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30-ton Battlemech UrbanMech


Capellan Regular Unit Paint Scheme


This walking turret is scary in urban settings where it's hard for everyone to move.  Slow and ponderous, the lack of a large engine to move it allows it to carry a wallop.














Reaper Spattered Gore, Reaper Scorched Metal, Reaper Sunshine Yellow and Reaper Black.  Washed with Reaper Walnut Brown.

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I don't recall ever seeing the mini, so I never realized how disproportionately large the legs were.


That UrbanMech is a tricky fella! Good job on this guy! I always find that edition of the UrbanMech's feet to look odd. ::P:

What better mech to represent the Big Stompy Robot meme than a mech that looks like it forgot the top half of its torso.


Gimme a pair of mech legs, and a gun. It's all I need!


Now I can only picture it as a pair of robot pants.

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A nicely painted urbanwreck! Really thin wire can make a nice antennae for this little guy too


Yeah.  They also make excellent puncture wounds.  I tend to avoid them these days.  :)


I have several pieces of the wire that came with the Ral Partha mechs back in the day.  The kind that didn't cut with simple wire cutters.  Nor did they bend that easily.


Stabbed a Highlander's antenna through my hand once.  Same mech fell off a table sometime later and landed antenna first.  Sat there quivering like a dart in the hardwood floor.


So, yeah, I don't bother with them much.

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