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Lost World Project Glitterwolf Paints Coldblooded Creatures and Conquistadores

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I haven't had occasion to paint horses in a long time. I favor chestnuts & strawberry roans myself with white ones for musicians.

The trumpeters on whites was an 18th & 19th century thing...maybe earlier. I do like dapple grays.

I do recall not particularly liking painting them regardless of color. Cavalry was always the weakest of arms in my armies.

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Higlighted markings, retouched leather, dappled spots, a little work on some manes/tails.


That's it for today.

They need more work on the tails/manes, muzzles, eyes and of course the blanket.

They might need another glaze to bring it all together.

Maybe a little wash and more shadows.













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1 hour ago, Rigel said:

Great color schemes! I particularly like the dapple and the palomino (?). 

Also excited that the fiction is teasing ELDER BEASTS!



I'm grateful for the link Sistermarynapalm sent me, I got some new insights because of that.

Normally I'm a bit reluctant to paint horses, but this time I really enjoyed it.

They're not finished yet of course, but I think they will look better than what I first had in mind.

One of the great things about this forum, people helping, giving advice and pointing each other in the right direction.


As for the Elder Beasts, we're slowly getting there, they have been mentioned before.

There will be a major scalecreep, I think because they predated the Dinosaurs and still survived, they have evolved to grow even bigger and meaner.

I like to make up stories, this is a big one, and I do hope I don't bore you all with it.

It gives me an incentive to paint more, the story and the minis might not be chronological but still, it's part of the fun to me.







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4 hours ago, Corsair said:

Those are looking really, really good!


Thank you, they do need a little more work before they're finished.

I do hope the riders will look good as well so they don't bring it down.


These minis were really really hard to assemble, the riders that are holding their rifles in front of them and the one that fires his rifle, they needed putty to fill in the gap between the hands and the arms.

Those bayonet/daggers wouldn't stay on without adding putty to the mix and the horse's tails were secured with putty and superglue as well.

In the end these are cool minis, but what a pain to assemble.

I got flashbacks from the old Confrontation line with tiny joints at impossible angles.

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10 minutes ago, vegascat said:

Looking great!  Those bases really stand out!  <3  You've really gotten great at painting that kind of foliage.


Thanks, those Jungle bases are almost minis themselves, many details like small rocks, branches, flowers, different plants and some versions have water and frogs / snakes on them.

They deserve attention!


The other's need more work, I made two with the Aztec Roller Pin and the other one is a resin one featuring a large bug.

Love to paint that.


The riders are almost done.

They were an absolute horror to assemble, but they paint up nice.

Soon the Conquistadores will become an army, unfortunately for them they will be outnumbered by the reptiles and dinos.


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Herruelos are finished:


*** The sound of thundering hooves, the battlecries of the riders, and then before you know it, they're upon you!***












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Continuing the story.

Let's see what everybody's up to these days.






The Flying Kraken had sailed away from the battle, she was a few miles away and out of sight of the other ships and the reptilians ashore.

James had sailed her around the shore and now they had laid anchor just before the coast.

All they could see was a beach and the jungle beyond that, no sign of any reptilians or soldiers.

James looked at Bonita who was standing next to Rosetta, she was always near one of them to make sure the other would do as she told them.

His crew was terrified of her, who could blame them? After all, she had slaughtered most of them.

The few men left, made sure to do what they had to, avoiding getting near Bonita.


James sighed, what a mess!

This was supposed to have been a hunt for treasure, maybe a few fights, but this was insane!

He had lost most of his men, his old friend Nedd was captured by Gonzales, both he and Rosetta had escaped death and captivity and treasure was nowhere to be found.

Well, that wasn't entirely true, there was treasure, you just had to defeat an army of monsters to get it.

And now they were at the mercy of Bonita who was somehow transformed into a giant half snake monster.

James wondered if they would get out of this alive, it felt like he had ran out of luck.

Better see what she wanted, he left the steering wheel now that the ship was anchored and walked towards Bonita and Rosetta.


Okay, he said, we did what you asked, we are away from the battle and the beach, what is it you want from us?

Bonita stroked Rosetta's hair, Rosetta flinched, she turned around and looked at her former friend.

You're just going to kill us anyway aren't you?


Bonita smiled, I would love to my dear!

But I think I need you!

Need us? Rosetta asked.


Bonita looked down on them, do you think I like being like this?

I know I made some mistakes and lost your ship, but the way you treated me has led to this!

That's why I hate you so much, you could have treated me better, we were friends first!

I might still have been human then!


Rosetta nodded, alright, I might have been harsh, I was devastated by the loss of my ship and all those men!

Surely you can understand!

Bonita sighed, I know, I know....


Listen! She said, I want to be human again and you're going to help me with that!

You owe me this!

With this ship we can sail to a safer shore, you will help me capture the one who did this to me, and then we will force him to reverse the process and make me human again!

James blinked, ehhh, how do you think we're going to pull that off?

And why would we help you?


Bonita pointed her pistol at his head, because you owe me! Because I can kill you both on the spot, and because this is the only way to get at least a little of the treasure!

If we succeed we can finally leave this place, get rich and maybe become pirates again.

Now? What do you say?

Rosetta turned around and looked at Bonita, what if we help you? Won't you kill us then?

If you apologise for your earlier behaviour, help me become human again, I might just let you both live, Bonita said with a grin.


Any ideas how to capture the one who did this to you? James asked.

Bonita nodded, yes, he will expect me back with news of your deaths, let's say I go back and you follow me with a few men till we can take him hostage.

And what's stopping us from sailing away when you go back? James asked.

Bonita stroked Rosetta's hair again, oh I will not go back alone, I will tell them I killed you and she is coming with me, I'm sure the Frogking will be happy to see his sacrifice returning.

That way I will know you will help me! Let's call it insurance!

It's either that or die here and now! Bonita said.


It seems we have no choice, James said.




Negotiations, Dragons and Vampires.


Tegwen waited patiently while the Elders discussed her request.

They were trying to think of a way to capture a virgin from another tribe so they wouldn't have to sacrifice one of their own people.

She understood, it was all a matter of time, they would help her one way or another, she thought.

If only they would hurry it up she thought, she longed for the moment she could resurrect the twelve.

Her thoughts were interrupted by screams from the villagers, the sky got even darker and when she looked up she saw three large flying creatures descending.

Dragons? She got up and hurried to the Elders who looked at the sky in awe.


A few moments later three dragons landed in the middle of the village.

Tegwen noticed that there were people on their back, and suddenly she recognised her champion, Aguilera??

The Captain dismounted and walked to her, the other people also got off the dragon's backs.

Ignis, Furnach and Brand looked around and kept the villagers at bay.


Aguilera had reached Tegwen, she took his hand into hers, what have you done? She asked.

Fear not my love, Aguilera said, these people want to negotiate, they want their Orb back.

But I need it! Tegwen said, Yes my dear, but maybe you can give it back when you're done with it?

That way nobody gets hurt and we all get what we want.


Tegwen looked at Aguilera's companions, most were humans but one of them was a creature looking like a mole and the other one was a dragonlike man.

The others were native warriors, two females, one looked like a priestess the other looked like her bodyguard.

The Elders stood behind Tegwen now, what shall we do my Queen? We can't battle these monsters!

They're here to talk it seems, she replied.

Prepare a feast for our guests! We will celebrate their coming and talk.

Aguilera smiled upon hearing these words, thank you my dear, he said.

Tegwen nodded, she looked at Acclucana and Alsnia, I wonder..she whispered, what was that?  Aguilera asked.

Nothing, nothing my dear, Tegwen said.

Let's eat, drink and talk. I'm sure we can work something out.



Seeking refuge.


Luis and Paco led the way, Alavarez and Escolano followed them, the rest of the men where behind them.

Show us that place you've found, Alvarez said.

The men walked through the jungle, Alvarez noticed how the vegetation got less green until there were only dead trees and rotten plants among them, some black pools of water and a desolate terrain appeared.

Here it is, Paco said.

We can't cross that Sir! We have no idea if there's drinkable water, it's like crossing a desert without knowing how large it is!


Alvarez noticed the fear in Paco's voice, he knew he had to be careful, if he made the wrong decision now his men might revolt.

He thought about it.

Alright, he said, I think you're right, however we can't turn back or we will walk right into the hands of our enemy!

Maybe we can go around it? Luis said.

Yes, you mentioned that earlier, Alvarez said, it might be our only chance!

Good work men!


Let's try to go around this place, find food and water and hopefully a settlement.

What do you say Father? He turned to Escolano.

If the Lord wills it, we will find shelter, the Inquistor replied, he looked at the deadlands before him, that is the place of something evil, he said.

We must not go there!

We won't Father! Alvarez replied, he looked a bit worried when he studied Escolano's face,the Priest seemed to be sweating more than he should, he looked pale and fragile.

Are you alright Father? He asked.


Escolano looked at the Colonel with a faint smile, I'm not feeling well, I'm tired and hungry, but so are we all, I'll be fine as long as the Lord is with me, he said.

Let's move on!

Suddenly one of the men screamed and fell down, he started shaking and convulsing, foam formed at his mouth.

What happened? Alvarez asked, a soldier pointed at a bush, Pietro just ate a few of those berries Sir!

Alvarez looked at a dead looking bush it's barren branches held just a handful of black shrivelled berries.

He turned to the fallen soldier, Escolano was already giving him absolution, it was done!

The poor man died in seconds.


With a heavy heart the men moved on, hoping to find refuge soon.






The Frogking took the little message from the Raptor, Sssllthr and the Transmuthor briefly reported about the battle.

He read the part about the naval battle and the idea they had, of course! The Frogking thought.

Now they knew the position of the paleskin's ships it would be easy.

He petted the little Raptor and threw it a piece of meat, the little predator gobbled it up, the Frogking attached a new message to the little messenger, and after he gave it another treat, the Raptor ran off, back to his master.


The Frogking sat back on his throne he rang a little bell, a servant came running, Your Majesty?

Release Archelon, he said.

Yes Your Majesty!

The servant ran off to give the order.


In the East of the Citadel there was a huge pool, it was connected to the river flowing through the city, the river in it's turn was connected to the Sea.

After receiving the Frogking's orders Archelon's trainer pulled a lever.

An old gate started to open and Archelon left the pool, swimming into the river and headed for the Sea.

His trainer waved at him when he left, slowly but surely Archelon gained momentum and when he reached the river he was at full speed.

It wouldn't take him long to get to Sea.


The Frogking closed his eyes and made contact with Archelon, sending images of what he desired to the creature..

Archelon blinked and his primitive brain understood what he had to do.

He swung his mighty tail and almost flew through the water, fish, crocodiles and even Marine Ancient Ones got out of his way as fast as they could.

Those that where too slow were gobbled up by Archelon who didn't even slowed down to do so.


The Frogking opened his eyes.

It wouldn't be long now before the Paleskins would meet their doom.

Now! With those out of the way he needed to deal with the Rebels and then there was that upstart Spider Queen !

There was a faint feeling of some other danger, he couldn't place it yet, there was something wrong.

No matter! All in time!

The Reptilians had always won and always would, he thought.


Again he made contact with Archelon, he wanted to see what Archelon saw.

This would be fun!




Gathering Forces


Neith grew bored of the fishing village she had conquered.

More and more creatures joined her army, the view of the crawling mass of insects, arachnids and crusteceans pleased her.

Just a few more, she thought, and then she would march to the Citadel.

She knew what she wanted, she would confront the Frogking and he would have to meet her demands or she would destroy his precious City.


She send out more signals, she waited and waited.

Then one day trees fell as something huge broke through, there they were!

With those she could defeat the Frog!

She gave the mental signal and all the creatures swarmed to her.

Time to march!











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