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Lost World Project Glitterwolf Paints Coldblooded Creatures and Conquistadores

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8 minutes ago, mousekiller said:

Good choice!  She is looking like a proper croc!




More pics later today.

Applying more colours.



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As promised, more progress.


This is where we stand at the moment.

I figure the Croc and Rider are almost done Throne and decorations coming later, Pyramid needs more work, mainly terrain.









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Great updates, and I love the inspiration pictures.  You have convinced me to purchase a 3D printer.


To answer the question you posed in the other post, I have a small unit of skinks that have been on the work bench for about two years... I suppose that I should get after them 🙂

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9 hours ago, mousekiller said:

Great updates, and I love the inspiration pictures.  You have convinced me to purchase a 3D printer.


To answer the question you posed in the other post, I have a small unit of skinks that have been on the work bench for about two years... I suppose that I should get after them 🙂


Oh yes you should!

If you buy a 3D printer, since you're painting minis, buy a resin printer.


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Time to continue the stories and paint/build more again.

 For now, storytime, hope you people and critters like it.





Rain fell and extinguished the fires before the entrance of the Rebel's HQ, Cantor smiled, Finally!

He turned to Neith and gave the signal, Neith nodded and her mind reached out to her minions, the arachnid and insect horde moved forward.

Sssllthr looked at the creatures entering the caverns, now, let's see how useful the Spiderqueen really is, he said, hoping for an excuse to kill her as she had killed his brother.

We'll wait for her return, Cantor said, let the insects crawl through the caverns that's what they're good at.

They will kill all survivors and if we're lucky they will retrieve the Orb of Tanith for us.


Neith's Horde moved through the tunnels and passages and reached the large cavern where Xolotl's village was, a large lake in the centre of the cavern drew Neith's attention.

She felt a presence there, just before she could warn her creatures a giant scorpion wandering too close to the lake got snatched by a large reptilian monster, it emerged from the lake, it's long neck moved forward and devoured the scorpion, then it submerged again.

Neith telepathically ordered her Horde to move away from the lake, she was after the Rebels, not after a mere predator.


Giant Ants and Scorpions moved quickly through the caverns, a huge centipede rampaged through the Halls, nothing!

The Rebels had fled!!!

Neith looked around, how was this possible? There must be another exit then!

One of her spiders found a heap of boulders and rocks, Neith inspected the place.

She could see a door through an opening between the boulders, the Rebels had collapsed the tunnel on purpose making their way out through that door she realised.


Enraged she made her way back to tell Cantor the bad news.




On the Run


The Rebels had a good head start Xolotl hoped it would be enough, soon the enemy would understand how they escaped, they would have to go around the mountains to follow them since they barricaded the exit, either that or they would have to haul those boulders and rocks away and then they would have to break through the door which they also barricaded from outside.

It would have to be enough he thought, they were going fast with the raptors and the Dragons, now if only they would reach the Jungle on the other side before a flyer would spot them.

Draghor petted Furnach, they mourned the death of Ignis but now was not the time, he looked down and behind them, no sign of the enemy yet, they might just make it. Ignis would not have died in vain then.

He hoped Kataa who had invited them to live with the Lost Tribe could be trusted and that her people would get along with the Dragons and Dragonmen he brought.

Draghor looked down in front of him and saw the first trees, almost there, his people would make it to the Jungle!







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