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Where is everyone staying?

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With the announcement of the HGI block being filled up for RCon this year, thought I'd I ask where everyone will be staying for the con this year. Helps with getting together afterwards or even during the Con.


I'll be staying at Hilton Garden Inn (HGI) this year.

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I have no idea...I need to find out where R Con is going to be held first...and if rooms are available



Or are you meaning the hotel it is at is already filled up and we lost out on the chance to book?

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Edit: After a brief moment of panic my wife pointed me to the update, which is not necessarily panic-worthy. That one block is booked up, but there's another available.

Relevant posts: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/63573-official-reapercon-2016-dates/?p=1384635




Looks like we're going to the Fairfield Inn!

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Heisler posted it in the Excited thread and the pinned Dates thread. Marriot across the street from the HGI. And there will be a shuttle from the HGI to the convention site from what I understand.


Edit: Con will be actually at the Premier Event Center. Page 1 of the pinned Dates thread.

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ReaperCon this year is being held offsite from the hotel. Lewisville Event Center or something like that. Right now the 2 "main" hotels are Hilton Garden Inn (last year's hotel & Con site) & now the Mariot (pretty much across the street from HGI). (At least, Reaper Rate hotels)


I'm surprised the block filled up as quickly as it did. Thou it may have only been a few rooms, since the HGI is a big hotel.

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don't worry.  it'll be ok and you will have a wonderful time no matter where you stay.  There are a lot of hotels nearby all within walking distance of the shuttle to the event. reaper always takes good care for con attendees. fear not!!  ::):

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