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Lost World Project Glitterwolf Paints Coldblooded Creatures and Conquistadores

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The Frogking had been thinking, he wasn't pleased with the situation in his Empire, the rebels, the Spider Queen, they caused unrest, he wanted it all to end.

For centuries the Empire had been relatively peaceful, a few softskins had tried to revolt now and then, maybe a lower Lord tried to usurp power, but all of those were quickly dealt with.

All of this took too long.

He had thought it all through and it dawned to him, maybe dividing his attention from one enemy to another wasn't the answer.

Maybe it would be wiser to finally deal with one enemy and then turn to the other.

What would it matter in the greater scheme of things if that meant losing a city or two?

In the end he would be victorious after all.


He closed his eyes and slowly fell into a trance.

Options of possible futures showed themselves to him, some where quickly discarded, others set aside for later.

His servants dared not to disturb him, they knew such moments could last days, maybe even weeks.

Deeper and deeper the Frogking descended into the realm of visions and dreams.

Past, present and future all blurring into one huge event, different paths, different outcomes.

Which one of his enemies was the greatest threat? Which one was easiest to deal with?

What was that feeling on the edge of his mind that something else was coming?

Were there Lords in his realm that could not be trusted? Did natives see an opportunity to join the rebels?

All the possible scenarios unfolded before him.


He could feel the presence of the Spider Queen, she seemed annoyed by something.

 A faint feeling of joy expressed by Sssllthr.

His Assassin probably had found something, the King's mind wandered further, some distant feeling of danger from the Oceans.

A vision of dragons over the mountains, an image of a group of rebels who were heading far away, but to do what?

Most of his subjects carried on with their mundaine lives, one Serpent Lord had doubts, the King could feel his ambitions, another possible foe?

A blurred image of a feathered snake.

Slowly the King woke up, he had chosen.


His mind reached out and gave the orders.


It was time he'd took care of things!








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How to catch a spider.


Bonita was furious, she had discovered that James and Rosetta had escaped, Neith tried to calm her down.

We will find them again, calm down.

Bonita wouldn't hear of it, how? They're gone! What if they just sail back to Hispania?

I will never get my revenge now!


Look at me, Neith said. I will send flies and wasps and everything that flies to search for them, they can't escape!

You will have your revenge, don't worry!

Bonita was fuming with anger, she understood there was nothing she could do now.

Neith embraced her, come on, we will find them again, it will be alright.

Bonita nodded, thank you, I'm okay, it's just that...wait, what's that?


Bonita looked over Neith's shoulders towering over her, then she realised, WE'RE UNDER ATTACK!!!

Neith let go of her and turned around, just in time to see a horde of Lizardmen mounted on large monsters heading towards her camp.

Oh no! We're not ready, she said.

Quickly she took action and send out her silent orders, the large Scorpions ran forward to engage the enemy, an ancient one was killed by the poisonous stinger, it fell and it's rider jumped off, landed on his feet and chopped the scorpion's stinger off with his halberd.

The second scorpion was trampled by a huge ancient one.


Smaller creatures attacked in swarms, a lizardman died form all the little stings and bites, even small critters can kill if there are enough of them.

For a moment it seemed the Lizardmen retreated, but they just opened their lines to let a few different ancient ones through.

These large newtlike monsters had bright crests and long tails, the swarms rushed to attack again and then these ancient ones belched fire.

Neith screamed in anger, NNNNOOOO!!!! She raised her right hand and unleashed a magical flame, it incinerated one of the fire salamanders.

Bonita fired a pistol killing another rider but then she was knocked down by the mount, the snapping jaws missed her head by an inch, quickly she plunged her sword into the mount's throat, it fell down beside her.

She got up looking for Neith.


Neith was surrounded by the Lizardmen and had raised a blue magical dome around herself.

Arrows and darts bounced off the dome, Bonita weighed her options, she saw how the largest creatures of Neith's army had already been crushed by the giant ancient ones.

She had to decide fast, either flee or fight?

A Lizardman had noticed her standing there and rushed towards her, a cruel sword in his hand and a heavy shield in the other, Bonita nodded, so it seems fate had decided for her.

She evaded the first attack, counter attacked but the lizardman blocked her sword with his shield.

She used her heavy tail to knock him off his feet, the lizardman fell on his back, quickly she struck with her sword, holding his shield with both hands before him the lizardman blocked her attack again, Bonita got furious, the lizardman staggered to his feet, and then she fired her second pistol, finally the reptile fell to his knees dying.


She turned around again and noticed how Neith's magical dome started shimmering, it wouldn't hold for long.

Bonita rushed forward to her aid but suddenly found herself surrounded by the raptor cavalry, spears pointed at her from all sides.

She dropped her sword and folded her arms before her, alright! I surrender!


Again she looked at Neith, the spider queen couldn't keep her barrier up anymore and the lizardmen threw a net over her.

A large ancient one dragged the net behind him, let's go! Bring her to the Citadel! 

Bonita looked at the one who had given the order.

A Turtleman, she knew him! He was the Frogking's General wasn't he?


Cantor now turned his attention to her, SO! We meet again! 

You will come with us as well, I'm certain His Majesty will want to talk to you.


In his Throneroom the Frogking felt content, One down! Now to take care of the others!







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The Lost Tribe


Following the directions as written in Xilla's scrolls, Fillippa and his friends travelled further and further.

At first there was little difference with the jungle they knew, but sightings of stranger animals became more common.

Vegetation looked a bit different, at one point they walked too close to an unusual looking plant that suddenly lunged forward and snapped at them.

Clearly a mutation of a Venus Flytrap.

Sometimes they saw Ancient Ones of species they hadn't seen before.

Bigger, stranger colours and shapes, Fillippa wondered what they would find in Xilla's Valley.

At first he had been excited, but now he started to have doubts, what if they couldn't tame such creatures?

Would they be able to steal eggs so they could train the young?

He hoped they would find a way.


They had been travelling for at least three months now.

How much further? He thought.

Achik who had been on point with Leon and their hounds slowed down till she was walking next to Mon-Ark.

She looked up to Fillippa and made a gesture that she wanted him to dismount.

Fillippa halted Mon-Ark and dismounted, he walked next to Achik, what is it?

Achik whispered, we're being watched!

For a few days now someone is watching us, I've catched a glimp of someone riding a large animal a few times now.

I'm not sure if it's a friend or a foe.

We should investigate.


Fillippa nodded, an animal you said? Maybe Mitla can help.

He got back in the saddle and informed Mitla.

She looked down at Achik and nodded, cleared her mind and reached out.

There! She felt the presence of a predator!

Reaching into the animal's mind she commanded it to come to her.


Suddenly a large black panther the size of a bear, emerged from the jungle.

The rider on his back cursed, quickly they surrounded the rider, Mitla kept the Panther in check.

Don't move and tell us what you're intentions are, Fillippa said.


The rider, a beautiful young woman holding a spear, looked around.

My intentions? I was wondering about yours! You're trespassing on our Lands!

My name is Kataa, you might think I'm alone but I'm not!

Now undo your magic and release my mount!


Fillippa nodded, only if you agree to speak in peace, we mean no harm.

Very well, Kataa replied.

Mitla let go of her mental grip and the panther looked around confused.

Kataa petted him, it's alright, she said.


The hounds barked and suddenly more warriors appeared from out of the bushes.

All young women, wearing armor and weapons that looked similar to those of the native tribes they knew but with some strange symbols.

Acclacuna stepped forward, I know who you are!

You're the Lost Tribe!


Kataa smiled, we're not lost, we live here!

Now what are you doing in our Lands?

That's a long story Fillippa said, in short, we are at war with the Reptilians and we're looking for allies.

We were hoping to find mighty warbeasts in a valley we heard about.


Kataa looked at the group, I'm unfamiliar with your armor and weapons she said to Fillippa, the others are like us.

Except that one, she said pointing at Captain Aguilera, there's something about him, he reeks of death.

Fillippa nodded, fear not, I'm an explorer  from a land far away, I have been accepted as a leader for the rebels against the Reptilians.

And him? Kataa asked pointing at Captain Aguilera again, what's wrong with him?

Fillippa weighed his words well, one wrong move and this could mean a fight.


My friend here is also an explorer, we met an evil woman and he was cursed by her.

We're looking for a cure. He means no harm and is a good man, he's just...no longer like you and me.

Kataa nodded, better make sure you speak the truth.

Now I would like to welcome you to our village, our people fled the Reptilian rule centuries ago, we're the free people and we will stay that way.

Maybe we can help each other a little she said.


Good, Fillippa said, I hope you're not afraid of Mon-Ark.

Why should we? Kataa said, she whistled and a group of riders appeared, all riding raptors.

You didn't think you were the only one who tamed an Ancient One, now did you? Kataa laughed.

Come follow us, I think we can become friends. 


They followed Kataa, Fillippa turned to Acclacuna, what did you mean by the Lost Tribe?

Long ago when the Reptilians took power some of us fought, some of us surrendered and one tribe fled into the jungle.

We never heard of them since then, but there are legends that they remained free and still follow the Old Gods.

The women rule in their tribe and it's said they  have a pact with the animals of the jungle.

They're kin to my tribe, Acclacuna said.





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16 hours ago, Standifer said:

Great work on the Snake and the short Story.


Thanks, more to come!


9 hours ago, snitchythedog said:

First look at this I saw the colour on her head and thought it was Carmine Miranda!!  Even without the fruit it is very nice!!:winkthumbs: 


Hmm, an Inca princess with a pineapple on her head? I wonder if such a mini exists, if so, I will paint it.


Have you seen her sister mounted on the panther?

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12 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Have you seen her sister mounted on the panther?

I did and you did a nice job.   However anytime you can have either Carmine Miranda, Frida Kahlo, a manatee or a angry platypus in miniature is a good day.  I am looking for all four.

Edited by snitchythedog
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