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Infamy One Shot #1 (Hob)Goblin Chieftain Painting Contest Please Vote!


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OK folks, I need some help...


As most of you know, I am going to enter this guy in the Infamy painting contest, and I would like to make the best showing I can, so here are a bunch of pics, please choose the ones you think show him off the best!

(I can send 8 pics total....)


  1. post-14271-0-53489900-1466043850_thumb.jpg
  2. post-14271-0-13627800-1466043851.jpg
  3. post-14271-0-88124400-1466043851_thumb.jpg
  4. post-14271-0-75500700-1466043852.jpg
  5. post-14271-0-54425900-1466043853_thumb.jpg
  6. post-14271-0-15821100-1466043854.jpg
  7. post-14271-0-14656000-1466043855_thumb.jpg
  8. post-14271-0-12762100-1466043859_thumb.jpg
  9. post-14271-0-68856200-1466043860_thumb.jpg
  10. post-14271-0-69119200-1466043861_thumb.jpg
  11. post-14271-0-71227900-1466043862_thumb.jpg
  12. post-14271-0-69916700-1466043863_thumb.jpg
  13. post-14271-0-49075900-1466043864_thumb.jpg
  14. post-14271-0-24057400-1466043865_thumb.jpg
  15. post-14271-0-85575100-1466043865.jpg
  16. post-14271-0-47147500-1466043866_thumb.jpg
  17. post-14271-0-39385400-1466043867.jpg
  18. post-14271-0-56517100-1466043868_thumb.jpg
  19. post-14271-0-55659300-1466043869_thumb.jpg
  20. post-14271-0-82128900-1466043870_thumb.jpg

So please choose your favorite 8 pics and help me decide!





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I really love what you have done with him and truly think he is your best work to date. I am going to be honest though and tell you I hate that background and do not think it shows off the goblin or the the chicken of death to their full potential. It looks grainy to me and just isn't the right color for the bird thingie to stand out. Just my opinion and I hope I don't come across as snarky. Just letting you know I think you would do better in the competition with a different background.


That said, if you are sticking with that background, I will gladly tell you which pics I think are best. (I will do this when I get back from seeing Warcraft!)

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I'm back! Out of the photos above, here are my choices:


2, 3, 6, 9, 11, 16, 18, 19

Did you enjoy the movie?


YES! It was so good! Worth the wait and worth the extra couple bucks to see it in the "fancy" theater! (Previews for Star Trek and Suicide Squad look amazeballs!)

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Okay, I stopped at Michael's on the way home and got some backdrops.

I did the same steps to each photo in the editor, and tried to keep the same 'shot' as well....


So what color is best?










So chime in with your thoughts!



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