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Bones2 Beauty Pageant - Dragon Hatchlings - Entry Thread

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Bones2 Hatchling Beauty Pageant

June 2016 - August 31st 2016


1. Paint ONE of the FOUR dragon hatchlings:


77271: Dragon Hatchling Blue

77272: Dragon Hatchling Green

77273: Dragon Hatchling Black

77274: Dragon Hatchling Red


2. You don't have to paint them per the color description, paint them any color you like. The base should also be painted in some manner. The hatchlings came with the core set of Bones II so anyone who bought the core set from that should have them, or pick one up from your FLGS (Friendly Local Gaming Store) if you like!


3. Post your entry by midnight CST on August 31st, 2016. Only post photos in this thread, any questions/comments can be had in the discussion thread here. As many photos per figure as seems reasonable, please try to post per the forum rules on photo sizes. If you decide to paint all four hatchlings, please just pick one to enter here so it is simplified for voting, but you can link to your show-off post for your other ones if you like.


4. Check back September 1st or 2nd and we'll set up the voting.


5. Have fun! A beauty pageant is just to give you a chance to paint the same figure as a bunch of other like minded folks. Whether you are a true beginner or have been painting for years, whether you are a master, paint only for tabletop, or still have a lot to learn this is a great way to participate in a challenge and just have fun. Hope to see your beautiful entries, hit me up in the discussion thread for any questions! Thanks!

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*trips just short of the finish line as he hits the ground a mini flies out of his hand. It bounces forward a few times and stops upright on just the other side of the finish line.*





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Here's mine. Not sure which of the 4 he is, the package is long gone. 











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I painted two Blue and Black.  They are really tiny.  

took another look at the pictures and I will submit the black. It is painted with the same scheme as my Pathfinder Dragon (WIP)



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Thanks everyone for voting, Inarah's green dragon is the winner of this beauty pageant! Loved seeing everybody's entries! And congratulations to Inarah for a very well painted hatchling!

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Squee! Thanks for the votes.  Everyone did a great job with their dragon, thanks to Jessie for running the pageant. 

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