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Lost World Project Glitterwolf Paints Coldblooded Creatures and Conquistadores

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I will paint and create a Reptilian Army pure for fun.   It will consists of many different kind of Reptiles and Amphibians. Mostly Snakemen, Lizardmen, Frogmen, Dragonmen, Turtlemen, F

Yep,.   I've seen some from Schleich, but those are basically ( high quality) toys.   I want a Metal or Resin or Bones Feathered T-Rex.. And more...!!!   Oh, Did I m

I added some Reaper Carnage Red, Vallejo Orange Fire and Scale 5 Tenere Yellow and Decay Black.   Decided to go with a striped pattern, a bit muted, And of course a bright coloured head.   What do

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32 minutes ago, mousekiller said:

Your story line continues to intrigue glitter!  I have missed so much!


This new model looks amazing, cannot wait to see this monstrosity complete!



Well, you can always read up on it..it might take some time though.


More to come...

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You might want to take a look at steamforged's new epic encounters one, they'd fit it rather well with your reptiles with the Aztec style to them.

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Blocking in more colours.

I wasn't satisfied with the Spectral White so I covered her in Citadel Red Wash, then Spectral White again.

I will need to touch up some gold and other stuff, but this is better as a basecoat.

Will highlight with whites.


Also did the basics for her nails, teeth and horns with scalecolour Arctic Blue for the Nails and Buff for teeth and horns.


Mouth was done with Citadel Red Wash followed by Vallejo Dried Blood and Scale 75 Inktense Black.


Smile for daddy honey!






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I'm in doubt.

Shall I continue with highlighting the scales white?

Or shall I use greens/yellows and blacks and go full crocodile on her anyway?

Those spots can be glazed over to fit into any colour.


What do you all think?

White Croc or Green Croc?


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I go for the green as well. It is just too bland as it is; it cries out for color. Of course, you have to consider the source when taking in to account the color comment,

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20 minutes ago, malefactus said:

I go for the green as well. It is just too bland as it is; it cries out for color. Of course, you have to consider the source when taking in to account the color comment,


1 hour ago, mousekiller said:

Green croc!  Just my 2 cents though.  Leaving it white will make it look unfinished.


Thank you both!

I think white might work on a smaller Croc but I fear it will be too bland indeed for this big one.

She will get greens/yellows and blacks then!!!

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