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Lost World Project Glitterwolf Paints Coldblooded Creatures and Conquistadores

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Thx Al,


It is kind of difficult to tell who the good guys are..

...I sometimes wonder if there are any Good Guys left...presuming there were any to begin with.


Guess that depends on your definition of "Good"....

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I will paint and create a Reptilian Army pure for fun.   It will consists of many different kind of Reptiles and Amphibians. Mostly Snakemen, Lizardmen, Frogmen, Dragonmen, Turtlemen, F

Yep,.   I've seen some from Schleich, but those are basically ( high quality) toys.   I want a Metal or Resin or Bones Feathered T-Rex.. And more...!!!   Oh, Did I m

I also painted some.   The DSA T-Rex got a coat of Reaper Brush on Sealer to protect him from flaking...He will get more paint later.   For now I worked on the Base. This is a Micro Art 60mm Roun

Posted Images

More Storytelling:




A month had passed, the preparations had taken longer than expected.

Gonzales was a bit annoyed, but still, they would sail in an hour.

At last he had his fleet and army, this time he was in charge of the expedition.

Rosetta was in charge of the armed forces.

Together they would be succesfull he was certain of this.

With this force he would land on that accursed beach and make his way to the Golden City.

They would all be rich beyond their wildest dreams.


The Vizconde had come to say goodbye to his daughter and the Captains.

Cpt. Iglesias and Cpt. Aguilera shook the Vizconde's hand and went to their ships.

Rosetta hugged her father, he whispered something in her ear and she smiled, kissed her father and walked to her ship.

Gonzales looked at his old friend.

Don't worry Pedro, I'll bring her back safe and sound.

And with a treasure to boot!!!


Pedro shook his hand and grabbed Gonzales by his shoulder.

You make sure you bring her back my friend!

Whatever happens, you hear me?

Gonzales nodded.

I swear this to you!

They said their goodbyes and Gonzales walked to his ship.


A few minutes later, the ships set sail.

One by one they left the harbor.

The Isabella led the convoy, followed by the Swordfish, then the Mule and behind her the San Jose.

Once they were at sea they paired up.

The Isabella and the Swordfish next to each other, behind them the Mule with the San Jose.


Gonzales was happy, the sea was calm. There wasn't a cloud in sight.

He waved at Rosetta who stood on the front deck of the Isabella.

She waved back.

He looked at the ships behind them. The San Jose had taken position a bit behind the Mule so she could protect the cargo ship better.

Of course the Mule wasn't completely defenseless, she had some cannons and swivel guns, but the Galleons were equipped for warfare.

Rodrigo Gonzales, he thought by himself, you're an Admiral now!


The fleet had been sailing for a few hours, they were at open sea now.

Gonzales figured it would take a few months to reach the Lost World.

By that time the rainseason would definitely have ended.

This time nothing would go wrong he thought.


His happy thoughts where disturbed by a cry from the Crow's nest.


Gonzales took his spyglass and looked at a ship that was swiftly closing in.

It seemed to be a Caravel.

Suddenly he felt a chill through his spine...Red Sails!!!

That was a Pirate ship!


He Shouted at Toni to prepare for battle.

The fools, he thought, do they really think to win against the Swordfish and two other Galleons?

He signalled at Rosetta.

But she waved and her ship didn't make any preparations for battle he noticed.

The San Jose and the Isabella still had their gunports closed.

What was going on? Didn't she realise these were pirates???


He took his spyglass and looked at Rosetta, she noticed and he saw her smiling.

The pirate ship closed in and it took position to sail next to the Isabella.

Gonzales felt uneasy, what kind of behaviour was this?

Why didn't Rosetta blow those pirates out of the water?

The Swordfish couldn't fire with the Isabella between them and the Caravel.

He noticed, the pirates were signalling to the Isabella.

Rodrigo looked again and saw that Rosetta's crew answered.

Then he noticed that the pirates lowered a small boat and it rowed to the Isabella.


The other ships had slowed down and a small group of pirates boarded the Isabella.

Then Rosetta's crew signalled to the Swordfish.

What are they saying?

Toni looked at the flag signals, they seem to invite us too?

Gonzales said, allright then, mabe they want to negotiate.

They lowered a boat too and a few moments later they were also on board of the Isabella.


Rosetta invited them to her Captain's Cabin.

Gonzales looked at the pirates sitting at her table.

They looked quite at ease.

Strange, he thought, three Galleons and an armed cargo ship, and they looked like they were on a picknick.


The pirate Captain introduced himself.

Please to meet you, I'm Captain James Alday, Rosetta's lover, he added.


Rosetta smiled at Gonzales, James will accompany us.

His men can be of use, they have raided more tropical villages and cities than any of us.


Gonzales shook the pirate's hand.

He looked at Rosetta, I'll take it you're father doesn't know about your love affair?

Rosetta smiled.

Let's just say I was waiting for the right moment to tell him.


Great! Gonzales thought.



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Thx Al !


Who Knows?


In the meantime I started painting the Terrorbird Axebeak.


Vallejo Pale Yellow

+ A mix of this and Reaper Dark Skon for the Legs



Dark Skin

Tropical Blue


Scale 75

Decay Black

Flat Black

Bloodfest Crimson


More will follow,






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