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Lost World Project Glitterwolf Paints Coldblooded Creatures and Conquistadores

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The men stumbled through the Jungle.


Martinez was sure this was the right way, the damage to the trees was still visible.

His brother and his army had marched in this direction.

Soon they would meet and then they could make plans how to find the Golden City and how to get back to the Civilization.


And then he would love to see the look on Gonzales his face when he got back.

Oooh, he would slowly kill him...


The men didn't move fast though, the heat, the armor they were wearing.

But it would be allright Martinez knew it.


At the end of the column, a soldier stopped for a drink.

Fillippa looked at him and gestured him to hurry up.


Ramon, the soldier, showed his canteen. He needed a drink badly!!

Fillippa nodded and marched on, let him have his drink he thought.

There were only twelve of them left, better try to keep the spirit up.


Ramon, stood still for a moment, he inspected his canteen, only half full.

He shrugged, a little sip wouldn't hurt no one.

They would find water soon enough.

Bloody heat!!


He looked at the men, slowly walking further, he would catch up.

Gold, riches....right now he would happily give that dream up for a bottle of rum and being back home.

All that talk about a golden city..

Still, when Luigiano had shown that golden plaque at them, he too had believed him.

It had priceless gems on it that formed a snake of some sorts.

One with arms and carrying a sword..


He raised the canteen, To Gold!!!


The canteen never reached his lips.

A Sharp blade slit his throat and his body fell to the ground.


Sssllthr hid himself again.

Wiping the blood from his blade.


Eleven to go...

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I finished Sssllthr the Nagendra Warrior.


Paints abused:




Dried Blood



Molten Bronze


Scale 75

Forest Black Green

Toxic Waste Green

Blood Red

Tenere Yellow


Intkense Wood

Inktense Black


He will be in show off here:





A few shots of him and a group shot of our army so far.




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Martinez gathered the men around him.


Fillippa stood next to him.


Ok, men, here is the situation.

My Brother's army went this way to the Golden City almost three months ago.

They carried cannons and some sick men, we are a small group so we will be faster than they are.


However it will still take some time.

We have no other choice since Gonzales betrayed us!

Do not despair, look around you, fruits everywhere, we can hunt game and we will catch the rain and dew for water till we find a pool or river.

As long as we stick together and keep an eye out for each other we will survive this.


Not only will we survive this! We will become rich and return as nobles!!!


The men cheered.


Fillippa looked at the men, worried..

Where is Ramon?


The soldiers looked at each other.

Ehm he stayed behind a few miles ago, he would keep up.


And nobody cared to check if he was back or inform me? Fillippa shouted..

From now on, nobody stays alone!!!

If someone has to rest it will be in pairs!!!


Yes Sir!!!

Shall we go back and retrieve Ramon? A soldier asked.


Martinez shook his head.

We can't afford that, if he makes it back he will, if not... he's beyond hope.


The cheerful mood was gone.




Sssllthr looked down, a small Viper crossed his path, he spoke to it in the tongue of snakes.

The Viper listened and crawled away in the direction of the men.



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Thank you CW!!!




Fillippa stood aside as the men walked by.

Eleven and that was including Martinez and himself he thought.

If we won't find Luigiano we're doomed.


Suddenly one of the soldiers screamed in pain.

Fillippa ran to him, just in time to see a small viper slithering away.


It bit you? He asked.

The soldier nodded , he looked at Fillippa and tried to speak, foam was forming on his lips.

His eyes turned away and he fell to the floor, dead.


Fillippa looked at the young soldier. He took the pistol and the dagger from him and the canteen with water.

They might need those.


Martinez looked at him.

Cursed Jungle!!!

They continued their way.

Ten.. just ten he thought..




Sssllthr followed.

The viper had done it's job.


His tongue tasted the air.

Aahhh, that was fortunate.

He knew who approached the men from the other side.



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Sssllthr sensed the air again.


He was near!!


The men marched on, the soldier in front of the column pushed away a few vines.

A sickening "thud" and he fell, his skull bashed in.


A large humanlike lizard with a stone axe in his claws bellowed at the others.


FALL BACK !!!, Fillippa ordered.



Two men rushed forwards with halberds to keep the lizard creature on a distance.


Martinez drew his pistol, Fillippa did the same thing.

The men all looked at the lizard.


The big lizard creature swung his stone axe again, a halberd splintered to pieces.


At that moment Sssllthr struck from behind and killed the soldier in the rear.


Nobody noticed him, all were focused on the lizard.

Martinez and Fillippa fired their pistols.


The lizard was hit. He stepped forward, tried to swung his crude axe once more and fell to the ground.


Sssllthr immediately withdrew and hid himself once more in the jungle.


The men trembled. What was that?

A lizard the size of almost two men and wielding a weapon as if he was a human?


Martinez looked around and saw the other dead soldier.


We're not alone!!!

There must be another one of those vile creatures nearby!!!

The men formed a small circle  to defend themselves.

Fillippa reloaded his pistol, cover me!!!


He stepped forward to investigate.

Ssllthr was one with his surroundings once more.

Fillippa stepped forward.

Nothing..there was nothing!!!


He walked back to the group.

It's gone now!


Sssllthr waited. He knew when to strike and when not to.


Martinez examined the lizard.

He was tall and muscular, big teeth in his mouth.

The axe he had carried was a crude one made of stone, something like the first men had used.

It also wore some kind of a loincloth.


What was this creature?

Was this a guardian of the Golden City?

Did his brother knew these creatures existed?


We must be careful men!

There must be more where he came from.


Fillippa looked at the trembling men.

Shake it off!!! he said.

We have killed it!

These things can be killed!!!

We where unprepaired but now we know!!!
Load your weapons. always stay together!


Make a few torches, beasts don't like fire.

Keep your eyes open.


Soon we will catch up with Luigiano and then we will have strength in numbers again!


Martinez nodded, he was glad to have the Sergeant with him.

He was a veteran of many battles and without him the men would already have fled in all directions he thought.


Let's move on, he said.

The sooner we find my brother, the better.


Sssllthr watched them march on.

He followed from a safe distance again.


When he passed the lizard's corpse he stood still for a moment.

The Lizard Tyrant had died with honour.

He would inform the Priest of the Living Lizard God of his heroic death.





This will be the next one to be painted.



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I'm very happy to see that both the T-Rex and the Nagendra got a lot of likes in Show Off.

Very motivating!

Thx all for liking and commenting!


I prepped and primed the Lizardman Tyrant and a Micro Art Studio Jungle Base.



I had a hard time getting rid of the metal integral base of the Tyrant.

I needed clippers, a Stanley knife and a jeweler saw and several files.


From now on I hate metal integral bases with a passion :zombie:


Anyway I succeeded, here he is primed. He's not glued to the base yet because I want to paint that first.


I downloaded many pics of lizards and other reptiles for reference.


I love this model, I do think he looks more like a Dinoman then a Lizardman, but that's fine with me.


So I hope you like the journey through the Jungle.

let's move on.




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