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Lost World Project Glitterwolf Paints Coldblooded Creatures and Conquistadores

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Some basic colours on the Antimatter Games Beast of Cronos, which is of course a Cronosaurus.

During that KS I went for the FDM option, I should have chosen Resin, the printing layers are too visible.

At least with a beast like this it could even look natural because of scars/rough skin etc.


Scale 75 Birch

Scale 75 Artist Colour Off White

Reaper Moss Green

Vallejo Heavy Green






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Basic colour for the base

Scale 75 Artic Blue

Scale 75 Iroko







Vallejo Heavy Warm Grey ( it's kinda pinkish and I love to use it for animal's mouths.

Inspired by the Crocodile's mouth.


Give daddy a smile!

Yeah, that's it, good girl!!!






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*** Clemency***


The doors of the Frogking's Throneroom opened and Cantor the General entered the room, behind him a group of Lizardmen dragging a net with them,  followed by Bonita who was flanked by a few lizard warriors.

Cantor walked up to the King, Your Majesty! I bring you your enemy!

He gestured to the warriors dragging the net.

They brought it before the King, inside the net the Spiderqueen Neith looked upon her foe with hatred in her eyes.

The Frogking smiled.


Finally! There you are!

Now what am I going to do with you?


Oh.. just kill me already, Neith hissed.


The Frogking looked at her, maybe I should, but maybe that would be a mistake.

Neith looked confused.

Now! Promise me not to try anything, you know my warriors can kill you on the spot if you do. I want to discuss something with you, the Frogking said.

Neith nodded, alright then!


Cut her loose! The King said to Cantor.

Cantor's men cut the ropes from the net and quickly took a step back, weapons at the ready.

Slightly amused by their fear Neith rose to her feet.


Careful now! Cantor said, no magics!

Neith nodded again, I will behave, for now..so what do you want from me? She asked the King.


The Frogking leaned back, his colour shifted to a mellow green.

My dear, we have started off on the wrong foot.

When we opened the portal to your dimension we were looking for allies.

You were quite hostile when you stepped through and we could barely contain you.


Neith got angry, you turned me into a monster!

The Frogking looked at her, did we now?

You are a demon Princess in your realm aren't you?

My friend here, the Frogking said,  nodding at the Transmuthor, only tried to improve you and your abilities.


Neith was almost fuming, Improve? I was beautiful! Now I'm a monster!


The Transmuthor's tentacles flailed about, my dear! I just wanted to make you stronger and better, bring out your true nature!

I meant no harm!

A tiny blue flame formed at Neith's fingertips, Cantor immediately raised his sword, careful now lady!

Neith grinned and the flame disappeared. 


Listen, the Frogking said, maybe we made a mistake in trying to enhance you.

Like I said we started off on the wrong foot.

Think about it.

What do YOU want?


I'm pretty sure you don't really want to take my place, do you really want to rule the Empire and take care of the Reptilians, Softskins and deal with the enemies of the Realm?

Or do you want to live in peace and not be disturbed?

I remember that after you left us, I ESCAPED! Neith interrupted, Yes, like I said, when you left us, you chose isolation, you went into the jungle and we haven't bothered each other for almost two decades.

You only started the War after the paleskins arrived.

Is this really what you want?

I can even have my friend here restore you into your previous form if that's what you want.

Of course that means you might lose some of your present powers, but if that's what you really want.


Neith was even more confused.

I don't get it! Why don't you just kill me and get it over with?

The Frogking smiled, because my dear, you have no use to me when you're dead.

I'm still hoping you'll see reason so we can be of use to each other.

He turned to the Transmuthor, you CAN restore her into her previous form, can you?


The Transmuthor nodded, of course I can!

But I do think it would be a shame! Look how beautiful you are, he said to Neith.

Your power, your strength! Do you really want to give that all up just to have two legs again?

You're no monster, you're a Queen!

Think about it!


Neith didn't know what to say.

She never had thought the opportunity would present itself, now that it did, she wasn't sure.

The Frogking noticed it.


Listen, he said, you don't have to choose right now, just know that when you wish it, we will do it.

Until that time I would like to propose an alliance, isn't it better to fight the pesky Paleskins together instead of getting in each other's way?

Shall we erase the past and start anew?

I can offer you a place of your own, you will swear loyalty to me and I will call upon you when needed, but I will leave you be, for the rest of the time.

Should you want your former appearance to be restored we will do it for you!

No what say you?


Neith looked at the Frogking, how do I know I can trust you?

The King smiled, my dear, if I wanted you dead it would have been done already.

I can ask you the same, can't I?

Neith nodded, I suppose.


One condition, she said!

She looked over her shoulder at Bonita.

I want her released, she will stay with me!


The King nodded, alright then, you both swear your loyalty to me.

Let there be peace between us, when I need you, you will assist me in any way I ask, in return I will grant you your own little Kingdom.

Neith agreed.


Good! Now let's have a feast to celebrate, the King said.









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More Story.



New Friends?


Kataa led the group through the jungle and after a while they reached a village.

This is our home, Kataa said, you're welcome to stay with us, we will feast tonight and talk.

For now Luna here will show you your accomodations.


Luna, a slender young woman, asked them to follow her.

They were brought to a large round building, here you can stay, Luna said.

It is large enough for all of you, when the Sun sets you're expected at the main hall, there we will feast.

There will be dancing and singing in your honour.

Hope you will enjoy your stay and if you need anything, just ask for me, Luna said.


Mitla thanked her.

They entered the building, a round room in the middle and doors leading to smaller rooms around it.

I guess we will be safe here, Fillippa said, Kataa and her people seem friendly enough.

Acclacuna smiled, of course they are! They're my kin!

Leon glanced at Captain Aguilera, she wasn't too happy with you though, be careful not to reveal what you are, I have a feeling they would not like it when they knew.

Aguilera nodded, I'll keep my distance, if someone could get me a small animal, I could drink that will improve my appearance, I have been without sustenance for too long, it's beginning to show.

'Mitla nodded, she noticed that Captain Aguilera's eyes seemed more hollow, his skin wrinkled and his flesh had turned pale


She sighed, I hate to do this, but we need to.

Mitla sat down and closed her eyes, reaching out with her mind she found something.

A moment later a rabbit hopped inside, Aguilera grabbed it, excuse me while I go to a room, he said.

I do not want you to see it.


A little later Captain Aguilera stepped out of his room, his skin looked healthy again, his eyes were once more full of life.

He licked a small drop of blood from the corner of his mouth.

Do I look a little better now?

Mitla nodded. It will have to do.


That evening a feast was held.

The friends were invited and they all enjoyed good food and drinks.

Young men and women performed a ritual dance which told a story of Kataa's people fleeing from the Reptilians and finding a safe place.

After that they played music and sang songs.


Kataa introduced them to an older woman, this is Amina, she's one of the oldest from our tribe.

She remembers the tales of Xilla.

Fillippa was all ears when Amina told them all she knew about the legends about the Lost Valley.

Slowly the evening turned into night and the night into morning.

It was already dawn, the dancers slept on the floor, the musicians had stopped playing and it was clear the feast was coming to an end.


Let's all go to bed and sleep for a few hours, Kataa suggested.

We will talk later.

The friends agreed and moved to the exit of the hall, Captain Aguilera passed Amina who suddenly grabbed his arm.

YOU! They told me you were cursed? 

She moved her old face closer to that of the Captain, you smell of death!


Concerned Fillippa joined them, he can't help it, he's cursed, but he's a good man! I assure you.

Amina, looked into the Captain's eyes.

There is sorrow and grief in there, she said, but I'm not sure if you're still a man!

Kataa came closer, you better tell us what happened, maybe we can help?


You might not understand and kill me, Aguilera said.

If you want me to leave I will wait outside the village for my friends.

I swear I do not pose a danger to you.


Amina let go of his arm, I do believe you're friendly but what's ailing you might one day turn you against your friends.

You will need to learn to control you're urges, I might be able to help you with that.

You can? Aguilera asked hopeful.

I think I can, Amina said, follow me, VAMPIRE!


Kataa stepped back, Vampire?

Amina nodded, yes, but I feel he speaks the truth, he doens't mean harm, yet!

I will help him so he can learn to control the demon inside.

Do you agree? She asked.


Kataa agreed, go with her then!

Aguilera thanked her and followed Amina.


What is she going to do? Fillippa asked Kataa.

I do not know, Kataa said, all I know is that she's a wise woman, she knows what to do.

Maybe she can cure your friend, maybe she can help him to stay in control.

And if she can't? Leon asked.

Kataa grinned, let's hope she can, or we will have to kill him.







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I'm finally caught up!  So much has happened since I was last able to read the thread.  Captain Aguilera is still my favorite character!  I love all the really cool new models you have, its nice to see you getting some good use out of the 3D printer.

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13 minutes ago, vegascat said:

I'm finally caught up!  So much has happened since I was last able to read the thread.  Captain Aguilera is still my favorite character!  I love all the really cool new models you have, its nice to see you getting some good use out of the 3D printer.



The tragic fate of our Captain is probably part of his popularity.

Sometimes I'm afraid I'm stretching the story too long, but I still have so much to paint,

There will be some twists soon.

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