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Lost World Project Glitterwolf Paints Coldblooded Creatures and Conquistadores

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That seems so much more satisfying than the rape of the New World by the Pizarro Brothers & their ilk. A FINE tale, X!


Thx Al,


I will have some of these little stories in between to help me get the setting right and for motivation and fun.


Rest assured the Scaly inhabitants of the jungle will be victorious!

They might even go out on a little expedition of their own one day...

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The Micro-Art Studio Bases arrived today.

And my order from the German Webshop.


2 size 0 brushes, Brush Cleaner and 2 x Reaper Brush on Sealer.

And because I would only buy nessecities a Dark Sword Lowlands Hunting Dragon who will impersonate a postosuchus of some sorts...


Now to wait for the recruits I ordered from Reaper...








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Those bases are FANTASTIC. The level of detailing is AMAZING...finding a free spot to place a mini's foot will be a challenge. Have FUN with them all!


Thx Al,


The scenic bases are indeed very nice.


I hope to get some painting done this weekend.

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Even though I now have The Lion Sleeps Tonight playing through my head, the base painted up BEAUTIFULLY...OUTSTANDING WORK!

The first one always takes the longest amount of time to complete.



The base looks great, and it's soon to be occupant is looking pretty spiffy, too!


Thank you both!!


I glued the T-Rex to the base filled some gaps under his feet with Milliput, painted that with a mix of greys and greens to blend in a little.


More work on im will have to wait.

We're going to eat dinner with friends and tomorrow our oldest vixen has a synchronized swimming contest...






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I was kinda wondering how you'd blend the base on his feet into the jungle base; you've done a very good job of it. Two thumbs up!




Since I have a lot of those bases I better get good a this ^_^


For this one I chose the putty option.

Maybe for a smaller one , I will try to file/cut some down to place the mini in the Jungle..


I will try some different things, as long as it looks good I'm satisfied.

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Do you mind reading some fluff in between?


I like to keep in the mood by making up stories..


If you hate the fluff, stick to the pics, if you like it...enjoy.


And I would like to know if I'm bothering you guys or not..


So...the storie continues...( you thought it ended???)



Her Majesty's Swordfish was anchored a mile or two from shore.


Any news yet?


The ship's Captain, Rodrigo Gonzales looked at Martinez.

He shook his head.

No, nothing.


Martinez was the younger brother of Cpt. Luigiano.

He had been left behind on the ship with a group of 20 armed soldiers to make sure Gonzales kept his word.


Gonzales had been paid in advance to sail the expedition to this uncharted land and he agreed to wait 3 months.

After that the rainseason would come, and the ship would then turn back to the civilized world.

Luigiano had to be back by then or the ship would leave.


To make sure Gonzales wouldn't leave earlier, Luigiano had stationed his brother Martinez with his men on board.


Gonzales looked at Martinez, carefully weighing his words.

He knew Martinez had a bad temper.


Time was almost up.

A mere two weeks and the agreed three months would have passed.

He wondered if Martinez would let him sail back without his brother.


You know, he said, I'm sure your brother will be back in two weeks.

He knows we will have to sail back then.

He looked at Martinez face.


Martinez looked troubled.

Maybe we need more time, he said.

Gonzales weighed the options, and agreed.

Sure, sure, if necessary we can talk about it.


Reassured, Martinez walked to his soldiers.

Twenty armed elite soldiers.

Of course the crew of the ship outnumbered them, but these were professional soldiers.

If they wanted the ship to stay, they we're in for a lot of trouble.

He would have to come up with something soon!

The rainseasons in these parts were terrible.


He had sailed with Luigiano before, when he had obtained that golden plaque.

This time he had brought an army if he succeeded they would all be rich.


But Gonzales felt something was wrong.

The first two weeks, Luigiano had sent a pigeon every two days.

Bringing news of his progress.

After that the pigeons stopped coming.


Gonzales and Martinez had talked about this.'Maybe the pigeons had died in this climate or were caught by a predator?

Surely Luigiano would be allright.

He had a small army and even some small cannons, so he should be allright.

A few predators wouldn't stop them. And any savage natives would fall to the might of the blackpowder weapons.


No pigeons, no messengers, no sign of life, and the three months were almost up.


Gonzales knew he had to act....


Every few days, a group of soldiers and ship's crew would take a barge and head for the beach.

There,they would go to the edge of the Jungle and forage for fruits, water and maybe hunt some small game.

Martinez and five of his men would always stay aboard during those forage trips, and they would stay close to Gonzales untill the group returned.


That night Gonzales invited Martinez to his cabin for a drink of rum.

He reassured Martinez that he would wait as long as he wished.

Let's drink to that he said.


A sailor brought pitchers of rum, one for the Captain and one for Martinez.

Of course Martinez, being a bit suspicious after all, switched the pitchers.

It was good rum..

They talked, drank, and sang.

More pitchers were served.

And they got more drunk...


After the fifth pitcher of rum, Gonzales mumbled something and then he slammed his head onto the table and started snorring.

Martinez laughed, he fell out of his chair and fell asleep in a drunken stupor.


Gonzales opened his eyes, stood up, completely sober.

After the first pitchers of rum, he had been drinking cold herbal tea.

While Martinez had gotten the strongest rum.


Two sailors entered the cabin.

They disarmed Martinez, and gagged him and bound him to the cabin's bed.

Gonzales took the seal ring from Martinez's finger.


He wrote something and sealed it with wax using the ring.

Here, give this to Martinez's Sergeant, he told a sailor.


And so, next day a group of fourteen soldiers led by the Sergeant stood ready for a forage trip.

Four sailors would row them ashore in two barges.


The remaining soldiers would stay with Martinez on board.

The Corporal asked Gonzales where Martinez was.

He is in my cabin,Gonzales said, he has a bit of a headache and asked if you would accompany me to the cabin and meet him there.

Follow me please.


They saw the barges leave to the beach.

And the Corporal and his men followed Gonzales to the cabin.

Standing in front of the cabin's door, they were suddenly surrounded by sailors.

What is this? The Corporal asked.

Disarm them, and take them to the brig, Gonzales said.


In the cabin, Martinez woke up.

He had a headache, he had drank too much, he felt if someone had stuffed a sock in his mouth..

Wait..there WAS a sock in his mouth!!


He tried to take it out, discovering his hands were bound.

Gonzales stepped into the cabin.

No use Martinez, he said.

You will have to wait a while.

Edited by Glitterwolf
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