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Yet another Darksword Tiefling Bust WIP thread

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Yep, I am also jumping on this bandwagon.


Haven't painted a bust before, so lets see how badly I screw this up.




Got her assembled this morning in the hope of getting started on the painting later today, but I had some gaps to fill (she went together quite well, but my superglue kept drying before I could get the parts completely flush), so I'm leaving the green stuff to dry over night.

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Made some progress, I think:-




The original idea was 'Pale-skinned Goth Girl', but I got lost along the way and this is where I am at the moment.


The skin started with a basecoat of 3:1 Vallejo Stormy Blue/Vallejo Flat Flesh and I've been adding a drop of Flat Flesh with each layer, and I'm up to 1:3 Stormy Blue/Flat Flesh, at this point I was planning to switch to pure Flat Flesh before moving through Light Flesh and onto Off-white, but she's stayed a lot bluer than expected, so I'm going to have to rethink things.


At least her eyes went okay, they're purple.

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cool! I love the idea of blue!!! ok- so for skin, remember whatever color you choose, we're all desaturated versions of it.  Not pink, but tan/beige, not black, but dark brown, not yellow, but ocher.  Etc etc.  So using a fairly intense blue may cause it to look even more alien.  a good way to get a realistic skintone of any color, is to glaze something over the intense shades to fade it out like you're doing with the flat flesh.  You might find in this case that snow shadow will work well for you.  You can get a desaturated look, but still stay in the blue range and not end up to pink/tan.  Just a thought.  I like using snow shadow for skin.


She is soooo demonic right now!!!

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Nice to see the blue skin has gone down so well!


Haven't been painting much at the moment, but I've made a bit of progress:-




She's proving very difficult to photograph now she'll no longer stay on her little plinth, so the colours are a bit messed up.


I finished off the skin, didn't have any Snow Shadow (or anything close), so I tried slowly swapping out the Flat Flesh for Light Flesh, the colour shift was just way too drastic though so I decided to leave the skin where it was.

Next I did her hair. Gave it a basecoat of Vallejo Ghost Grey and then highlights of Vallejo Offwhite and finally a good coat of Greyshade Wash, it worked okay.

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Now I've started to paint a bit more often again, I'm back on this:-




Still absurdly hard to photograph.


Did her horns in my favourite 'Yellowed Bone' scheme (Oiled Leather > Tanned Leather > 1:1 Tanned Leather/Vallejo Bonewhite > 1:1:2 Tanned Leather/Bonewhite/Vallejo Off-white > Sepia Wash).

The rings around the bigger horns are done in Blood Red and Vallejo Andrea Blue stripes with Vallejo Bronze dangly bits, the smaller rings are just Bronze with a Vallejo Emerald drop gem.

The hair straps started with 1:1 Ruddy Leather/Bronze, then Bronze, then 1:1 Bronze/Vallejo Polished Gold with a thin Brown Wash.


Next steps are to tidy everything up and pick colours for her hair-feathers and scrunchy.

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    • By Wardenstein
      Hi, folks. First-time picture-poster, over on these forums. I hope I'm "doing things correctly" or close to it? Let me know, if I'm not.

      This is a resin bust by Boxing Dog Model Kits. It's of the band mascot, "Eddie," associated with the musical group, "Iron Maiden". I believe this sculpt was based on the album art for a musical single called "Aces High"; if memory serves, anyway.

      I'm assuming the bust kit is likely no longer on the market? I say that because I believe it was a pretty limited run to begin with, and I know this build-up / paint-up that I did is from about 2014. That's when the "Horror and Monster Modeller" special issue of "Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller" came out. This model was featured in an article I wrote, for that publication. (See pages 113 through 121 in that issue.)

      The main thing the article talked about was the physical modifications I had made to the solid resin parts, so that I could put some acrylic rods inside the head, with the rounded-off ends of those rods serving as "eyes" that I could make "glow" by placing some small, flashlight-style light bulbs (not LEDs) in two tunnels than ran under those rods. The actual electrical system is shown here: it's fairly simple, by electronics standards. The pictures here, with the notes I included, give a decent idea of what I did to get the eyes actually lit up, and "glowing". Part of the reason I was going with "real light bulbs," instead of LEDs, was to be able to turn them up or down in intensity. Also, the coloring was going to look like the LEDs of that time period, if I had installed those. The "yellow glow" from "real" light bulbs seemed much preferable.

      As for the paint job ... some parts I'm reasonably happy enough with -- at least, given where my skills are or where, back then -- and some  areas on this model ended up being "basecoat only; then I had to stop" due to the restrictions of time. (I had this project, plus three other projects, that did appear in that same special issue; plus one that didn't get completed in time: so unfortunately none of the articles I was working on, for that particular issue, really got the time or care I would have wanted each of them to have, in an ideal world). I bit off a bit more than I could chew, methinks, in hindsight? Sometimes, real life gets in the way, too; as it did with this project, and the other three or four. But I was pretty stoked about having stuff in that first-ever special issue. As is often the case with deadline models of any kind, a person just has to do what they can, and prioritize what's possible and what's not, within the time they have available. But with four other models being worked on, and all at roughly the same time ... yeah, no, that special issue was not my finest moment. Still fun to work on, though: even if I feel I have more reasons to be proud of the eleven other articles I'd done with SF&FM, before the "Horror" special issue came out. 

      I keep telling myself that, one day, perhaps, I may re-paint portions of this? Or at least "finish" the "basecoated, only" areas where I simply had to stop where things were, so that I could get the photos and words turned in, for that particular article's deadline. But for now, this is still what the kit looks like, even nearly a decade after that "Aces High" article first came out, in 2014. Even though I was under-whelmed with my own performance, paint-job-wise, on a number of areas on this kit, local fans of that musical group were depressed that I would not give this model to them, or sell it to them, so not everyone was as harsh as I myself was, on whether or not I'd done an acceptable job, on this kit. (I gave them nice, big, hi-res photos, instead. They seemed happy enough with that; and I can still see lit-up Evil Eddie, whenever I want to.)

      EDIT: I should probably add that the article's mentioned Reaper's paint lines; along with things like extenders or drying retarders, and what I believe was originally Jen Haley's mix of that plus flow improver. The paints used on this were a combination of paint brands and types: some of it being Tamiya brand acrylics; some of it being Reaper's paints; some of it being various kinds of metallics. Primer was an automotive gray by Plasti-Kote. To seal the "light tunnels" and prevent light leaks, I had even used some of One-Shot's brand of paints that are made for things like pin-striping work. Some portions of what's seen here (the goggles, in particular) started as a homemade decal or transfer, of a photo of some clouds, that I later painted over in places, with "flak bursts" and a reflected, flaming, shot-down enemy aircraft. The overall paint work is a combination of hand-brushing, in places, plus some airbrush work: mostly for base-coating, but also used occasionally "for effects". There is some evidence of veins running, just under the skin; but it's pretty hard to tell that it's there, once I shrank these images, for uploading. 

    • By Evilhalfling
      Fell in love with this one when I saw him in the VIP bag for reapercon 2016? 
      delighted to get it with the Kickstarter. 
      so much fun to paint.   Was going to to just silver and purple- but the counterpoint of a crown golden horns really sold him as an emperor for me.
      the xiii is a reference to the dragon empire of 13th age (which was a great RPG) 
      would love C&C before submitting him for yearly contest.

    • By Mckenna35
      Thought some of you might find this interesting:
      Some of the figures are borderline NSFW so i won't copy any pictures here.
      Looks lovely, but even if I wasn't unemployed, these are a bit rich for my blood.  With shipping you're looking at ~$76 for a single bust - ouch...
    • By Zira
      First Reaper minis I've painted! Pretty proud of how the spider turned out! I tried to get an iridescent look on the crow, but I couldn't quite figure it out 😅
      Constructive critiques welcome!

    • By Inarah
      These look like fun.  26 hours left.... 

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