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Lost World Project Glitterwolf Paints Coldblooded Creatures and Conquistadores

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Blocked in the Colours.


Vallejo Heavy Red

Scale 75 Sol Yellow






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Red and Yellow / Kill a Fellow.

Great work on the snake, and that lady is a fine sculpt. Look forward to seeing more!

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Printed this lovely lady and her mount and also as a dismounted version.

She's one of the minis that made me want to buy a 3D printer.





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2 minutes ago, Thoramel said:

Really like the pattern you have going on on that snake.


Thanks, I often try to paint snakes like real ones.

Nature is the best painter.

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Used Reaper Weathered Stone to give a new basecoat to mouth/teeth and eyes so it will be easier to paint those in lighter colours later.

Also did this with the Amazone's skin,




Reaper Muddy Olive

Reaper Olive Green

Reaper Pale Olive

Reaper Olive Shadow


More greens for the Salamander












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Scale 75 Elven Gold

                Decay Black

Reaper Burgundy Wine

              Clotted Red

              Dark Skin Highlight











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Safe, or...?


Colonel Alvarez marched his men through the jungle.

He felt terrible, a handful of men, all that's left of a mighty army he thought.

They've lost almost everything even the ships to take them home.

Their only hope was to reunite with the Rebels, maybe then there would be a chance to find a way to return home.

At least they would be safe for a while!


Suddenly Diego shouted, LOOK! While pointing to the sky.

Alvarez looked up, a dragon! We're close! The Rebels had dragons!

Escolano prayed while seeing the monstrous creature.

Sir? Are you certain that Dragon is friendly? Diego asked the Colonel.

Alvarez nodded, as far as I know those are the only dragons in existence.

Move on! We're close!


Ignis the dragon had already seen the small group heading to the ruins.

He roared to warn his brothers.

Draghor was alerted by it and he gathered a few of his dragonmen to welcome the intruders.

And so, when the group of conquistadores arrived at the ruins they were met by spears pointed at them.


Diego fell to his knees, don't kill us! We're friends!

Alvarez walked past him, get up you coward! He marched to Draghor and saluted.

You remember us? We fought side by side against the Reptilians, our amry was defeated, this is all that's left, we seek refuge.

Draghor looked at the human before him, I do remember, I also remember your people betrayed us and left us on our own.

The battle was lost because of you and we lost many friends that day!

Why should we help you?


Alvarez nodded, I understand your reaction, but we're still on the same side.

Every man counts, can we speak to Sgt. Fillippa? 

At that moment Xolotl arrived, what do we have here?

Draghor explained the situation.


Xolotl turned to Alvarez, Firebeard is not here at the moment.

You better come inside so we can talk, you're sure you weren't followed here? Xolotl asked.

We're not sure, Alvarez replied, we have lost a few men on our way here, we haven't seen the attacker though.

You fool! Draghor grumbled, you might have led the enemy right to us!

Quick! Get inside!


Sssllthr observed everything from the bushes, so, this is where they were hiding all that time!



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