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Some Soldiers for Prince Rupert

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Actually Rupe was a cavalry commander but I didn't want him hanging on his lonesome.


Part of the preloved horde I purchased, I have had to take them off of their single figure basing (for a different rule set) and while they were free from earthly (mdf-ly) constraint I decided to jolly them up a bit and repair chipping and other battle damage.








So there it is, I have been painting ^_^




OK one more.....

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I used to do ECW with Foundry figures, and a smattering of other ranges (Matchlock, I think being the best blend with the Foundry guys). Looks good. What rules are you planning to use?


Baroque by Dadi & Piombo, we have been using their Impetus rules (ancients and medieval) and like them a lot. Foundry wouldn't have been my first choice but the figures had a reasonable paint job so saved me a lot of time under painting and they were a reasonable price. There is also the odd Essex and Perry mixed in as well.

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A few more troops for the English Civil War (ECW) army officers, two standard bearers and an important looking chap, and some shotte in a mock up of the basing.


Ye Kings Foote Regiment of the Lifeguard.... or sumpin like that.







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