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Lost World Project Glitterwolf Paints Coldblooded Creatures and Conquistadores

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29 minutes ago, vegascat said:

If you have any of those cheap toy snakes, you could cut off a head and make a snake headed staff for one of them.


That would be Heresy, wouldn't it?

How dare you try to corrupt the Spanish Inquisition?

You like burning stakes little fellow?

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On 6/18/2019 at 10:29 AM, Glitterwolf said:


Here is a "where do we stand now" overview:


  • Alvarez Expedition:  Our Colonel is lost in the jungle with only Inquisitor Escolano and a  few men left, he 's a the border of the Barren Lands.
  • Draghor, Alsnia and a few other rebels are in the Barren Lands with their three dragons and are negotiating with Tegwen for the Orb of Tanith.
  • Neith has amassed an army and is ready to march to the Citadel, the Flying Kraken has just been beached by her monsters and she wants to discuss something with
  • Bonita, James and Rosetta it seems.
  • The Frogking is pondering his next move, he has released Archelon and now he's turning his attention to other matters.
  • Sssllthr and the Transmuthor have just watched Archelons first assault, only the Barracuda, Gonzales's Man o War, is still in the fight.
  • Cerdo is swimming for his life towards the beach.
  • Andres Segova and Hidalgo's expedition is underway, unknown by them they're being followed from a safe distance by Bloody Bess and her Pirate Fleet.
  • Fillippa and the other rebels are waiting for their friends to return, when they do, they want to go on a quest to find the Elder Beasts hoping to turn the tide with those.




Let's continue from here, it's been a while since I posted a part of the story.






Acclacuna woke up with a slight headache, still a bit sleepy she looked around, what happened?

She saw the dragons surrounding them, all sleeping, Talpa was comfortable with his back against Brand, snorring loudly.

Draghor slept on Furnach's back and the Jaguar Warriors were all asleep as well.


She remembered, last night they had finally struck a deal with Tegwen the Vampire Queen of this village.

They would let her use the Orb of Tanith once to resurrect her friends on condition she would not damage it and after that she would hand it over to them.

That way everybody got what they wanted without bloodshed.

To celebrate there had been a party where the villagers had brought them octli and they had all been drinking and partying together.

Even the dragons had indulged themselves and drank large quantities of the booze.


Everybody had been so friendly, they didn't even thought about putting up a guard or let at least one of them stay sober, she realised.

Looking around again she couldn't see Alsnia or Tegwen or Cpt. Aguilera for that matter.

Suddenly she got a bad feeling about it, she glanced at the villagers who just went about their daily business like usual.


Without drawing too much attention to herself she tried to wake up her friends.

Poking Talpa didn't work, then she walked up to Furnach and climbed on his back to wake up Draghor.

She grabbed the dragonman by his shoulder and shook him.

With a hiss Draghor woke up and stared into Acclacuna's eyes, what's going on?


I'm not sure yet, Acclacuna whispered, but don't let the villagers notice anything, I fear we're no longer safe.

Alsnia is not here anymore and Tegwen and Aguilera are gone as well.

Draghor nodded, they got off Furnach's back, waking up the Jaguar Warriors and finally managed to wake up Talpa as well.


Draghor walked up to Furnach and talked softly in his ear, after a while the big dragon opened an eye.

He explained the situation, Ignis and Brand woke up as well and finally everybody was ready to discuss what had happened.

Acclacuna noticed the villagers approaching, armed this time, they surrounded the group and stood silent, spears and shields in their hands.

Furnach rose his head, not yet! Draghor said, holding him back.


The Mayor of the village stepped forward.

What is this? Draghor demanded to know.


Only that Tegwen will fulfill her part of the bargain, the Mayor replied.

She will perform the ritual and resurrect the Twelve, then she will return the Orb to you as agreed.

And where is Alsnia? Acclacuna asked.

Your friend is needed to assist with the ritual, the Mayor said a bit uneasy.


Draghor stepped closer to the Mayor, assist? In what way? I don't recall anything about us agreeing to that.

The Mayor raised his hands, let's all stay calm he said.

We have you surrounded, Tegwen needed a virgin to perform the ritual.

As agreed you will get the Orb back then, so you better stay calm and all will be over soon.


Why does she need a virgin? Acclacuna asked.

The Mayor looked at the ground, in order to perform the ritual the blood of a virgin is needed, don't forget you all agreed in letting Tegwen perform the ritual!


Draghor drew his sword and the dragons rose to their feet, not if it means that Alsnia is being harmed!

Bring her back immediately or we will unleash the dragons, your spears won't do any good!

The Mayor's guards stepped forward pointing their spears at them, Tegwen protects us, the Mayor said, you will wait till she's done!

Besides, you don't know where she is, now do you?

You can kill us all and it won't do you any good, consider this the price for the bargain.


Acclacuna turned to the Mayor, listen, either we burn down the village and all of you in it, or you tell us where we can find our friend!

Tegwen won't be able to save you, so think twice before trying to stop us!

The Mayor blinked, he hadn't thought it would come to this.

Where Tegwen is, you're dragons can't go, he said, you won't stand a chance!

She's underground! He pointed West, there is a large tree where the entrance to her Castle is, but the entrance is too small for the dragons.

Just accept this, there will be no more bloodshed, nobody needs to be harmed!


Except Alsnia! Draghor growled, he spoke a single word in his own language and suddenly the dragons unleashed their fire upon the villagers.

In mere seconds the mayor and the guards turned to ashes.

Talpa felt weak in his stomach when he witnessed them burning.

The warriors in the back tried to flee when a second burst of flames engulfed them all.


Burn this place down, spare no one! Draghor ordered the dragons.

Acclacuna closed her eyes, this was not how it was supposed to go!

The smell of burning flesh and wood overwhelmed her, even the hardened Jaguar Warriors looked the other way when the dragons burned down the entire village.


Was this necessary? Acclacuna asked Draghor.

The dragonman nodded, I'm sorry, but when we go to rescue Alsnia we can't have these guys at our back, they betrayed us, now they paid the price.

This is WAR! Now let's go, we haven't got time to lose!


In the meanwhile Captain Aguilera tried to reason with Tegwen.

Alsnia was tied up on an altar and Tegwen made preparations for the sacrifice.

Is this the only way? 

Do you have to kill the girl?


Tegwen looked at her champion, yes, I'm sorry a small sacrifice to make, unfortunately!

But, she's an innocent child. Christian Aguilera protested.

Yes, that's the necessary ingredient, Tegwen said, arranging candles in the right pattern.

Her friends will take revenge, the Captain said, how will you fight three dragons? This is madness!


Tegwen turned around to face Christian, when the Twelve are resurrected those dragons will mean nothing!

They will slay those beasts with ease! Now leave me to my preparations, I will need to do this right!

Aguilera was shocked, but, I thought you weren't evil? I didn't think you would kill an innocent girl!

Alsnia woke up and noticed she was tied up, a piece of cloth in her mouth prevented her from screaming.


Cpt. Aguilera saw the fear in her eyes, but your villagers, he tried once more to convince Tegwen, her friends will take it out on them!

Tegwen shrugged, they have outlived their usefulness, the resurrection of the Twelve is all that counts, then I can have my revenge!

She looked at Aguilera , don't fail me now my champion! 


Aguilera looked at Alsnia squirming on the altar, he nodded, of course my Queen.

Satisfied Tegwen turned her attention to Alsnia, calm down girl it won't hurt much, she said.

No it won't Aguilera said and hit Tegwen over the head with a heavy pitcher.

She fell down and Aguilera untied Alsnia as fast as he could.


He left the piece of cloth in her mouth, fearing she would scream and wake Tegwen.

Quickly he threw her over his shoulder, grabbing the Orb of Tanith with his other hand and ran for the stairs.

His mind was racing, how could he have been so gullible? Of course she was evil! She was a Vampire!

While running up the stairs to reach the exit, a thought occured to him, but so am I !!!

What will I become? 

He shook off the thoughts and focused on their escape, finally he reached the door, he just jumped out when he heard Tegwen screaming.


He put Alsnia down, removed the cloth from her mouth, can you run?

We need to flee!

She nodded. he took her by the hand and they ran for their lives.


Alsnia looked at Aguilera's other hand, The ORB! You got it!

Give it quick!

Aguilera handed her the Orb and they kept running.

He looked over his shoulder and saw a figure in the distance behind them closing in.

We're never going to make it he said.


Alsnia started chanting while running, louder and louder, Aguilera drew his sword, it wouldn't do much good but maybe he could keep Tegwen at a distance with it.

Suddenly the sky got dark, he looked up and stopped running, The Dragons had come!

He turned around and saw that Tegwen was almost with them, Alsnia screamed at Draghor, BEHIND US!!!!


Acclacuna looked down and saw the running figures, there she is!

She patted Brand on his neck and pointed at Tegwen, that's the Vampire Queen!


Alsnia fell on her knees and Cpt. Aguilera ducked when Brand flew over their heads in the direction of Tegwen.

Ignis and Furnach followed.

Tegwen suddenly realised her predicament, she hesitated for a second and that proved to be fatal, Brand engulfed her in flames.

Screaming she burned and returned to ashes.


Aguilera couldn't help crying when he saw her burn, he had loved her despite it all.

Furnach and Ignis landed next to them, Draghor jumped off Furnach's back, sword raised he ran to Aguilera, STOP! Alsnia shouted, HE SAVED ME!!!
For a brief moment that seemed to last an eternity the Vampire and the Dragonman stood before each other both with their swords ready, then Draghor stepped back.

It seems like we owe you our gratitude, he said.


Captain Aguilera sheathed his sword, I couldn't let her harm the girl he said in tears.

She is dead now, really dead, and I have nothing left!

To everyone's surprise Alsnia hugged the Vampire, that's not true, you have us!

We're friends now, you will stay with us!

He will? Talpa asked, in response Acclacuna slapped his head.

HE WILL! She repeated after Alsnia.


That's settled then, Draghor said.

We have the Orb, let's return to Fillippa I'm sure our friends will be happy to see us!


One of the Jaguar Warriors drew their attention. LOOK!

He spread his arms and slowly turned around, LOOK!

What do you mean? Draghor asked and then they saw it.


The barren vegetation slowly regained colour, flowers started to bloom, the dark water turned clear.

They saw the undead monsters in the distance suddenly fall apart, nothing but ashes and piles of bones remained.

Within minutes the barren ground around them turned green.

With her death, her spell ended! Alsnia said.




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Story continues.





Alvarez noticed his men getting exhausted, the heat, the humidity and the lack of proper food began to take it's toll.

They tried to get around the barren land hoping to find water and food, but Alvarez feared it would take too long.

For days they had been walking, finding only a few fruits, their rations were almost gone now.

The Colonel looked at the barren landscape, they couldn't cross that, turning back was not an option, the Reptilians would be waiting.

Going deeper into the jungle wasn't an option either, who knows what beasts they would encounter?

No, this was the best cause of action! Stay at the border between those barren lands and the jungle and try to find a way out.

Alvarez woke up from his thoughts when one of the men shouted something.



Luis pointed at the barren landscape and seemed excited.

Alvarez walked up to him, what's the matter Luis?

Look SIR! The land! It's changing!!!


Changing? Don't be ridicilous! The Colonel replied, but then he saw it too.

It looked like the grey and brown landscape slowly turned green, it started in the distance and it almost seemed as if the green was spreading from the centre of the land and was now reclaiming the once dead soil.


LOOK OUT! Paco shouted. A MONSTER!

Everybody grabbed their weapon, as if it was fleeing from the green a huge skeletal beast ran towards them.

It's empty sockets glowing with an unnatural fire, it was the size of an elephant but it's mouth was full of sharp teeth revealing that this was a predator.


The men braced themselves, but just before it reached their position the green vegetation caught up with the undead monstrosity.

Suddenly it stopped, the fire in it's eyes went out and the beast fell apart before their eyes.

The magic holding it bones together no longer sustained it.

In awe the men viewed the scene.


Inquisitor Escolano praised the Lord, it is HIS doing! He said.

Look how the lands are fertile again and how the evil beast vanished!

The Lord is with us, we are saved!


Colonel Alvarez was the first to cross the no longer existing border.

From the erstwhile dead vines, flowers appeared and everywhere around him life emerged again.

Insects, birds, mice, small lizards, they all found their way into the once barren land again.

In the distance he spotted a lake, no longer black but with clear blue water it seemed.

Let's pray men! He said, I believe Father Escolano is right!

God is with us!

We will survive after all!








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1 hour ago, vegascat said:

Holy Cats, the story really got me, I didn't want to stop reading!~  I've been a fan of our undead Captain since you first penned him, its great to see him survive and still be good.


I agree. Captain Aquilera is an inspiring character. I started on a living & revenant version of him using the G,W, Free Knight mini a few years ago.

Unfortunately, other pieces called for attention more urgently.

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1 hour ago, malefactus said:


I agree. Captain Aquilera is an inspiring character. I started on a living & revenant version of him using the G,W, Free Knight mini a few years ago.

Unfortunately, other pieces called for attention more urgently.


Noooooooo, we need him now! ;)

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Storytime again.



End of a dream?


Gonzales looked in horror at the monstrous turtle, it's head appeared just above the railing but the Man 'o War's deck was too high for the monster to reach it.

Slowly it sank back into the water.

He can't jump onto the deck! Toni said, Gonzales nodded, indeed!

They watched how Archelon swam away.


IT'S LEAVING! Toni yelled.

Gonzales shook his head, don't count your blessings yet my friend, I fear it will just swim away far enough to gain momentum.

He's going to ram us for sure, maybe our copper plated hull will save us.

We're sailing as fast as we can but that creature is even faster, our cannons are useless against that thick shell, we need to think of something and quick!


Toni shouted at the crew to throw anything useless overboard, hoping to gain more speed.

Useless my friend, Gonzales said, placing a hand on his shoulder. Forget it!

The old buccaneer looked at the Sea, the huge turtle was nothing but a small dot in the distance now.

For a moment he thought Toni had been right and the monster was swimming away, but then he saw the dot turn.



FIRE THE CANNONS !!!! Toni Shouted, a volley was fired in haste but the Turtle was still too far away.

You just wasted good ammo you fools !!! Gonzales grumbled.

He turned around and suddenly a gleam appeared in his eyes.

Of course!!!

Captain? Toni asked.


Gonzales pointed at the sloops, it want's a ship right? Let's give it one!!!

Captain? Toni asked again.

Fill it with barrels of gunpowder, drench some cloth in oil as a fuse, we're going to feed it a burner!!!

Toni lightened up, of course!!!


The crew frantically worked to fill the sloop and prepare the fuse.

Archelon was now clearly visible and approached with great speed intent on ramming the Barracuda.

They were able to lower the sloop, slowly the fuse burned.

Will it work? Toni asked nervously.

Either it will work or the sloop will crash into us and blow us up, Gonzales shrugged, it's all or nothing my friend.


The sloop slowly drifted away from the ship, Archelon noticed the little snack between him and his prey, he opened his mouth and swallowed the sloop.

It didn't work! Toni cried out.

Gonzales turned pale, this is it then! Goodbye my friend, it was a pleasure sailing with you!

The next moment a bloody rain of flesh and guts came down when the burner exploded inside Archelon's stomach, pieces of Archelon's shell fell into the Sea.

One large piece crashed on deck leaving a gaping hole.


It took a few seconds to sink in, but then the men realised they had won.

Drenched in blood and gore they cheered and danced, laughing and crying, they had survived!

Gonzales bowed his head, his hands on the railing, he looked at Toni, that was too close my friend!

Toni couldn't even speak, he was still not sure they had made it.

He looked at the water where burning remains of the monster floated around.

He nodded, too close, yes..


Gonzales straightened his back, and turned around.


The men stopped cheering and looked at their Captain.


Gonzales looked at them, drenched in blood and sweat.

MEN! We came here for fortune but until now all we found is Death!

I will ask you now, do you want to continue or will we take this ship and sail the Seven Seas under the Black Flag?

We have a Man 'o War! No merchant ship will be able to fend us off!

I ask you, fight against these monsters again, hoping to sack their city and get rich?


The men looked at each other and at Gonzales.

But what about the gold? One of them asked.

Gonzales nodded, Aye, the Gold!

What has it brought us so far? Do we stand a chance against those monsters with only this ship?

Our crew would need to march to that city and sack it, how? We lost our army!

We can't reach it from the Sea, if we march to the Citadel we will all perish!!


Toni stepped forward, the Captain is right!

We could become rich by plundering ships and live a long life or we could try to capture that city on our own and die.

The men started argueing, Gonzales raised his hands, MEN!

I'm not saying we will give up for ever!

We need more men, more troops, let's plunder the Seas, get rich and then decide if we have enough or use that money to hire a mercenary army and return here!




For a moment the men hesitated, Toni pointed at the remains of Archelon, what if there are more like that one?

The men agreed, let's return later when we have more men!

Gonzales nodded, he didn't want to give up on his dreams of gold, but he knew when the odds were against him.

This had kept him alive for decades where others had died.


Rest assured Men! We will return one day!

For now we will sail to the civilized World and PLUNDER IT!!!! He shouted.

The Men cheered again throwing their hats in the air.





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