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Lost World Project Glitterwolf Paints Coldblooded Creatures and Conquistadores

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Done some work on the Lost Kingdom Dead Dino Base




















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It's been a while, time to continue the story for those who like it.




The Price of Greed


Captain Rodrigo Gonzales watched his ship, she's full of gold Captain! Toni said.

I think we're done here!

Aye! Gonzales replied, we finally did it, we're rich Toni!


Ahuatzi carefully approached them, forgive me, but now that we did as you asked, will you leave us in peace?

Gonzales nodded, yes, I see no reason to harm you, we will take our leave now, come on Toni, order the Men to return to the ship.

We will leave as soon as possible.

Are you sure we won't have to kill them Captain? Toni whispered.

And waste potential? Gonzales replied, who knows we might come back next year, those hills are still full of gold.

Toni smiled, of course Captain!


As the paleskins returned to their ship Ahuatzi felt both relief and anger. Sure they were leaving, but men died and who could say if they would stay away or maybe tell others?

He waited till the last paleskins had left the beach and then turned to the Shaman's hut.

Wise One! They're leaving! Now is the time!

The Shaman emerged from his hut, looked at the ship and nodded, he gestured for Ahuatzi to enter his hut.

Inside the Shaman drew a circle in the sand and pointed out where Ahuatzi needed to put jars filled with a liquid.

And now? Ahuatzi asked.

Hush my friend, the Shaman replied, this will take some time, we will need to send a message to our Overlords, they will know how to deal with the paleskins.

He sat down in the centre of the circle, colourful flames erupted from the jars forming a cloud in front of the Shaman who started his prayers.

Ahuatzi waited and then it happened.


A face formed inside the cloud, it looked like a giant frog with a crown of feathers and bones, WHY DO YOU DISTURB ME, SOFTSKIN? The Frogking spoke.

The Shaman told the Frogking what had happened during the last months, SAY NO MORE! The Frogking's image answered.


The cloud faded and the image of the Frogking was gone.

The Shaman looked at Ahuatzi, they will be dealt with!

Ahuazti grinned, at least the Overlords would grant them justice!


At the Citadel the Frogking was furious he whispered to a servant and moments later the Transmuthor ran into the throneroom.

Your Majesty? You have need for me?

Yes my friend, I was wondering about your latest creation, is she ready yet?

Oh yes Lord! She's ready, just point out what it is that offended you and it will disappear!

Good! The Frogking replied, let me show you where they are, and with that he imposed a vision on the Transmuthor.

It will be done Your Majesty!


The Barracuda sailed away, finally they could leave this accursed Jungle, rich! They were rich! Gonzales felt great.

He laid an arm around Toni's shoulder, my friend, we're rich now, it's just a shame we need to share it with them, isn't it? he whispered in Toni's ear, looking at James and Rosetta.

Toni smiled, Aye Captain, what did they do, right? Didn't we do all the hard work? And that Old Nedd? He has only been drinking rum and eating our rations!

Indeed, Gonzales said. Maybe we should rethink our partnership.


Rosetta stood at the bow, James? Do you see that? She pointed at the Sea.

What do you mean? James asked, There! Ahead of us, the water looks like something is moving our way!

James leaned forward trying to get a better look.

Gonzales and Toni approached them from behind, but before they could carry out their devious plan the ship hit something, they all fell when the ship came to a halt.


What was that? Gonzales yelled, he tried to get up but the ship's bow was lifted up and they started sliding towards the rear, this is insane! Toni Help me!

Toni had taken his knife and had planted it in the deck, trying to hold on, he could only see his Captain and the others slide down, but then suddenly the ship came down again, the force of the movement threw them around like puppets, Old Nedd was thrown against the main mast and broke his neck. NEDD! James cried out, he jumped on his feet running to his friend when suddenly a large tentacle grabbed him, NOOOOOO!!! Rosetta cried, another tentacle hit the deck, another ripped the main mast in two. 

Gonzales had managed to drew his pistol and fired, he hit a tentacle and a deafening roar was heard. The monster withdrew, and for a moment everything was quiet.


Gonzales grabbed Toni by his arm, we need a cannon to fight this thing! Quickly! It will return!

Rosetta sat on her knees crying, seeing old Nedd die and James being taken like that had broken her.

Gonzales frantically gave orders to his frightened crew, a swivel gun was loaded and pointed at the Sea, but no sign of the monster.

What is it? Toni asked him, I don't know Gonzales replied, but right now I'm more concerned about WHERE it is!!!!

It's quiet, it's gone! Toni said.

Gonzales felt a slight bump, he looked at Toni with terror in his eyes, no it isn't ! IT's UNDER THE SHIP!!!


And as he spoke the barracuda was lifted up like a feather and thrown down again, she broke into pieces, water engulfed all.

Gonzales went under, the last thing he saw was a huge eye filled with hate.





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More story for those interested.






The Transmuthor stood in front of the Throne, the Frogking smiled at him revealing some sharp teeth, You did well my friend!

Your creature took care of those pesky Paleskins and their vessel!

The Transmuthor's tentacles flailed about in excitement, hopping from one leg to another, Anytime my Liege!

Could I ask you a tiny favor, My Lord?


Amused the Frogking told him to ask what he wanted.

I need more specimens My Lord! My expirements are going well but...some prisoners don't survive the procedure, I need more of them to create an army for you that will be unstoppable My Lord!

The Frogking turned bright green, he thought about it for a while, then he closed his eyes and went into a trance.

The Transmuthor had witnessed this many times before, patient, he waited for the King to wake up from his slumber, the visions were upon him!


After a while the Frogking opened his eyes, Hmmm I think I have been to lenient with those Paleskins.

Some of them have actually built a settlement now, far from our cities maybe, but still, I won't have this!

Get Cantor!

He'll deal with this and I will tell him to take some prisoners for you as well!

Thank you Your Majesty! The Transmuthor replied.


A servant ran out to get the General Cantor and soon the big Turtle entered the Throneroom.

You have need for me Your Majesty?

Indeed, the Frogking answered, let me show you the location, it's time to purge our lands from this pest!

Oh, and keep a few of them alive for our friend here, some of them might be useful to him!


A few weeks after this conversation Captain Smollet and Bloody Bess were walking around their little town, we've accomplished a lot Smollet said.

Look, we have built houses for the crews, a tavern, and we managed to built a harbor for the ships.

Finally we have a place for our own, we will no longer need to fear the French or British Navy!

Bess nodded, we do have to be careful though, the Spanish Fleet we saw is still around!

Yes, Smollet replied, but they are on the other side of this land as far as we know,

If we're careful to avoid them, we will be alright.

Peace at last! Bess said.


She had just finished her sentence when the wooden gates of their settlement came crashing down, a huge lizardlike creature had broken through, Smollet's Marines immediately opened fire and the pirates came to their aid.

Smollet drew his pistol and sword, as did Bess, She looked at the beast that now ran around in the village, was that a human on it's back?

That guy looked like a lizard himelf she thought.

THERE ARE MORE!!! A Marine yelled, and a horde of smaller beasts stormed through the broken wall, in their wake a large army of native warriors.

Smollet fired and killed one, those are NOT humans he yelled at Bess.


Flying Lizardlike birds appeared and they dropped rocks on the defenders, one of the creatures swooped down and lifted a pirate up in the air only to drop her from high, screaming the poor girl fell to her death.

Smollet's Marines fired a small cannon and the explosion killed some of the smaller beasts, but then a larger creature jumped in their midst ripping the crew apart with it's powerful jaws and claws.

That's no way to die, Smollet thought, horrified he saw how more and more reptilian looking warriors broke through the defences.

We are doomed! We must flee he yelled at Bess.

Whereto? She replied, to the Ships! Smollet said, our only chance is to sail away!


They Turned around and ran to the harbor, yelling at every sailor and soldier they saw to go with them.

Behind them the reptilians were killing the last of the defenders, some were taken alive, Bess feared for their fate, what would such creatures do with prisoners?

Running as fast as they could they reached the harbor, one of the ships was ready to sail so they ran towards it, and then to their horror a huge creature appeared from the water.

It lashed out with it's tentacles coming down on the ship and destroyed it.

NO! Bess cried out, BACK! Smollet yelled.


But when they turned around they faced an army. The beach and the harbor were now filled with reptilian warriors and huge lizardlike monsters.

They seemed to wait for an order, weapons at the ready but they didn't move.

A group of the reptilians stepped aside to let a big monster through, it had a head like a shield with horns all around it and a big horn on it's nose, it was the size of an elephant and on it's back was a howdah.

That would be their leader, Smollet whispered to Bess, let's see what he has to say.


Bess couldn't believe her eyes, it was a large humanoid Tortoise with an ancient helmet on it's head like the early Romans wore.

It raised a sword and pointed at them with it.



I guess we have little choice, Smollet said.

Maybe it's better to die here than what they might have in store for us, Bess said.

There's always hope, Smollet replied, death is final, being alive means having a chance!

Bess reluctantly dropped her sword.


SEIZE THEM! Cantor ordered.

And so the survivors were taken captive.

As the army marched out of the town with their prisoners, Bess looked back, in tears she saw how the reptilians burned down everything they had built.


You were wrong to invade our lands! Cantor said to her.

Where are you taking us? Bess asked.

You'll find out soon enough, the General replied.









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Faction update:


Rebels/Amazone Tribe -Fillippa and friends are still hiding out with Kataa's Amazones Tribe.

Reptilians - Ssllthr and Bonita are searching for the Rebels, Cantor captured Bloody Bess and her Pirates.

Capt. Gonzales and Pirates - The Barracada has been destroyed, it seems Gonzales and his crew are all killed.

Bloody Bess's Pirate Fleet -The Reptilians captured them all and burned down their settlement. They are taken to the Citadel, what faith awaits them?

Spanish Expedition - The established a small settlement and Andres is eager to explore the Jungle, they lost a few men to attacks of wild animals who knows what will happen next?


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