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Lost World Project Glitterwolf Paints Coldblooded Creatures and Conquistadores

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These look sooooo good, Herman! I also like the fluff.




In that case I will go on.

Painting tomorrow, story time now.



The barges reached the shore.

Sergeant Fillippa let his men form a line.

The sailors stood behind them.


We will have to be careful, Fillippa said. We will go no further than the edge of that Jungle.

There is fruit and water there, He looked at the sailors, you will come with us.


Toni, the leader of the sailors, nodded.

A few soldiers stood watch next to the barges.


After a few hours, one of the sailors fell to the ground and started complaining about pain in his stomach.

Toni looked at the Sergeant.


He needs to get back to the ship.

My men will row him back to the ship, I will stay here with you and we will take the second barge to go back later.

Then they will come back to pick up the rest.

Fillippa hesitated.

As long as you and a barge will stay here, he grumbled.


Toni, laughed.

Oh come on! We've been going on these trips for almost three months now.

Everytime we brought you back, besides..Martinez and his team are with our Captain.

You think he would let us sail away without you?

Fillippa smiled a bit...yes..yes..I know...of course..ok...


The sailors hopped into the barge and started rowing towards the ship.

Toni stayed behind.


The soldiers carried on with foraging.

Toni looked at the barge, slowly getting further away,

It is hot ! he exclaimed to Fillippa.


I think I will cool off some in the sea.

While your men are foraging, why don't you take a little swim too?

I can't swim, Fillippa answered.


Mind If I cool off a little then?

Toni, took off his clothes and walked into the sea, he fooled around a little in the water.

Making funny faces at Fillippa.

The Sergeant laughed...


Maybe I can find some pearls, Toni said.

Sure said Fillippa,

Toni dissapeared underwater.

What a fool, Fillippa thought, diving for pearls..


But Toni stayed under...

What Fillippa didn't know, was that Toni was one of the best swimmers on board of the Swordfish.

He dove and swam into the direction of the barge.

The sailors had slowed down their pace..The soldiers hadn't noticed.


Fillippa looked at the sea, where was that Toni?

Suddenly he noticed that the barge was coming back in their direction.

That was odd, maybe that guy felt better?


Toni had almost reached the barge.

The sailors on board, noticed it, and one of them got a few signal flags, and he started waving them.


Fillippa was confused to see the flags.

He was unfamiliar with Naval signals as an Army Sergeant.


Gonzales was looking through his spyglass and saw the flags.

NOW!!!! he shouted.


The gunports opened, and the ship's cannons let out a volley.

The barge that lied on the beach was shattered, the soldiers guarding them died in the explosion.

FIllippa was shocked, but regained his wits...TAKE COVER !!!! TO THE  TREES!!!!


The remaining men  ran towards the trees.


A second volley was fired.

Luckily nobody got harmed, but it spurred them on.


Toni had reached the barge and they rowed towards the Swordfish.

The "sick" sailor was of course fine...he smiled. It worked.


They reached the ship.

Gonzales was waiting.


Good, good, they are stranded.

Now bring out Martinez and his men.


Martinez and his small retinue were brought to the upper deck.


I'm so sorry, Gonzales said.

But You'll understand I can't take any risks with the ship.

Your brother should have been here..we will sail back.


You will also understand, I can't have you telling anyone about this.

But I will give you a fair chance.

It is only two miles, and you're healthy young men.

You can swim to the shore.

Walk the plank please...


The Corporal and his men went first.

Martinez turned around on the plank.

I will get you for this Gonzales!!!


I will take my chances, Gonzales answered.


Fillipa and his men watched as the Swordfish set sail.

One of them was following the action with a spyglass.

Sergeant!!! There are men swimming our way!!!


Fillippa took the spyglass himself...it is Martinez!!!


It took a while, but then Martinez and the Corporal walked onto the beach.

The others had drowned.


They watched the Swordfish sailing away.


Ok Men, Martinez said.

This is our only chance.

No other ships travel these waters.


We will try to catch up with my brother.

When we reach the Golden City, we will find a way to get our revenge!!!

Either that or we die here!

Who's with me?


The men nodded, they had no choice.


The group, now down to a mere 12 men dissapeared into the Jungle.

They would find Luigiano, and then all would be allright.


On board of the Swordfish, Gonzales looked at the shore a last time.

Had it been a wise decision to leave Martinez alive?

Time would tell.

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I will try to paint some more tonight.


Did you guys notice that I tried to make the little snake on the base look like an Eastern Coral Snake?


I will try to paint every creature in his own scheme, some fantasy in patterns I like.

But I will also try to paint some like real snakes/lizards.


They might not always live in the same environment in the real world.

Let's just say the Living Lizard God calls his children to gather in his realm.

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While I didn't recognize the species...my lack of knowledge of shakes is impressive, I did notice the colorful little fellow/gal/whatever. He provided a nice splash of color to the base. 

Drawing your inspiration from nature is a fine idea. Not having to agonize over color choices is a big plus.

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I finished the DSA T-Rex.


Show Off Here:




Hope you guys like him.




Cinnamon Red

Blackened Brown

Muddy Olive

Olive Green

Pale Olive


Scale 75


Decay Black

Pure White




Graveyard Earth









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Great work!!

1 done and how many to go?


Also, +1 to liking the fluff pieces.


Thx, Well 20 of course!!!


That is one FANTASTIC LOOKING Lizard. The WONDERFUL array of colors may have moi rethinking my ideas of reptile types. VERY WELL DONE!


Thx, In fact many snakes, lizards and frogs have beautiful colour and patterns. Nature paints the best minis.

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My REAPER order came in today.


Nagendra Venom Spitter, Assassin and Champion.

Lizardman with club and shield, with bow and a Tyrant with a stone axe.



2 Raptors.


The good news is that the Velociraptor and Raptors are a bit bigger then the Ral Partha ones, but actually the right size to pull off a hunting family with adult and younger Raptors.


Looking forward to continue.


Now to see which mini goes first.

I will paint every single warrior separately and in his own colours.


My army will be a multicoloured host.

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Sssllthr moved through the Jungle, he was far away from the city.


The Priest of the Living Lizard God has had a vision.

There would be more intruders, these must be dealt with before they reached the sanctity of the city.


Sssllthr was one of the warriors who where sent out.

They each went on their own in different directions.


He moved in the direction of the West Coast, that's where the last intruders had come from.

Sssllthr had fought in that battle, they had feasted on the flesh of their enemies afterwards.

Those paleskinned humans tasted good..


His nestbrother had retrieved a lost artifact, he had hunted down the ones that fled.

The Priest had honoured him for this. He had been promoted.

Sssllthr would show them, that he too was worthy of praise.

He would find and slay the intruders the Priest had seen in his vision.


He heard noise. and hid between the vegetation.


Fillippa asked Martinez, are you certain this is the way your brother went?

Martinez looked around, yes, he described where he went in the notes the pigeons brought.

Until now we are on the right track.


We will have to look for tracks to see where he went further.




One of the soldiers waved at Martinez.


What is it?


Here Sir!

Look a broken halberd!


And there! A boot!


Martinez turned to Fillippa, what do you make of this?

Fillippa examined the pieces, there is no blood on the halberd, it wasn't used in a fight.

Or the wielder didn't have the chance to use it.


Now a broken weapon is one thing, but no man would leave his boot behind.


My brother mentioned some men got fever and had to be carried, maybe that explains this?

Fillippa looked troubled, maybe , maybe...

This vegetation grows so quick, tracks are very hard to distinguish.

Footsteps are very quickly hidden again, the insects and creatures here eat almost everything.


We will have to find your brother and his army quickly or we might lose track of them.

Martinez looked around, sureley those small cannons would leave a more permanent track?

Some broken branches, deeper tracks?


Fillippa looked at a few trees nearby, yes..these trees are damaged, something moved here.

Good! Good! Martinez almost shouted.



The men followed, there was still hope.


Fillippa walked in front, he got this eerie feeling he was being watched.

He looked around but saw nothing.

Come on, don't let the Jungle get to you now! , he tought.


Sssllthr stood very still, one with his surroundings, he could almost touch the bearded one, but this was not the time.

Not yet.

Not one of the men noticed him when they passed by.

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Work will now start on Sssllthr..


Actually he is a Nagendra Warrior from Reaper SKU 14498.


But in my army he's Sssllthr, our hero from the little story that started above.


BTW, when I ordered all those bases, Tabletop Art included a gift.

Just noticed it actually ( well I had seen the note I didn't realise before that I got 3 free bases!)







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