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Free RPG Day 2016 is June 18th

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I have obtained copies of all the Pathfinder "We Be Goblins" adventures at Free RPG day events. I expect Saturday will be no exception. I am kind of sad that two local venues aren't participating any more, though.

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Site with all the information. ::):


I'm just waiting for July 1st, so I can pick up We B4 Goblins from Paizo since I don't have any FLGS, let alone a LGS here in town... ::(: 


I may pick up the Tup card as well, since I gonna try & get him into my RCon goblin games.


If anyone goes & gets the Reaper mini, I'd like to see what so special about it thou.

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Bah! Doesn't look like our local FLGSs are participating. At least, none that I can find on the free RPG day website.


I'll probably drop by one of them that just moved this week, so who knows what might find.


Which one moved?


Timemasters (I know you aren't much of a fan of them anymore), they're now at 585 Torbay Road, next to the Best Buy/Costco Stavanger Drive stores.


I drive by that area often enough to now that getting inside that parking area is a nightmare, but their visibility will be better than on Kenmount.

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