are fighting among themselves?


Sssllthr just shrugged, who knows what drives these lesser creatures?

What's more important is how do we prevent any of them from leaving.

If one of these ships returns to their homeland, more of these fools will come.

I've had quite enough of these paleskins invading our lands time and time again.


The Transmuthor agreed, I can't work when these fools keep interrupting me.

They do provide specimens though, but they're barely worth the hassle.

He turned to Sssllthr, I might have an idea, you need to send a message to the Frogking!

Sssllthr listened to his friend's plan and an evil gleam appeared in his eyes.

That's a great idea! I will send a raptor to His Majesty immediately!


At sea the chaos was complete.

Cerdo had turned the Jan Jose and tried to distract the Barracuda from attacking the Swordfish.

Gonzales saw through this ploy and ignored the Jan Jose for the moment, he turned the Barracuda and ordered a volley.

The guns fired chainshot and grapnel at the Swordfish


Old Nedd saw the Barracuda turn and he threw himself at the deck, TAKE COVER!!! He shouted.

Seconds later a storm of metal and chains ravaged the ship, the main mast came cracking down killing two sailors under it's weight.

Three more men were too late to take cover and were shred to pieces by the metal storm drenching the deck in blood and guts.

Then the guns were silent.

Old Nedd understood immediately, WE'RE GOING TO BE BOARDED!!!! PREPARE YOURSELF!!!

The Barracuda's crew threw ropes with small anchors attached, the ships closed in on each other, Old Nedd's crew stood ready weapons in hand.

Where were Cerdo and James? Nedd thought.

He looked at the Jan Jose who now closed in on the Barracadu from the other side all guns blazing.

The Barracuda returned fire and Old Nedd couldn't see through the smoke who was winning, he looked over his shoulder at the Flying Kraken, why didn't she move?

He had no more time to think about it when the first wave of pirates boarded his ship.

A brutal melee followed.


On the Flying Kraken, James and Rosetta were looking at the approach of the Barracuda, Gonzales is going to board the Swordfish, James said.

He's defending from  the Jan Jose at Portside, but he's still boarding!

We need to intervene!

He turned around to shout orders at his men and fell silent, turning pale and unable to speak.

Rosetta also turned around to see why James suddenly stopped talking and then she saw it too.


The deck was littered with corpses of their crew, blood everywhere and in the middle of it all stood Bonita.

Her giant snakelike body twitched, blood dripped from her sword and slowly she drew a pistol from her sash.

DUCK! Rosetta yelled, they threw themselves at the deck when Bonita fired.

Immediately Bonita moved forward at tremendous speed, Rosetta and James got up as fast as they could and James fired his gun, the bullet missed.

Bonita threw her empty gun away and grabbed James with one hand, Finally! She said.


Rosetta drew her sword, Bonita looked at her, I wouldn't do that if I were you, or do you want me to kill your lover right now?

She held James high with one hand.

Rosetta froze, you will kill us anyway, won't you?

Bonita smiled, you should have thought about that when you treated me like dirt, little brat!

But I have a proposition for you!


You what? Rosetta looked at James who turned a bit blue, You're choking him! STOP!

Bonita loosened her grip a little, will you two listen or shall I just kill you now?

James whispered something, what's that my dear? Bonita asked with a smile.

We'll listen! James said.

Good! Bonita said and put him down, just know that I can kill you in a second if you make a wrong move, now, she said, looking at the fighting ships before them, we need to move this ship away from here, take the wheel and turn her about!

We need to talk!

Confused James ran to the wheel to turn the ship.

Bonita stood next to Rosetta, what do you want from us? Rosetta asked, all in good time dear! Bonita replied.


Gonzales looked at the battle, his troops made short work of Old Nedd's crew it would be a matter of minutes before they had won that battle, he turned to watch the Portside, The Jan Jose laid dead in the water, the Barracuda's guns had crippled her, she would have to wait her turn, he thought.

Then Old Nedd raised a white flag, they surrendered!

He looked passed the Swordfish and saw how the Flying Kraken slowly sailed away, that coward was fleeing!

Toni appeared next to him, all goes well so far.


Gonzales smiled, yes! let our men take the prisoners below deck, bring Old Nedd to me!

We will now turn our attention to the Jan Jose!

Toni pointed at the Flying Kraken who was sailing away, James escapes!

We can't get them and the Jan Jose both!


Gonzales nodded, choices my friend, we will take the Jan Jose, the Kraken will be for another day I fear.

She is the lightest of the ships and won't pose much of a threat to us without the others, the Jan Jose is a bigger prize!

Toni agreed, and then?


Gonzales stroked his beard, I have had enough of this stupid jungle!

Too much monsters here, we will take these ships as prizes, return to a nice pirate's nest and sell them there, with that money we can decide if we retire or come back for the real treasure.

Are you serious? Toni asked.

let's be realistic, Gonzales said, we now have a Man'oWar, we can fight any ship with this beauty, maybe if we can convince Old Nedd and Cerdo we could even form a pirate fleet again, we could return to our old ways! I'm fed up with fighting on land against monsters!

Now! First we will have to talk to our friend Cerdo, let's board the Jan Jose!


Cerdo had seen how the Swordfish surrendered, he looked at the Flying Kraken sailing away, his own ship was crippled, he couldn't move and he knew he was outnumbered.

They will board us and then all will be over he said, no need for more bloodshed, raise the white flag!


Gonzales smiled when he saw the Jan Jose raising the white flag as well.

Good! That would spare precious men and cannonballs, he thought.

Prepare for a meeting with the Captains he told Toni.


The Flying Kraken sailed further away from the battle, with a few surviving crewmen it was difficult to handle the ship.

Bonita didn't seem to care, what was she up to?


At the beach the Transmuthor and Sssllthr had watched the battle unfold.

As suspected the big ship has won, Sssllthr said.

We will have to wait for the Frogking to get the message, the raptor is fast, and I'm sure His Majesty will use his powers to do what we suggested, it won't be long.

The ships will not go anyware for a while I guess.


Where is she going? The Transmuthor looked at the Flying Kraken sailing away, that ship is going away!

Bonita! Is she captured? Has she betrayed us? Now what?









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Legend, Myth or Real?


In the main hall Xolotl, Fillippa, Mitla, Nahuatl, Leon, Achik and Apo-Mayta were discussing their situation.

With the others away on a quest to retrieve the Orb of Tanith there wasn't much they could do.

They were still recovering from the losses, the last battle had been a disaster.

But there was hope.


Apo-Mayta had suggested to send some of their men to the human villages to seek more allies.

Maybe stir things up to the point the natives would rise up to their cruel masters.

This would take time, they had to be discrete and it was a dangerous task.

Fillippa thought this could take months maybe longer, but he did support the idea.

Even Hispania had used this trick, sow discord in other nations, make them sympathetic to your cause and you could get allies in unsuspected places.


But their main hope came from Xolotl who had mentioned the possible existence of the Elder Beasts.

The table was littered with scrolls and maps and some items.

Xolotl had been teaching them how to read his people's language and they had been studying for days.


Do you really think these beasts are still alive somewhere? Apo-Mayta asked.

If so, how come we haven't heard from those before?

My people have lived here for centuries and these are strange to me!


Xolotl smiled, I was strange to you! You didn't know about my people either.

But I understand, these creatures, if they're still around do live far from here.

If I interpreted these scrolls correctly they live in a huge valley, it will take months to get there.

There is talk about mountains surrounding this valley, but there is a passageway.

Else these scrolls would not have been written.


What do you mean? Apo-Mayta asked.

Xolotl showed him a small piece of a torn scroll, these were written by one of my people, he said.

An explorer of some kind, his name was Xilla, he has wandered far and discovered the valley and it's inhabitants.

He has made it back and took all of this with him, this was before I was even born and I fear much was lost during the war with the Reptilians.

All that's left of my culture is in this cave and I had not looked at these for decades.

I would never had thought of seeking these creatures if Mitla hadn't shown up.


Why not? Mitla asked.

Well, you're the only one I ever met who could control beasts with her mind.

I get it, Mitla said, but normally I can only control one or maybe two beasts at the most.

That won't be enough will it?

Xolotl nodded, I have been thinking about that, first of all these creatures are probably more primitive than the animals from nowadays.

So I was hoping that you could control more of them due to their smaller brains.

But I also had another idea.


The others listened in suspense, Nahuatl here is an excellent animal trainer and breeder.

So If Mitla could get a few of these monsters together than Nahuatl could train their offspring.

Also, aside from bringing in a few of the adult monsters, maybe, just maybe we could retrieve eggs or young specimens.

With those we could raise a monstrous horde that would be capable of defeating anything the Reptilians can throw at us.


Fillippa nodded in consent, I like the sound of that.

With Apo-Mayta's men seeking help among the natives and these creatures we might finally be able to win this war!

But! Where are these creatures? Do you really think they still exist? And how are we going to find them?


Xolotl shoved aside the scrolls and maps, first of all, why do I think they still exist?

I have been looking among Xilla's finds, all of these scrolls and maps were safely stored in a big chest.

At the bottom of that chest was this!

He put a large object wrapped in cloth at the table.


What's that? Mitla asked.

Well, according to this scroll it is a tooth from one of the Elder Beasts, Xolotl said, see? there is a drawing of such an animal on it.

Show us the tooth, Apo-Mayta asked excited.


Xolotl unwrapped it, a large tooth twice the size of a macahuitl appeared.

Wait! Fillippa said, that tooth is broken!

They looked at the tooth in awe, that means it was originally even longer!

Nahuatl studied it, given the shape I would say the whole tooth was probably even twice this long she said.


What kind of monster did this belong too? Leon asked.

There is a drawing here, Xolotl said, it was attached to this wrapping so I assumed it depicts the creature this belonged to.

They looked at it.

I have never seen anything like it Achik said, and I have hunted my whole life.

Nahuatl pointed at a litlle animal that was drawn next to the creature.

Is that..? They looked at the picture closer.

By the Gods that thing is huge! Mitla whispered.


The creature was almost three times as big as the smaller one depicted next to it.

Next to it Xilla had drawn a large Ancient One they had seen before.

The huge creature with a crest with three horns and a parrotlike beak was often used by the Reptilians as a transport.

It dwarfed the Elder Beast.


If this is at a true scale than it is a huge monster! Leon said in awe.

Indeed Xolotl said, and from the scrolls it seems there are even bigger ones out there!

The valley itself is described in a few of these scrolls, there is a map which I think shows the location!


Xolotl laid out the map before his friends.

See? It took me a while to recognise this since it is so old.

But now I remember, this shows the Capitol of my people's civilization, next to it it tells us how far the valley is from that.

And here are the outlines of the valley, surrounded by mountains.

The passageway is shown here, he said.


They looked at the map, so the Capitol is the reference point? But where was that? Achik asked.

You're living in it's dungeons, Xolotl said.

This cave is the last that is left of our glorious civilization.

So we can calculate how far we should travel to find the valley and we can look for the shape of those mountains and then seek the passageway.


Great! Fillippa said, we will have to form a party to go there!

We must wait till the others have returned with the Orb of Tanith, Mitla tempered his enthusiasm.

And I might add that the journey is very dangerous, Xolotl said.


He showed some more scrolls depicting creatures that they would encounter.

You will have to cross a large lake as well, and these live there, he said showing more drawings.

And who knows what else lives there, most of Xilla's work is lost.


Achik looked at the drawings of she strange and terrible looking creatures that inhabited the lake and the valley.

The journey might be as dangerous as waging war with the Reptilians!




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@SisterMaryNapalm provided me with this link.

So for the horses I'm going to try to do something like this.

I already basecoated them, but here we go.




The brown horse will be the first test subject, stage 1.

Painting a lighter colour in "hair like" strokes.






Add more beige and apply very thinned.




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