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Lost World Project Glitterwolf Paints Coldblooded Creatures and Conquistadores

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The current situation:


  • Gonzales and the Pirates - Their ship sunken by a Kraken, presumed dead.
  • Bloody Bess and her Pirates - Captured by the Reptilians.
  • Sssllthr and Bonita - on a mission to find the Rebels and retreive the Orb of Tanith
  • The Rebels - Staying with Kataa's Amazone Tribe in relative safety.
  • Reptilians- Who knows what they're up to now?






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Storytime, i'ts been a while.



Out of Sight.


Sssllthr and Bonita had been travelling for a long time now, still no sign of the enemy, of course with the noise Bonita made, chances were any rebels would flee before they could get close, Sssllthr thought.

He wished he could dump the abomination, half snake half woman and a giant to top it all, every move she made could be heard miles away, how was he supposed to find the rebels and retrieve the Orb of Tanith with her at his side?


Bonita looked at the snakeman in front of her, she tried to make him like her a bit, after all they were on an assignment together, but her attempts were useless she thought.

She was a little afraid Sssllthr might kill her in her sleep, the only thing that stopped him from doing so were the orders of the Frogking she thought.

Sssllthr moved through the Jungle without a sound she on the other hand managed to break every little branch, knocked over every small tree, sigh...she would never learn to be stealthy.

Maybe it was best if the snakeman went on alone, she wondered why the Frogking wanted her to prove herself like this, she felt she was bound to fail.


Suddenly, Sssllthr stopped moving. Anything wrong? Bonita asked.

But Sssllthr didn't answer, instead his eyes went milky white and he seemed to be in a trance.

The Frogking was communicating with him, she had seen it before.

After a while Sssllthr awoke from his trance.


And? She asked? What did he say?

Sssllthr turned to her,His Majesty informed me that we're almost out of his sight, meaning he will no longer be able to see us or guide us.

We're now on our own to complete our mission.

Alright, Bonita replied, so what do you want me to do?


Sssllthr sighed, I have no idea what to do with you, I don't hate you if that's what you think, but I think your useless in the Jungle, everyone can hear you coming.

I need to find the rebel camp without them being alerted by the noise you make!

So? Bonita asked, do you want me to wait here or something?

Maybe that's no such a bad idea, Sssllthr said, I could find them, then come back to fetch you if we need to fight them.

Let's find you a safe spot somewhere, then I'll proceed alone.


Bonita didn't like the idea of being left alone in the Jungle, but at least he wasn't going to kill her, she thought.

Fine! Let's find a hiding place for me, but make sure you'll come back for me!

Agreed! Sssllthr promised.






Fillippa and Mitla headed North, it was time to visit Captain Aguilera who stayed with Amina, the Wise Woman of the Tribe.

I wonder how he's doing, Mitla said, I pity him you know, he never asked to become a vampire and he isn't evil at heart, he has helped us several times now.

Fillippa nodded, I know, he's a good man after all, I still wonder if he can resist the monster inside him, maybe Kataa was right and Amina is able to teach him.


After a while they reached the cave where Amina and Aguilera lived.

Captain Aguilera sat in front of the cave, his cape and hat protecting him from the Sun, Hello old friend, Fillippa greeted him.

Nice of you to come and see me, the Captain replied.

Where's Amina? Mitla asked.


Oh she's collecting some herbs, she'll be back soon, Captain Aguilera replied.

How have you been? Mitla asked.

I'm doing fine, Amina has been teaching me, I feel less restless now, the hunger is less and I can focus more on my abilities.

Abilities? Fillippa asked.

Aguilera nodded, my nightvison improved, that might be useful, I feel stronger and faster lately.

"Hello", "Hello" a rasping voice said and a parrot landed on Captain's Aguilera's shoulder.


Hey! Fillippa said, I recognize that parrot, isn't that the one from that old pirate?

It might be, Aguilera said, but I don't know where he came from.

Mitla looked at the bird, he doesn't look so good she said, noticing missing feathers and spots of dried blood.

Then the parrot turned his head, the other side of his head was nothing more than a skull without an eye.

Mitla jumped up, he's dead!


Oh yeah, Aguilera replied, he is, isn't he? He wasn't at first, a week ago he came here and I took care of him.

It seemed he was wounded, a few days later he died, I couldn't help him.

So I wanted to bury him, but when I touched him, he somehow came back to life, or ..unlife I guess.

He doesn't seem to mind though.


Mitla didn't know what to say, she looked at Fillippa who also looked disturbed by this.

Ah! I see we have guests! A voice behind them said, Amina had arrived.

She hugged Mitla and whispered in her ear: we need to talk!






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Posted (edited)

Storytime again..



Do we need to worry?


Mitla nodded at Fillippa who understood the hint, he would stay with Captain Aguilera while Mitla talked with Amina.

Come, Amina said to Mitla, let me show you where I pick my herbs.

I would like to see that, Mitla replied.


Fillippa sat down in front of the Captain, you said you feel stronger and faster lately?

How did that happen?

I don't know exactly, the Vampire said, Amina has thought me to relax, accept my true self and I meditated a lot.

She also gave me some herb tea that keeps the Hunger at bay.

So I'm no threat to anyone if that's what you're afraid of.


I have always trusted you, Fillippa said, you've proven yourself more than once, but I'll admit I sometimes wonder how long you can keep the Hunger from taking over.

Captain Aguilera looked at his friend, I think Amina has thought me a lot, I think I can do that, and I'm willing to do anything to make sure I don't hurt anybody.

I never asked for this. I was Captain of a merchant ship before this hellish expedition, if I had known what would happen to me I would have stayed in Hispania.

Never again will I be able to set foot in my beloved country, the Inquisiton would burn me at the stake or behead me or whatever they do to vampires.

What did I do to deserve this fate?


Fillippa shook his head, I don't know my friend, but at least you're safe with these people.

Amina seems like a wise woman she'll help you!


Mitla and Amina were out of hearing range from the men, still Amina whispered.

I'm not certain how much his hearing has improved, we need to go a little further at least.

Mitla looked at Amina, the old woman seemed troubled.

A little while later they reached a small lake, here let's sit down and talk, Amina said, but keep your voice down.


Is it that bad? Mitla asked.

Amina stared at the lake,  the water seemed quiet,only a breeze created some ripples.

I'm not sure yet, she replied, your friend bears a terrible curse, he's a good man at heart but the monster is gnawing at his personality and wants to come out.

My tea keeps his Hunger away, but meditation has had some side effects.

What do you mean? Mitla asked.


Well, I put him in a trance at one session and while this has helped him relax more it also triggered something inside.

He told me he sees better at night, he feels stronger and faster.

Normally that would happen to a Vampire after it has fed.


You mean he drank human blood? Mitla asked.

No, no, he didn't, I would have known.

But still, he's developing abilities he shouldn't have.


And the parrot? Mitla whispered, how?

Amina looked worried, the parrot was wounded, he nursed it, so far so good.

Then it died, I saw it happen.

The Captain felt sad, he touched the bird, he cried and when his tears fell on the bird it started twitching and it came back alive!

If he can do that with an animal, could he do it with...humans? Mitla asked.

That's what I'm afraid of, Amina said, he might be capable of necromancy, he just isn't aware of the implications yet.


And now? What do you suggest we do? Mitla asked.

I'll keep an eye on him, continue to teach him, Amina said, but if things go wrong we might need to kill him.

Mitla was shocked, but he's still a good man!

Amina nodded, for now, she said. For now.



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Posted (edited)

More Progress


Broke the General's sword for the third time, had to fix it, so it has to be retouched soon.

Overexposed the aztec, there's more green on the helmet, oh well, next time..



20230701_160427 (2).jpg



FINISHED:  I-Lovecraft's Conquistadore Officer.










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