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Lost World Project Glitterwolf Paints Coldblooded Creatures and Conquistadores

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On 2/7/2020 at 12:49 AM, Rigel said:

I'm very excited about the mosasaur and spinosaur!


14 hours ago, Standifer said:

The throne is coming along nicely, and I to look forward to seeing the spino painted. 


It will take time due to moving and all.

But I always wanted a Cronosaur and a Spinosaur for this project, I'm happy they came along.

Now to think about colourschemes.

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It's been a while since I could paint, still have a lot to do in the house.

So I figure we need to continue the story, especially with so many people who are stuck home, maybe a little story will be nice.

Here we go.




Hostile Water


Fillippa and his friends were well on their way, first they had travelled through the mountains and then they entered the jungle.

Most animals fled or hid because of them, of course Mon-Ark might have something to do with it, a large predator tend to scare away others.

At one occasion Mitla sensed a large animal nearby, she reached out with her mind and warned the others, the expedition came to a halt and everybody made ready for a confrontation.

A large bird appeared from the jungle and looked at our friends, it was as big as a horse, Achik remembered how  terrorbirds had slaughtered a village long ago, and she raised her weapon, ready to fight.

The bird slowly came closer trying to figure out if they were prey or not, suddenly Mon-Ark stepped forward and let out a mighty roar, the bird immediately ran off.

That was the last time any animal bothered them.


The group travelled further and further into the jungle, Fillippa tried to make sense of the scrolls of Xilla to see if they were on the right track.

After a few days they found a large lake.

What now? Leon asked, do we need to cross it or try to go around it?


The friends stopped and together they studied the scrolls of Xilla, it seems we do need to get to the other side, Mitla said.

Looking at the scrolls Captain Aguilera noticed something, what is this drawing? He asked.

Mitla looked closer and indeed, there was a small drawing of a creature near the lake, it looked a bit like a whale but with a long neck like a serpent.

Is this a warning that there is something in the lake? Leon asked.

Could be, Fillippa said, Mitla, can you sense something?


Mitla walked to the shore and sat down, she cleared her mind and reached out.

Something stirred the waters and then suddenly a reptilian looking head appeared, the creature had a long neck but not as long as the ancient one from the caves they had encountered.

Fillippa thought it resembled a mixture between a crocodile and a whale, from the look of the row of sharp teeth in the long mouth it was certainly a predator.

Mitla stepped back from the shore to create a safe distance.


I've never seen an ancient one like that, Apo-Mayta said, he hadn't even finished his words when suddenly an even larger creature appeared on the other side of the lake.

It was a strange creature, it had a large sail on it's back and a mouth full of swordlike teeth, this monster noticed the whalelike creature and without hesitation it jumped into the lake and attacked it.

A terrible fight occured, even Mon-Ark fell silent and Oso and Bruno hid behind Leon's legs their tails between their legs.

The two beasts fought ferociously, the water coloured red from their blood as each tore pieces of flesh from the other, then suddenly the sailbacked creature got the whalelike one by the throat.

It bit deep into it and shook it's head, triumphantly it dragged the creature out of the water to the shore, there it began eating it.


Right!! So we're not crossing the river, Leon said, we need to get around it!

Everybody agreed.







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On 4/8/2020 at 1:17 PM, Glitterwolf said:



I just backed this:




Now to buy a 3D printer very soon so my army will have it's temples.




I was a bit too eager, there is too much we need to do here now.

Better to wait till I'm sure I can miss the funds.

Also I want to reshuffle the hobby room, when I have all set up I can see where it would fit in.

Not in the best mood right now.

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36 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:


I've talked about it all with my girl.

Turns out most was a misunderstanding of the situation on my part.

We've crunched some numbers and we agreed that I can get the printer.

I did cancel the kickstarters though, thought about it long and hard if I should re-pledge, but I've decided to not do that.


I have now ordered an Elegoo Mars through the Flashsale on Gearbest ( thx @Jasper_the_2nd!) I will use the funds for the KS to buy resin.

I've decided to be very picky about the files, the temples and all look awesome but I also need to consider storage and display room.

In the end I would probably only print a Dino or two from the whole KS and maybe just one of the smaller temples, same applies to the other KS, I would end up printing that jungle tree set and probably one snakeman.


So I will buy the STL's for those when they become available.

Good news, One 3D printer on it's way.


Now, what resin would you guys recommend for me to get for the Elegoo Mars I ordered?


And a question, I see everyone prints out that Rook STL which comes with the printer.

Is that necessary? Is that kind of a test print to calibrate it?

Or could I save the resin and start printing something I like?


Turns out my hobby room does have a window that can be opened so ventilation is less of a problem now.

Brutus will sleep through the sound, I just want to make sure the fumes can get out.

Maybe I will set it up in the cellar after all, need to see if that would work with the temperature.

If it needs to be in the hobby room, is there a possibility to attach a tube or something to guide the fumes out of the window?

Anyone has a solution for that, maybe with pics so this non-tech wolf can understand how to do it?


Thank you all for your support and advice!





Edited by Glitterwolf
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Today we managed finish assembly of another cabinet.

One more to go..

We had a nice Easter Dinner.


The Vixen's, youngest's boyfriend and Brutus are watching Harry Potter DVD's, my girl is reading and I'm here to tell you stories.

As the Lost World Turns!






Evening fell and Gonzales, looking through his spyglass was happy, at last fortune smiled at him again.

He estimated they would reach that fishing village within half an hour under the cover of darkness, just as he intended.

Turning to his First Mate he gave the order to open the gunports.

Should those savages resist a few warning shots might convince them to work for him.

They would become rich without a fight this time.

Why hadn't he thought of it before? The obsession with that Citadel almost killed him, and for what?

Those mountains were filled with gold, he would simply let those natives work for him while keeping their families hostage.

The thought of gold made him smile.



Rosetta had talked to James about the ship she had seen.

James snapped out of his lethargy, we need to get to that ship, he said.

They're heading this way, Rosetta said, they will be here soon.


No! James said, they will be attacked like we were, we need to get to them warn them, sail away and leave this accursed place.

How are we going to get to the ship, Rosetta asked.

The moment we lower a lifeboat we will be spotted.


We could swim, James said.

SWIM? Are you out of your mind? Those monsters will eat us alive when we jump into the water.

James nodded, of course, you're right, that's a risk.

Let me think, there must be a way.


Any way we could send signals to the ship? Rosetta asked.

James shook his head, Bonita was a pirate, she will recognize what we're doing.

Rosetta sighed, it will never work, we're stuck here!


Don't give up! James said.

Let's go on deck, let's see what's going on out there.


They left the cabin and wandered to the railing.

Look, James whispered, the monsters are asleep or resting.

Where are Bonita and Neith?

Rosetta looked around, I can't seem to see them, maybe they're inside on of those huts.

James nodded, come on, let's go to the Stern.


They watched the Sea, nothing moved, a very small light was seen in the distance.

There! James said, the ship!

Someone must be smoking a pipe, see that little light?

They're almost upon us!

We need to risk it!


He grabbed Rosetta by her shoulder and dragged her with him to the lifeboat on the other side of the Kraken.

If we're really quiet they won't notice us, he whispered.

Come on!

Together they lowered the boat as slowly and silent as they could.

James froze when the boat hit the water with a splashing sound.

Seconds seemed like hours while he awaited a reaction, nothing happened.

He grabbed a lantern and pushed Rosetta to the railing, let's go!


Almost there Captain! Toni said.

Gonzales nodded, Aye, we're bound to get rich my friend!

The sound of wood on wood made him turn around, Old Nedd, he walked towards them, his peg leg making a tapping sound on the deck, Gonzales almost exploded when he noticed Old Nedd smoking a pipe.

Put that out you fool! Even a small light like that can be seen for miles in the dark!

Old Nedd apologized while he put out his pipe, sorry, I wasn't thinking!

I should have realised.


Let's hope nobody saw that, Gonzales muttered.

He turned around and suddenly noticed a light on the water.

Now what?

He took his spyglass, a boat, someone is approaching us.

Toni ran to the railing, that's not a native's boat Captain, that's one of ours!


Old Nedd smiled, Look!

The boat came closer, James was signalling with the lantern, Old Nedd had recognised the signals.

It's James!

Gonzales turned to Old Nedd, James?

How did he get here?


A few minutes later they hauled James and Rosetta aboard.

It's a trap! James said when they had greeted each other, turn around immediately!

What? Gonzales asked.


They explained how the Kraken had been beached, told Gonzales all about Bonita and Neith.

Please! Do not engage!

We must sail away from here!


Toni and Old Nedd agreed, Captain! We could search for another village, one without such dangers.

Gonzales was a bit disappointed, but he agreed, no need for another fight.

Let's find another village he said.


Old Nedd invited James and Rosetta to his cabin for a pitcher of rum.

I'd like to hear what happened to you, he said.

When they sat down to have a drink James asked, why is Gonzales looking for a village?


Old Nedd explained, but that's slavery! Rosetta shouted, I'll have nothing to do with that!

James shrugged, we have little choice, let's see what happens when it happens.

We'll find a way, Old Nedd said while he raised his pitcher, we always do!








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