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50213: Zombie Strippers


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They look great, but I still don't understand how it's okay for Reaper to advertise the thing, put pictures up for the thing, sell the thing to us, but not okay for us to post pictures of the same thing when we paint it after they advertise it, put pictures of it up, and sell it to us.


They still look great, though.

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How could I not click on a post by Marineal with a title like that? The minis are cool too :;):


Constructive criticism The girls could use some more bruising.

Haha! Thanks! I think you're right about the bruising. I was trying to use them as an exercise in skin tones, should have added bruising to that exercise!


Bruunwald- honestly, I just go with the flow on that one. It gets me hits I might not normally get on my blog, and I figire they get to make the rules. I do agree that it's a little silly, since the pictures are on their website already anyways, but whatever. ☺

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Got to love some good thread necromancy. Lol. I painted these ladies 6 years ago! I'm just chilling on maternity leave (lol.),  so imagine my surprise when they pop up as relevant after all this time. 

Hoping to get some time to paint again soon, and I can't wait to see everyone and introduce them to the newest mini I made at reapercon! Thanks @Count Urlik for the walk down memory lane.

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