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Yet another Darksword Tiefling Bust WIP thread

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With my current project stalled, I've come back to this, might actually get it finished this time:-




Finished off her sleeves with highlights of Squid Pink, 1:1 Squid Pink/Vallejo Light Flesh and 1:2 Squid Pink/Light Flesh, before tying it together with a wash of 2:1 Red/Violet Inks.


Currently worried I may have used too much Glaze Medium thinning my inks, it's been over 3 hours in rather hot weather, and her sleeves still aren't dry. Lets see if leaving it overnight helps.

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How did I miss this the first time around?


Very nice and unique take on this bust.


I am glad to see everyone doing different takes on the same models on these here forums.


Commence like bombing run in 3...2...1...


I forgot to say your take on her makes her look down right disgusted that we would even dare to look at her, brilliant, even if it wasn't on purpose.

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Thanks everybody!


Yeah, her piercing gaze is more down to my inexperience with painting eyes than anything else, it looks good though so I'm happy.



Took a few days, but my ink wash finally dried so I could make some progress:-




Had a bit of a disaster getting her arms attached, the superglue dried before I could get her left arm completely on, so I'm left with a pretty annoying gap.

It also killed my remaining enthusiasm for this project, so I knocked out her plinth fairly quickly in an attempt to just get this one finished.


Just got a little bit left to do, so the next update will probably see her over at the Show-off section.

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