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Lost World Project Glitterwolf Paints Coldblooded Creatures and Conquistadores

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Posted (edited)
11 hours ago, Rigel said:

Thinking of doing the croc yellow-green, black, stripey, or albino? 
The Cuban crocodile has some nice patterning in my opinion...


I already undercoated it with a slightly pink colour, s I'm going for an Albino!

Or maybe this one is so ancient his colours faded and he turned white...


Although it's not set in stone yet...I might change my mind.


I did this guy years ago if you like crocs..based on the Nile Crocodile.



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5 minutes ago, Rigel said:

I'm all in favor of albino! and that Beloved of Sobek rocks! 


I do have more crocodile and gator minis as well as croc/gatormen. So that Cuban Croc pattern will show up one day for sure.

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Posted (edited)

Time to continue our tales.



Just in time?


Luna sure had been right about the speed of those raptors Achik thought, they were almost there.

She turned to Leon, he seemed to enjoy the ride, A few more hours I think, she said.

Leon nodded, smiled back at her and said, let's see who'll be there first!

He patted the raptor on the neck, the animal responded and it ran faster and faster.


Achik laughed and she also encouraged her mount to run faster.

Luna shook her head but had no choice than to follow.


Sssllthr looked around from the howdah he was in, Cantor stood next to him and pointed at their left.

Isn't she a beauty?

Sssllthr nodded, nothing will stand in our way with her on our side!

As if she had heard that, Kroq-Gar turned her massive head for a moment, Taloc her master gently prodded her with his weapon, Kroq-Gar opened her mouth revealing teeth as big as small trees.

Even Cantor's large Ancient One was dwarfed by the gargantuan creature.

Sssllthr was certain that no defense would hold against her.


He looked at their right, he felt a fire burning in his stomach when he saw Neith and her troops marching alongside them, Bonita at her side.

One day she would pay for the death of his brother, but not today, he knew he had to obey the King, but one day she would make a mistake and then vengeance would be his!


Behind them a host of armed lizardmen followed.

Cantor had insisted to bring a full battalion to the fight even when he assumed that Kroq-Gar alone would be enough, he would not take any chances.

For too long the rebels had evaded justice!

Now it was time to bring them down.


A screeching sound above their head told Sssllthr the flyers had arrived.

Smaller lizardmen mounted on vicious flying ancient ones, he looked at them and grinned, it would be a massacre!

He felt a bit sorry about it, there was no sport in this type of battle, no thrill of the hunt, no sneaking up to an unsuspecting victim and feel the kick when you finally took a life.

This would just be butcher's work.

Cantor woke him up from his thoughts, there! He shouted pointing at a large figure in the sky.


Sssllthr saw it, that's one of their dragons! We are close!

Cantor turned to Taloc and gave a signal, Taloc replied by raising his weapon and let out a cry, suddenly Kroq-Gar started to run forward, such speed was unexpected for an enormous monster like that and the rest of the army had a hard time keeping up.


In the Hide Out, Xolotl was surprised when Achik, Leon and a new friend showed up.

They told him about the Lost Tribe and the offer from Kataa to come and live there.

We would be safe there Achik said, and we can take our time to replenish our forces.

It will be our decision if we fight and when she said.


Xolotl thought about it but was interrupted by Nahuatl.



Quickly they ran to the entrance to look what was happening, Draghor stood in his way,

BACK! He yelled, you must retreat! FLEE! We can't win this one!

What? Why? Xolotl uttered, LOOK! Draghor said, stepping aside to give Xolotl a better view,


A huge horde of lizardmen attacked their defenses, the dragonmen and what was left of Alvarez's troops kept them at a distance with their guns and bows.

Furnach, Ignis and Brand flew on and off belching fire at the advancing troops, in turn they were attacked by the flying lizards, they threw spears and fired bows from their mounts.

One by one they were killed by the dragons but it bought the rest of the lizards time to get closer.


Why do you think we can't win? Xolotl asked.

Because of THAT! Draghor said and pointed at the centre of the enemy army.

A huge monster dwarfed all others, it was the largest Ancient One Xolotl had ever seen.

That is a monster from the depths of Hell itself, he mumbled when he looked at Kroq-Gar. The outer defenses were overrun by a horde of armed lizardmen.

Raptors jumped into the trenches and ripped the defenders apart, the lizardmen followed to finish the job.


It was Colonel Alvarez and his men aided by a few dragonmen who now held the line.

Suddenly the lizards moved aside to make room for Kroq-Gar lest they be trampled,

The beast ran forward, bullets and arrows meant nothing to her, they just bounced off her thick skin that was stronger than steel.

Diego turned and ran but was killed by an arrow in his back.


FIGHT YOU COWARDS!!!! Alvarez shouted while firing a pistol, killing the raptor in front of him.

Escolano prayed loudly and swung his staff at one of the smaller lizardmen who stabbed him with a short spear, the Priest fell to his knees coughing blood, a second lizardman ran past him and beheaded him in one blow with his obsidian blade.


You must flee! Draghor repeated.

Furnach landed in front of them, Draghor climbed on his back, me and the dragons will try to hold them off as long as possible he said.

You need to run, please! We can't win this.

Furnach took off and together with his brothers they attacked the enemy, their fire burning lizards and ancient ones, the smell of burning flesh was too much for Leon.

We won't make it, he said, Draghor is right!

Luna looked in horror, what are those? She asked pointing at the enemy's flank.


There Neith's Army approached, huge scorpions, spiders and insects, a large centipede with shimmering scales burst from the ground right in the middle of the defenders and devoured two men whole.

They have almost broken through! Nahuatl said, we must retreat now!

Xolotl nodded, bring everybody to the other exit! He looked at Achik and Leon, bring them to safety!

Bring them to Kataa!



He watched in horror as Kroq-Gar plowed throught the outer defenses, Colonel Alvarez fired his last gun in vain, Kroq-Gar towering over him.

Then suddenly Taloc jumped off Kroq-Gar's back and landed in front of the Colonel.

Finally! Alvarez grumbled, fight like a man you beast! He drew his sword and attacked, Taloc parried the blade with his weapon and with his other hand he swung a ceremonial hammer shaped like coatl heads held together by a thick rope.

It knocked Alvarez of his feet.

Taloc grabbed the Colonel by his neck, lifted him up and ripped his heart out with his bare hands.

Looking Xolotl in the eyes he then ate the still beating heart of the Colonel.


Leon almost soiled himself when he saw that.

He turned around, no time to lose! We must go now!


The dragons attacked burning a host of lizardmen.

Draghor pointed at Kroq-Gar and the three brothers attacked, belching fire at the monster.

Taloc saw them coming and rolled under Kroq-Gar's belly.

The fire engulfed Kroq-Gar, but it didn't do much harm, her hide was so thick she could withstand the heat, it did hurt her though and she roared in anger.


A second run and the dragons approached again, but Ignis flew too low, Kroq-Gar jumped up on her hind legs, snapped and grabbed Ignis's tail, she shook her head and pulled Ignis down.

Ignis hit the ground hard, the other dragons couldn't use their fire, fearing they would hit their brother and instead turned to the infantry who they held off with their fire breath.

Draghor looked at the fight between the two creatures, he closed his eyes in grief when he saw how Kroq-Gar used her spiked tail and hit Ignis's head.

The Dragon staggered, he breathed fire once more but he missed, Kroq-Gar had stepped aside and hit Ignis again with his clubbed tail.

Then when the dragon was down she lunged forward and ripped his throat out.

Taloc climbed on his mouth again, both had bloodied mouths now.

He raised his weapon and roared in triumph.


At the rear of the army Cantor and Sssllthr looked on from their howdah.

See? Sssllthr said, no sport at all!

It's almost a shame.


Cantor laughed, you're unbelievable you know that?

We're defeating our long time enemy and you feel sad because it's all too easy!

He looked at the fight before him again, wave after wave of his troops now broke through the last defenses, he saw the two remaining dragons fly away.

It seemed the death of the other dragon had scared them off.


Draghor had indeed broken off the attack.

All we can do now is try to buy the survivors time to escape he said.

He spoke to Furnach and he and Brand flew closer to the entrance of the hide out.

They belched fire and thus created a ring of fire so the enemy would not get in, at least for a while.

Then they took off to join the rest.


At the mountain exit the last survivors all fled the caverns, Luna, Achik and Leon guided them.

Nahuatl had brought every raptor she had raised and so many were able to ride, others had to run.

Leon looked at Achik, do you think we will make it?

They don't know about this exit, they're trying to get in on the other side, if we hurry we will be gone before they find out that the caverns are abandoned.


At the other side Cantor ordered his army to wait.

That fire will burn out, he said, then we will go in.

Since those might be narrow caverns it will be a good job for the Spiderqueen, that way she can prove her loyalty to us he said.

Sssllthr agreed.


Kroq-Gar roared at the flames, frustrated she picked up the body of a fallen lizardman and threw it in the air.

She could walk through the fire, but Taloc couldn't so she had to wait.

He petted her and tried to sooth her, easy girl, it won't be long now then we can go in and you can devour all of them, he said.

Kroq-Gar snorted and calmed down a little.


Draghor looked down, most of the rebels could ride raptors but not all, he ordered Furnach and Brand to land so they could pick up some of the others.

We must hurry!

They took off again with as many people on their backs as they could.

Let's hope we will make it!












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And more storytelling...






James filled his pitcher with more rum, I don't like it, he said.

Neither do I, Rosetta said.


Captain Rodrigo Gonzales leaned back in his chair, come on now, we all came here to get rich, right?

We were willing to plunder cities and now you're telling me we can't take some natives hostage so the others will mine gold for us?

Would you rather go back into that accursed jungle and fight those lizardmen again?


Old Nedd, sat next to Gonzales, I think the main problem here is not the plundering or stealing part, I think my friends here object to keeping people as slaves.

Toni looked across the table, James and Rosetta seemed determined, slaves? He asked.

We're not doing THAT! We're just taking some hostages, demand a ransom in gold and then we will release everybody again.

I doubt the natives will put up much of a fight against a ship like this and it will be an easy way to get rich.

Then we can finally leave this godforsaken place and live the rest of our lives in prosperity.


Gonzales nodded, indeed, we're not taking slaves, I promise you that.

If we do it this way, what's the difference between kidnapping a noble and ask for a ransom? I know you did that in the past, he said looking at James.

Rosetta bowed her head, I don't know, it just feels wrong.

James emptied his pitcher and refilled it, we're no saints, he said. We are pirates after all, I draw the line at slavery, but if you swear that we will release the hostages after we get the ransom than we could agree.

Rosetta sighed, I also don't want you to hurt any of the women or children we encounter!


Gonzales raised his pitcher, I'll drink to that!

We will keep the whole operation as clean and bloodless as possible, of course we might need to kill one or two villagers just to make sure they know we mean business.

Think about it, we will be rich after all, everybody can go his own way after we return to the civilized world and we will not have to fight for our lives against those monsters anymore.

Now, do we have a deal?


Aye, Old Nedd said.

Aye, Toni agreed.

James turned to Rosetta, come on, we can't stay here forever and we can't go back broke now can we? I say Aye!

Rosetta looked Gonzales in his eyes, Aye, but you better keep your word!


Gonzales smiled, I always do my dear!

So it is agreed then, we will seek out a nice coastal village and get filthy rich while doing nothing than babysit some families while their husbands and sons will bring us gold!





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